A New Way To Talk To Yourself

The little voice inside your head that you talk to yourself with.

Try personifying it in your mind.  Try to put your face on the voice.

Now try to talk to yourself about anything, and while you are doing that, sync the voice in your head to your imaginary head’s mouth.  You should end up with a situation where you are watching yourself talk to yourself.

Now ask yourself who your imaginary self is talking to.

Does it make you feel a little crazy to imagine yourself talking to yourself?

Is there any real difference between listening to the voice or watching the voice?   I say the only reason we “listen” to ourselves is because imagining a visual of it is like trying to watch T.V. while you are driving down the highway.  You can listen to the radio, but trying to watch a movie while you are barreling down the highway just doesn’t work out to well.   Other than that, there is no real difference between the two.

Now imagine that your imaginary self is thinking.

Who is doing the thinking?

If you say “me, the observer,” then can you ever imagine a situation where you are watching the observer do the thinking?  Is it possible to imagine the “actual” thinker?  It seems to me that as soon as you try to imagine the “actual” thinker, you are back to creating an imaginary you that you personify.  You can’t imagine the actual you because the actual you is creating the imagination!

The lesson here kids is that the voice in your head isn’t really you.   It is an imaginary personification of you.  It is a little demon that has infected your brain, forcing you to listen to it all the time.  It never shuts up.   It just keeps droning on about all your problems.  That doesn’t seem like a very nice imaginary friend to have.

  • Exuberant1

    It’s the Id. It wants you to want what it wants and fear what it fears, because that is the only way it can ever have anything. It doesn’t have any other tools in the bag other than the one it once used to manipulate the most primitive creatures.

    Even if your belly is full and a roof is over your head, it’ll still figure out a way to scare you – that’s what it does. It is the constant companion of all life and the baseroot form of motivation and drive. The smarter you are, the smarter it seems – that is the illusion it uses to make you identify with it.

    By the time you think you ‘have a conscience’, the deed is already done, it has already tricked you into identifying with it and placed you outside of yourself. It isn’t a thing in your head. You are your conscience. Making you think you aren’t: that’s the con.