Pennsylvania Police Brutally Beat a Man to Near Death for Not Pulling Over

This one is so bad, you will not believe it.

Mr. Leone, the victim in question, has bipolar disorder, and became confused when a police cruiser tried to pull him over for no reason.  In his mind, he hadn’t done anything wrong, so he thought the police were going to some other emergency.  Again, Mr. Leone had done nothing wrong to warrant being pulled over.

The police were attempting to pull him over because his vehicle matched the description of a vehicle involved in a minor fender-bender that had occurred earlier.  So even the police acknowledge that he had done absolutely nothing wrong to warrant being pulled over.  It also turns out that the police never filed a report about that fender-bender, which calls the veracity of the fender-bender story into question.  All evidence points to the police going on a unhinged rampage because the slave *cough*, I mean citizen, did not immediately pull his vehicle to the side of the road.

For his grievous sin of not pulling over, Mr. Leone was beaten into unconsciousness.   All evidence suggests that Mr. Leone was fully compliant with all other orders that were given to him.

The video is so long because he was beaten repeatedly, AFTER he was hogtied and in police custody, so there is a lot of information to cover.

Here’s what he looked like after the police got done with him:

For more information see this site:

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  • Deliberatus

    Well now, we should apply the law impartially to all involved; assault under Color of authority is on the books for example. Mr Leonid will face a fine for not pulling over. The officers will get jail time and the end of a caterer. And in jail, cops do not fare AT ALL well. And that’s rather nice in a nasty way.

    • wait, what happened to the caterer?

      • vanguard7

        I was wondering the same thing. Actually, I’m trying to figure out where the caterer comes into the story.

        • TheOne

          I think he meant “career”

    • Fortiss

      I think Mr. Leonid (Leone) was the caterer. Apparently cops don’t like caterer’s.

    • W.C.

      Here’s the thing, Deliberatus, no charges have ever been filed against a single one of these officers.

  • What is up with police agencies across this nation. They are injuring and killing citizens for no reason at all. Once they get someone into their custody, they can’t seem to stop their assaults. My grandson was beaten terribly by security guards at an amusement park. The city police were called and not only did they cite my grandson when there were 4 witnesses refuting the security guards story, There were other witnesses who told the police that 5-6 guards took part in beating my grandson. The city police covered up their part in the travesty. They even lied about their part. The amusement park home company finally settled the lawsuit.

    • I think they have lowered the standards for becoming an officer. I certainly wouldn’t count on the police to be for us when TSHTF. I believe we will be on our own and have people in our lives we can trust. Tall order today.

    • Geerie

      They are hiring military vets, those people aren’t really fit for protecting peace they are too aggressive and solve everything with violence.

      • Sigarelli

        You would think those would be the people who had the most discipline and followed orders and procedures.

  • Just wait and see what happens when Obumbler declares Marshal Law in a month or two; You ain’t seen nothin’ yet!!


    now this isnt a biased opinionated article at all…. sarcasm included.

    • ElizabethMC

      Are you out of your mind?
      The police have a right to brutalize people?

    • tompaine

      If you want the other side just go to one of YOUR favorite gestapo/neo Nazi sites. I think you’d fit right in! This one is for libertarians and other freedom loving folks.

  • Anonymous

    Publish all the cops names so that someone can show them what justice looks likes!!! BTW that means treating their wives and children with the same degree of respect and deference that they show the citizens!!!

    • Mindy

      No! Leave the wives and children out of this! What kind of person are you that you would attack innocents because you are upset or mad, doesn’t that make you the same as the officers on the video? We should show the wives and children the same respect we would show to our own wives and children, period! My disagreement and anger are directed at the so-called officers and their chosen actions, not at their families that had nothing to do with this. All the officers should be prosecuted to the fullest extent of the law, but the families have done nothing wrong so leave them out of this!

      • Reba

        You are right. How do we know these cops aren’t beating their wives and children as well?


          • W.C.

            Do police not generalize and assert that those who have served time in prison NEVER GO STRAIGHT? Don’t the police paint all convicted felons with the same brush? Are they not all scum in the eyes of police? What’s good for the goose is good for the gander. It’s not pleasant to be judged like that is it? It doesn’t feel so good when the shoe of judgement is on the other foot.

      • guest

        Your right. Anonymous has their head up their own rear end.

    • TheOne

      To harm their children and wives? You’re no better than them. What a shame.

    • if you go to freedom and justice for robert charles leone on facebook, there is alot more info on the people responsible!!!!!

  • Patriot Gal

    OMG! This is so out of control!! Those cops need to be severely fined and fired from their jobs! No call for this at all!

    @facebook-1437925118:disqus should there be Marshall Law, there are hundreds of thousands of Americans who will stand up and defend themselves, their country and their right to bare arms, myself included. This is how I see that our corrupt government try to disarm the citizens of this country. It will be ugly, but so was April 19, 1775, the day the American Revolutionary War began.

    @ PRO COP – Being sarcastic is just another form of anger. Go take some anger management classes would you? And take your “too ready to beat up innocent citizens first, and ask questions later” buddies of yours with you. What happened to “Serve and Protect”? A traffic stop for a fender bender….REALLY!!??

    If we forget the past, we are doomed to repeat it.

    • Skwurl

      The fact that obama signed a bill giving him full control if all communications in the event of a crisis leads me to believe he will undoubtedly pull something with marshall law. Theres mention of a 200 million man civilian army as well. What the hell is happening?

    • HezzLynn81

      Seriously, my thoughts exactly! I want to start carrying a firearm in my glove box just to defend myself from crazy cops.

      • jackieray

        that would almost garentee you will be killed

  • Save us

    Fund started here for Robert:

  • Lowell

    This simply cannot continue. The public at this time support law enforcement. If that changes we are in big trouble.

  • Mindy

    Every last “officer” should be immediately fired! This is the result of continually lowering the “acceptance” standards to be a police officer. Low quality, low class, and brutal thuggish beast-men. This is totally unacceptable, ever!

    • guest

      That is exactly what it is. Lower standards to get on the force. Thanks to Government.

  • Wow. This is outrageous!

  • Mindy

    On second thought, every last one of these beasts should be stripped of their guns, badges and freedom! They should be prosecuted to the fullest extent of the law and receive the harshest punishment available (and even that won’t be enough). This should never be tolerated from any officer of the law, not ever!

  • OMG! Gestapo in America.

  • Mom

    MARTIAL Law not Marshall, people.

    • W.C.

      Yup! Martial as in Military law. That’s what Martial means.

  • Starfire

    Every traffic stop or arrest needs to be recorded.

    • W.C.

      Put a body cam on every officer and fire his or her butt if they ever turn it off while on duty.

  • Glay

    I worked with a cop who had to quit because of a back injury. He told me that although some cops are nice and want to help, a large percentage of them 50%+ are adrenaline junkies, and get their kicks this way. He also said that there are a large number of them that if you go back into their history, you will find that they were bullies while growing up.
    He said those types do this kind of job, because it is an easy way for them to continue what they like to do and not to get into to much trouble doing it. It’s also one reason that they tend to cover for each other sometimes.

    • W.C.

      Very good point!! A bullyish cop was probably the kid/teen bully who never met his match and got the a** beating he so richly deserved. People like that should be tied up and beaten to within an micrometer of their lives.

  • Steve

    Lmao he got what he deserve, bet he won’t run again

    • guest

      I would withhold judgement with out the whole story. It is hard to believe they just beat up someone for no reason. Those types would be rare. They do need to go back to higher standards in hiring.

      • tompaine

        These incidents aren’t merely anecdotal. They do happen and often. I wouldn’t be surprized if the vast majority just weren’t publicized because they’re local issues.

      • David Parker

        It happened to me. I was completely minding my own business, not being a problem to anyone else on the road.
        I was pulled over, asked San Bernardino County deputy sheriff Jason Frey what his probable cause was for declaring an emergency with his lights. He mumbled the usual driver’s license and registration mantra and I told him that by law he had no jurisdiction over me absent injury to a man in his person or property. Frey said “Turn around I am going to handcuff you.”
        I said “Handcuffs??” I was shocked, the cops had never gotten physical with me before. Frey then emptied his full can of pepper spray in my face. I just stood there in shock. Frey then pulled out his taser and shot me with that (not as bad as 460v with amps). I did not fall down screaming in the approved Hollywood manner. Frey then shit his pants and called his buddies and five of them proceeded to pull me to the burning hot asphalt and handcuff me. Frey’s supervisor, sergeant Kreps, who was pissed at me from a previous seat belt incident where I did not bend over in fear, had responded. Kreps looked around, apparently did not see any witnesses (too bad for him there was a witness), and put his full weight into digging a taser into my back. I told him that he could quit shocking me any time now. These goons also have a way of twisting the handcuffs and tightening them so that they bite into the wrist bones, and absolutely immobilize the arms with the hands sticking straight back, making it very difficult to breath. It was 100 plus degrees out, and I was shoved into the back of a cruiser with a full plexiglas partition and the door was shut. The hand cuffs forced me to bend forward into the partition. Meanwhile the goons took their time getting their stories straight.
        I just about suffocated and started screaming loud enough for some of the crowd to hear. At this time Deputy Pleasant (not) came over and told me to stop making such a fuss. I did not stop. They finally dumped some water on me and after about another half hour, Pleasant took me to the jail. About an hour after that, Frey finally unlocked the handcuffs. I spent the whole day in jail, the liars inside said no phone calls until I sign a paper saying I had a phone call and then no phone call! Neat system the County of San Bernardino has. Their code says that everyone gets three completed phone calls. The truth is that the county has set up some system where all calls go to some place in Alabama and a $25 deposit has to be set up before any call goes outside the jail (Oh, it’s a facility! The Waterman Facility! These goons are completely Orwellian, Tenth Level robots, statists to the core. They are NOT part of we the people, they are a standing army and their mission is to subdue the people.
        I finally got my hands on a police report (proprietorial error, the gov does not allow those things in the hands of the people, particularly the victims of police attacks), and there was no record of Sergeant Kreps even being there.
        Yes, “police” lie for each other. Yes, police exercise non-judicial punishment. Yes they know every trick in the book that they can pull to inflict pain. Yes, they are expert in inflicting pain to force obedience and to hell with probable cause or overt actions. Yes, they are egotistic, they are arrogant, they routinely break the code they signed up to enforce. Deputy Pleasant talked on a hand held cell phone all the way to the jail. I’ll bet there were a handful of other violations such as not reporting use of a taser, much less using it on a 60+ year old man with a heart condition, (of which my wife had informed them), handcuffed face down on the burning asphalt.
        I am lucky to be alive, had it not been for the people coming out of the church, I am sure I would have been one more statistic, suffocated in the back of a cruiser. My advice is to carry a gun and do not hesitate to use it. You will not survive it, but at least you won’t be in handcuffs at their mercy, totally humiliated and hurting and not able to do one thing about it as the judge and prosecutor automatically shield and defend the cops. Oh, Frey continued to stalk me, looking for another excuse to attack. Fortunately I saw him and managed to pull off the road. Yes, they are also vindictive. Basically misogynists and psychopaths, in all likelihood former playground bullies or wanna-be bullies. They signed up for a license to kill and take personal vengeance.
        David Parker

        • tompaine

          Very similar story happened to a freind in Hot Springs, PRA (People’s Republic of Amerika). Beware of the small town/rural gestapo units. They have NO oversight whatsoever. I can understand your frustration. being absolutely powerless in the hands of sadists is a horrible experience. What compounds the psychological damage is a need for a reassesment of a culture, society and country that you once believed in. The end result is confusion,physical pain and the grief of discovering that you’ve been fed a lie about ‘how things work’ in America, for your whole life. Please remember that if you take the ultimate decision for freedom and personal integrity, you will lose everything and be useless to the rest of us when the RIGHT time comes to make that decision en-masse. We will need you and people like you.

        • W.C.

          Well said.

      • He did nothing….and even if he did he didnt deserve what he got!!!! MOSELSTERS AND MURDERS ARE TREATED BETTER!!!!

    • tompaine

      Just another curly pink tail at the trough, eh pal?

  • tompaine

    So, too bad his name isn’t Trayvon and he has a different color, the Obummer administartion would be all o0ver this. Ive heard about this kind of thing a million times over the years and all I have to say is that it’s too bad someone doesn'[t teach these bullies a lesson. As for anf Cops out there defending this crap, your dickless AW’s. When Martial law is declared we won’t put up with this behavior so fatten yourselves up my little piggies the market is about to open.

  • Tom

    Keep beating on the citizens you swore to protect and serve.When SHTF you better grow eyes in the back of your head!!!

  • Dr. Real

    Not difficult to understand when you have an attorney general of the USA named holder. Would have been a different story for Mr. Leone if he was black or mexican.

  • TheOne

    This is unacceptable. This should NEVER happen to anyone, anywhere, anytime. There is no reason that the officers should have been out of control, even if the suspect was belligerent (which in this specific case, he wasn’t; he was compliant). What I disagree with is how people bash on the police agencies across the U.S. It is not fair to call all cops terrible people. Yes, there are the few that abuse the system and are total scumbags, but the majority of officers are actually here to help. I just don’t think people should bash on police agencies. They should rather be upset with the individual handling the instance.

  • Fksht

    The problem is that the standards for hiring police officers has been lowered dramaticaly. A greater number of morons are now carrying guns and badges. I just watched a video of muslim scumbags stoning Christians in Dearborn Mi., the police stood by and did nothing. Wait no, they harassed the Christians, saying they were being provocative, by holding up Jesus loves you signs. The police used to be here to protect us. These days, it seems that we are being enslaved by the establishment, and the police are the tools they use to do it. So the stupider and more corrupt are easier to manipulate. This does not mean that all police officers are bad, but the chances of getting involved with one that is, are much greater today.

  • The prosecutor and State Police offices are offices of the Governor! This is an act of attempted murder and I believe this officer is a veteran of Iraq! You need to shorten this video because many people will not watch! Always remember what goes around comes around! This is a public officer meaning his address is available along with his family! Good luck Mr. Leone! File a complaint with OFFICE FOR PROFESSIONAL RESPONSIBILITY JUSTICE DEPT> Sleep tight Mr. Officer!

  • Guest

    They freak out when people don’t pull over immediately. Don’t they understand that it takes some time to sort what is going on when people hear a siren. Also, citizens who criticize the police can be stalked by them because cops have access to data bases and I am sure they can spy on internet meanies.

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  • Thank you for covering this story. This injustice done to this man is horrific. We are trying to get the story spread arcoss the nation. Thank you for your help!!!!!!

  • korrin

    First of all this is very well put together! Kudos to you! Second of all I am a supporter of Rober Charles Leone. We have a facebook page titled Freedom and Justice for Robert Charles Leone. We welcome anyone who wants to see Robert get justice to join! Please do! We have petitions and all sorts of documents concerning this matter that you find interesting!

  • sirays

    “has bipolar disorder and became confused”??? makes no sense. Something tells me this story is leaving out a hell of a lot of information

  • Ballsack

    Dirty, filthy pigs. Rise up, America! Or will you wait until the time this happens to your son? The dirty, filthy pig police are NOT your friends?

  • Skwurl

    Look up larry hohol on facebook if youre interested in taking part in this horrid situation.

  • Skwurl

    Marshall law will become a truth. There are too many”extreme” bills being signed and decisions being made in the government. My concern is not will anyone stand up and defend their rights and constitution, but how many won’t? How many are just going to go along with what they are told and be put into the FEMA camps, and be ok with their constitution being nullified? Too many purple won’t know how to react or survive in such a situation and will follow what they are told because they know no other way to feel safe. Is heartbreaking.

    what a sorry excuse for lawkeepers
    and why aren’t these PIGS in prison facing their crimes?
    the courts are a sorry excuse for justice.
    this makes me mad as hell

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  • John Doe

    Your a joke of a country and the sooner USA lose their power the better. Im british and we sit and laugh at your nation of brutality, serial killers and massacres… I really hate the USA and their are literally billions of people who also feel the same

  • Sigarelli

    Why the hell didn’t this kid stop???!! If you do not know that you should stop for the police, you shouldn’t be driving. The cops were certainly wrong but these things seem to start with people not stopping for police. The cops sound like they are from Streator, IL after they beat Derrick ??

  • Sigarelli

    I hope there is not only a lawsuit for violating his civil rights, that there are cops who will soon be inmates. These guys are thugs, not police hired to serve and protect.

  • Sigarelli

    What is the D.A. of Bradford County doing? He should be prosecuting the thugs that they are calling cops. We should be writing the governor of Pennsylvania.

  • Sigarelli

    The hospital only cares about the hospital. If they have cops pressuring them, they will do what the cops want. The 2nd cop shop does have their own health care workers. They do not let you obtain your own health care. You’re in jail, you get jailhouse healthcare unless they decide to send you out. It’s their call. We only let them out if they were having surgery, chest pains or the chic who were having blood transfusions.

  • antsprag


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