The Human Ego

I always thought I knew what the ego was, but my full realization of the ego didn’t happen until very recently.

The easiest way to grasp what these men are talking about is to simply assume that the ego is the voice in your head. When you recognize that the voice in your head is not who you are, you are able to observe what it says and how it makes you feel from a distance.

Any thoughts of anger, fear, resentment, inadequacy, self-loathing, worry, waiting, or sadness are pure manifestations of the ego.  Any thoughts at all are basically manifestations of the ego.  If you are hearing the voice in your head talking to yourself, you are hearing the ego.

The real you is the person listening to the little voice prattle on.  The real you doesn’t have any fears about the future.  The real you doesn’t have any cares for the past.  The real you is simply here, alive, observing.  There are no problems in the now.  Problems require time to worry about; the real you has no concern for time.

You are not the voice in your head.

You are the silent awareness that observes the voice, and the world around you.  If you think you actually have control over that little voice in your head; sit in silence and tell it to shut up for an hour.  Most people don’t last longer than a few minutes.

“The false I and the real I”

  • Basically what Eckhart is saying is that you should apply critical thinking to your own thoughts, urges and actions, yes?