I’ve Been Having A Hard Time Giving A Shit Lately

Armed tyrants, acting under the color of law, have destroyed or enslaved humanity since the dawn of civilization.  I’ve come to the conclusion that arguing or worrying about it simply doesn’t do anything except make your own life more shitty than it already is.  If I don’t worry about it, suddenly I’m a lot happier.

Bottom line really comes down to “so what?”

So what if I am impoverished by the actions of others?

So what if I die an early death because of death panels controlling access to medical care?

So what if they throw me in a prison camp?

So what?

We are all going to eventually die anyways, and material possessions only provide a false sense of happiness for a short while.  So why worry about what the crazed lunatic statists do?

  • Jittery Jack

    Yup, I couldn’t agree more. Time to take “direct action” vs. “indirect action” as explained by Harry Browne in his book “How I Found Freedom In An Unfree World”. In even the most brutal dictatorships underground networks developed to “end run” the screwed up system. Build your networks and carve out your own little piece of freedom. Embrace Agorism, bitcoin, Tor, etc. Oh, and read Claire Wolf’s latest blog post to make you feel better: “Things to do instead of (or after) getting mad” http://tinyurl.com/cu2gkzs

  • John Doe

    Knowledge should never be a problem. Better for you to understand how things work and be smart enough on how to deal with them.
    Work in an underground economy, accept only cash (for short term), gold/silver for savings, pay NO-INCOME TAX, open accounts in tax havens, the list goes on…

  • Christian

    The would be rulers get fabulously wealthy for the work they do. It helps keep their interest.

  • Matthew Hougey

    Its for the kids.

  • A Country Farmer

    Another view is that which Ridley argues for in the book The Rational Optimist: Since the Industrial Revolution, voluntary human cooperation has been advancing most of the important aspects of life *despite* the predations of others. As he says, despite the “Chiefs, Priests, and Thieves.” There’s no reason to believe this won’t continue, although a global dictatorship is possible.