American Airline’s Pilots Shut Down Airline By Following The Rules

The story starts out by blaming the pilots union for organizing an “unorganized” work stoppage, by which pilots are calling in sick more often and maintenance crews are submitting more maintenance requests.

But then they manage to squeeze in a tidbit of truth:

…the bottom line is, if a pilot follows every rule in the FARs — the federal regulations — the contract, the company regulations, they’ll shut the airline down, and that’s exactly what they’re doing.”

I mean you just have to love the fact that there are so many aviation regulations that if pilots and crews follow all of them they would literally bring the aviation industry to its knees.

The remainder of the article also contains some humor:

The cancellations came a few days after American imposed new cost-cutting terms on its pilots, including outsourcing more flying jobs to other airlines and terminating one of the pilots’ retirement programs in November. Pilots rejected more-generous terms in the last contract offer from American, which has been under bankruptcy protection since November.

Last week, the union sent out ballots for a strike-authorization vote, although federal officials have not cleared the way for a legal strike at the nation’s third-biggest airline.

I was unaware that private sector union workers were required to get federal approval before they could legally engage in a strike.  I’m curious what the criminal mafia syndicate, which calls itself the U.S. government, would do if the workers blatantly walked off the job in an organized strike without getting permission first.

Would the mafia hunt the workers down and throw them into cages?  Obviously that wouldn’t keep the airline in business.  Would the mafia hold a gun to the pilots’ heads or threaten the pilots’ families in order to make them work?  That seems to be the only feasible way I can see to force someone to work who doesn’t want to work.