Detroit Spent $15,570 per Pupil in 2010

Detroit spent $15,570 per public school pupil in 2010, while operating some of the worst schools in the nation.  47 percent of Detroit citizens are ”functionally illiterate.”  In 2009, Detroit public schools actually set a record for the lowest scores ever in the history of National Assessment of Educational Progress testing.

At $15,000 per pupil, I could teach 10 kids in my home and clear $150,000 a year in profits.  Hell, I’d be happy to teach seven kids and still clear a hundred grand.  I am willing to move to Detroit right  now, take 10 kids into my private home, and teach them anything they ever wanted to know – just hand me that cash.  I’ll wait on them hand and foot.  I’ll tutor them at hours that are convenient for them.  I’ll take them on field trips frequently at no extra charge.  I’ll bend over backwards to make sure that they not only pass the national assessment tests with flying colors, but that they leave my tutelage with critical thinking skills and a desire to learn.  In fact, I’ll offer a money back guarantee:  If they don’t pass the tests, I’ll refund your money.   Try and get that kind of service from a public school teacher!

Of course, that would be illegal for me to do.  The government would raid my home, confiscate any earnings I may have made, and probably throw me behind bars for not having a teaching license.  And of course, no private citizen would ever pay me such a ridiculous amount of money to teach their kids a primary education.  Only the state would be stupid enough to squander that outrageous sum of money.

I’m willing to bet that any readers who are familiar with my writing, even if they disagree with me politically, would concede that I’m capable of making good on my claims.  If that is the case, then why not let parents make that choice for themselves?  Why not let anyone teach kids, and then let parents decide who should teach their kids?  Is there any way that their kids could turn out worse?  I doubt it.  You would literally have to try to make kids dumber in order to turn out worse students than the Detroit public school system.  In fact, I would rather have my kids be taught by any randomly chosen janitor than put them into the Detroit public school system.

Of course, public schooling isn’t about teaching kids.  It’s about robbing the tax payers blind and churning out kids that are so incompetent they will not be able to realize just how insane the state is when they become adults.  Thus, the cycle may perpetuate itself into the future forever.

If public schools actually did their jobs effectively, no one would want to keep them around.  Everyone would recognize the public school scam for what it is.  I wouldn’t have to write articles explaining why the printing of money leads to ruin.  I wouldn’t have to write articles explaining why public schools are junk.  I wouldn’t have to write articles explaining why the state undermines the improvement of the human condition.  I’ll bet right now that only a handful of people who are reading this article could correctly articulate the process of debt based money creation, even though that process is responsible for one half of every economic transaction that they will ever undertake throughout the course of their entire lives.  (I bet they never covered that subject during your high school education!)

Public schools teach the least important stuff children need to know, such as history, biology, chemistry, fine arts, calculus, etc..   While at the same time, they leave out the most important stuff children need to know, such as logic, critical thinking skills, creative thought and good communication skills.  People might balk at that claim, but they simply need to look at their own lives for proof positive of my assertion.  I learned organic chemistry, biology, fine arts, etc.. in high school.  Do you know how often I use that knowledge functionally today?  – not at all.  Since I’m not a biologist, I don’t use any of my high school biology in a functional manner, and the same is true for everything else.  If I do end up having a need to know some biology, I’ll Google the answer to my question or ask a freaking biologist!  It was a massive waste of tax payer money to teach me biology, just as it is a massive waste of tax payer money to teach any other kid biology who doesn’t plan on becoming a biologist!

Public schools don’t care about what children become, they only care about lining their own pockets.  If public schools really cared about children’s futures, they would be tailoring subjects and teaching methods to suit each individual student.  Again, this is something I could pull off with 10 kids in my own home, but there is no way a public school teacher could do it while trying to manage several classes comprised of several dozen kids.

The lesson to take away from this folks is that private markets will always offer higher quality services at a lower price than any publicly run service.  I’m here Detroit!  I’m ready to take your cash!  Give me your tired, your poor, Your huddled illiterate masses yearning to breathe free, The wretched refuse of your teeming shore. Send these, I lift my chalkboard beside the Motown door!


  • Carl

    I live in Detoilet, MI and I agree 100%

    Great article.