Local Fox News Covers The Violence At The Louisiana GOP Delegate Convention

Ben Swan discusses the violence directed at GOP Chairman Henry Herford by the Louisiana Shreveport police.  The police actually tackled the duly elected elderly Chairman, dislocating his artificial hip, sending him to the hospital.  Why?  Because they are fascist Nazi sympathizers that want to put you in a cage for smoking dried flowers or kill you for not funding their paychecks.  Thus, anyone who poses a threat to their highway robbery faces violent retribution.

Initially, establishment Republican Chairman Roger Villere was acting as the convention chairman. The night before the convention was to take place, Villere sent out a completely new set of rules by which the convention was to operate, which upset a great many of the people in attendance.  When the convention began its proceedings, the majority of the people in attendance immediately passed a motion to remove Villere as the chairman.

After passing this motion, the entire room of people picked up their chairs, turned themselves around with their backs to Villere, and faced Herford who was situated on the opposite side of the room.  This is the point at which police tackled Herford.  After the police beat up Herford, the people in the room simply elected his Vice Chair to take over in his absence.  I figure the police must have realized that they would have to continue arresting everyone at the convention since they couldn’t stop the people in attendance from electing new a Chairman, so they let his VC continue without arresting him.

Keep in mind that the police had absolutely no reason to attack Herford.  He wasn’t doing anything wrong, and he was duly elected.  Further, the elderly man was obviously not a threat to anyone.  The unnecessary use of violence was completely uncalled for given that they could have arrested him without beating the shit out of him in the process.  The police are simply violent thugs who are filled with hate and rage.  The police are not your friends – repeat that mantra to yourself ten times and never forget it.