Touring Rome In My Underwear

Ahhh, the glories of the internets.   Through the power of technology, I was able to take a tour of Rome just now using Google Maps with Street View, while sitting in front of my computer half naked.

What a shit hole.

Seriously, the tour made me want to kill myself.

By American standards, these people are living like animals.

The images you see here are typical of all the population centers in Italy.  Further, if you bother to zoom in on the country side homes, you’ll find that most of them are dilapidated.  All the streets are either in some state of disrepair, have graffiti plastered all over them, have garbage or unkempt foliage around them, or they are two feet wide with five story buildings on either side.  The cars are all the same, micro sized eco-cars.  There are very few industrial centers.  No variance in the style of architecture at all, everything is a box.  These people are living in boxes with shutters on every window in a total concrete jungle.  Simply looking at the images gives me physical pain.

Less than a year ago, the people of Rome were rioting over economic conditions. I can see why.  I would riot too.  What have you got to lose?  Can an Italian jail be any worse than your multi-story hovel?  Hey, at least you get free food in jail!

Just to be fair, I looked all over New York City and its surrounding suburbs as a comparison.  I would rather live in downtown NY City any day of the week and twice on Sunday rather than living anywhere in Rome.  At least here you have the option of moving to somewhere in the mid-west where you can get a nice house with a good size plot of land.

Overheads of downtown Rome:

Typical street near the Colosseum:

This series of images were taken on a street corner about a mile north-west of the Colosseum.  They provide a good example of what a typical high population urban neighborhood in Italy is like:

This is what the burbs look like:

According to, the typical Italian software developer earns roughly 30,000 euros a year.  Typical homes that an American would consider livable start at around 200,000 euros in Italy.   Here’s a 3 bedroom apartment (1037 square feet, 1 bathroom) going for 350,000 euros in downtown Rome.  Good luck affording that on a middle class salary.

Here’s a 2 bedroom going for 90,000 euros in Viterbo, Ronciglione, about 40 miles away from downtown Rome.  Note the exterior condition of the house and the surrounding area.  The inside doesn’t look half bad, but then you look out the window.

It is interesting to note that I didn’t see any skyscrapers in Rome.  In fact, all the buildings looked to be roughly the same height throughout the entire city.  About 5 to 6 stories tall, densely packed together.  There can be only one reason for this, and since you are reading this blog, you are smart enough to know what that reason is without me having to tell you.   Consider that if a few apartment buildings were extremely tall, they could obviously hold more tenants; thus, the space premium might not be so high, allowing for more short architecture and unobstructed views.

Of course, Italy is still doing a thousand times better than Africa and most of the Asian countries.  I just wanted to reinforce what our fiat petro-dollar empire has provided us.  Because soon enough, our empire will collapse just like Romans.  We didn’t earn the wealth we have.  We printed it, then forced the world to accept our money at the point of a gun.

Oh, you want oil?  Better have some American greenbacks.

That’s going away, along with our standard of living.


  • orkneylad

    great article!  

  • Laura Hewitt

    You have got to be kidding me!! Hahahaha! Obviously, you have never traveled.
    The apartments inside the old building in the city center would make your head spin, buddy! It’s all luxurious, huge and beautiful interiors that usually mix old with hyper-contemporary style.
    You simply have no clue of what you speak.

    This is the dumbest post I have ever read in my entire life.

    It’s CLEAR you have never been to Rome (not even through some Google images) otherwise you’d never have the courage to even THINK the things you wrote down on your blog.

  • Oh, you want oil? Better have some American greenbacks.