Jesse Benton’s $586,616 Take as a Result of the Ron Paul Campaign

Robert Wenzel notes:

We make not get liberty because of  the Ron Paul campaign run, but it sure looks like Ron Paul campaign manager, Jesse Benton, got the big bucks.

Benton’s total income from the Ron Paul Presidential Campaign and PACs, in the 2012 election cycle, is at least $586,616, EPJ has learned.

According to Open Secrets,  he has been paid $322, 577 in the 2012 election cycle, by Liberty PAC. His total income directly from the Ron Paul  presidential campaign 2012 is, to date, $264,039.

Benton is married to Ron Paul’s granddaughter Valerie Pyeatt.

Many Ron Paul supporters have become unhappy with Benton because of his suspected contacts with the Romney campaign and his overall handling of the Ron Paul campaign. Supporters are so frustrated that they are  calling for Benton to be fired,

According to Who Is Jesse Benton, Benton is now owner of various consulting firms, including,C.I.C Solutions based in Wahington D.C., where he is president of the firm.

He is also owner of Performance Institute, where he is Director of Policy and External Affairs.

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I noticed someone cross posted this article over at the Daily Paul and  it was down-voted into oblivion as well as moved to the off-topic forum.

Shame on you Daily Paulers for hiding important information from the eyes of the public.  While I completely support Ron Paul’s candidacy, as does Wenzel, this information is extremely relevant and important.  You are acting like a bunch of liberals; throwing bad news down the memory hole.

Stop hiding bad news and start acting on it.

Historian/Economist Tom Woods comments on Benton:

  • The RP Campaign Is Throwing The Liberty Movement Under The Bus & Wait for it He Is now uniting The GOP Behind Romney , Can Anyone say Betrayal !!!

    • Jaden

      You need to have some faith Raymond. I know for a fact this whole situation has been a campaign strategy to get Mitt off of their backs so they can try to keep gaining delegates. I cannot say how I know this, but it from a VERY inside source. We need to keep supporting him and understand that he has been fighting the Washington machine for years and has finally devised a way to beat them at their own game. Believe me, he is in it to win it!!

  • WakeUpRonPaul

    Jesse Benton is a swindler. And Ron Paul must be an idiot if he would allow a buffoon like that to run his campaign. It’s a shame that Ron took $40 million from his idealistic supporters and was never running for president. Then he distributed the cash to swindlers like Benton. Pure crooks!

    • Fecwatcher

       Ron Paul will always throw the movement under the bus for “his family’s enrichment’. 
      The sooner he is out of political office and fund raising for himself, the better.  Let him go write books, swim and do rallies on college campuses.
      Wait till you see what it costs the donors for the ENTIRE Paul dynasty to travel and stay in first class, royal family style at the convention in tampa…….where he will endore Romney.

  • thatguy

    Sad news to hear this.  I am a Ron Paul fan, but now I feel betrayed. 

    • TruthOnly

      Ron Paul propaganda. Look at his voting record. If u ing RP can be bought u r drunk. Maybe Benton is a bad dude but dr. Paul is the most righteous politician in the last 50 years

    • LynnTantrum

       talk to Jesse Benton about that, the word from the Grassroots effort was Benton sold out, not Ron Paul. Dont feel betrayed by Paul, he never gave his word for us to give up, Benton had a bug placed in his ear, and Paul fell back, he is still grabbing delegates, and he is around 800 plus, so Romney has not clinched the 1144, and by the way, its not like he was getting the pop vote because they were cheating him out of it, the idea to fall back for the delegate was as smart as it was surprising, it only insures that we still have the capability to beat them at their own game!

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  • Throughthewire

    Sounds like the free market at work to me.

  • LynnTantrum

    Jesse Benton sold out to the GOP for a slot in Romneys camp! he is a fake, and you should still support Ron Paul with your sould

  • LynnTantrum

    see Jesse Benton was fired for his stunt! RP is the man not Jesse Benton, I am glad that is clarified now, he is a piece of **** for letting us fight and then conceding RP without any approval, and Rand did not endorse Romney, he said that Gov Romney would be better than Obama, but that Ron Paul will not endorse Romeny, and he has not done that either, he is still pressing his fathers message forward, just from a different angle

  • Zoe

    Ron Paul is too involved with his family and he lacks the dedication that is required of a person who can give his best for Liberty. It is a huge mistake to cover up his faults and give him a pass for his failures like promoting his son who is not committed to liberty who also does not have the courage to be a true leader. This is a great injustice to his supporters and the cause for liberty. He has allowed a traitor like Jessie Benton to run his campaign.

    People open your eyes, dont be obssesed with the person Ron Paul because this obssesion wil give you Jessie Benton and Rand Paul and GOP. Get obssesed with Liberty and you will have liberty. Get obssesed with Jesus Christ and you will have salvation.l