Electric Galaxies Defy Big Bang

From the Thunderbolts site:

Researchers using the Hubble telescope have spotted an “astounding” grand-design spiral galaxy – astounding, they say, because it shouldn’t exist. Based on the galaxy’s estimated age of 10.7 billion years, according to conventional theory, it should not display such complexity of form. In this presentation, we discuss whether astronomers’ methods for dating galaxies are actually valid, and whether an electrical theory of galaxies may help resolve this cosmological puzzle.

For background on these topics:

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  • Ben Moody

    Pondering the basic theory, even by someone of less than average intelligence, that the entire universe (or all universes) began as an incredibly hot, dense “ball” that exploded and spread out and eventually became (and continues to become) everything that is, has been, or will ever be, should provke the following responses to whoever offers such an explaination for serious consideration–
    In private, to trusted collegues:
    1. Initial moment of confused silence, followed by
    2. outburst of uncontrollable laughter and praise for excellent timing and execution of such jest. Upon realization there has been no such jest,
    3. a thorough beating to emphasize the stupidity of such a moronic line of reasoning and to ensure the understanding that any public presentation of such as the foundation for all future theories, equations, and computations illustrating the origins of all things, would be basis for exile, with the option to execute upon subsequent offense!

    Imagine how much sooner the observations and correlations to electricity and magnetism would have been discovered right here in our own backyard.