Cop Get Splashed By Water, Punches Innocent Woman He Wrongly Thought Threw It In The Face

From Information Liberation:

Of course, he will probably get a medal for his service.  One thing is for certain, he will not face any consequences for his actions.

A taxfeeder in uniform gets splashed by someone throwing some water at him, he responds by sucker punching a random small woman in the face whom he wrongly thought threw the water, then arresting her. She is then dragged away with blood pouring from her face. The non-existent “good cops” around him, of course, do nothing and don’t even bat an eyelid. Note, this taxfeeder receives some $85,000-$110,000 in taxpayer loot per yearor maybe even more, for his “public service.”

  • Christian

    All the police standing around thought it was business as usual also.

    • anon

      Modern day martyrs in USA? learn the misfortunes of Anne Lenhart CVS, Daniel Chong DEA, Aline & Jesse Wright Chattanooga police, Rodolfo Valladares Bank of America. Last but not least Brad Manning Air Force at Fort Leavenworth.