Upgraded User Submitted News – Post Your Own Articles On Libertarian News

Due to a fortunate upgrade put out by the creator of the FV Community News WordPress plugin, I can now offer the ability to post full linkable articles through the “Submit News” page.  To see an example of it in action, check out this post on Gary Johnson.

In the future, I may decide to turn on thumbnail images in the sidebar.   The first post submitted by a given username and email address will need to be approved by me, after which you may submit articles at the rate of one every two minutes and they will appear instantly in the Libertarian News sidebar.

I maintain the right to refuse, delete, modify, copy, ban, update, etc.. any article that is submitted.


  • That is a great idea. Can I cross-post from Policy Mic? I just have to write twice as much if I can’t and I don’t think you’re going to mess up my titles.