The “Impossible” Star

Supernova 1987A Decoded

The Electric Sun Verified

Thunderbolts Picture of the Day “The Supernova Nobody Saw

Wal Thornill’s full 2011 NPA presentation “Stars in an Electric Universe” is now available through Mikamar Publishing.

In related news, Rupert Sheldrake is now scheduled to speak at Electric Universe 2013: The Tipping Point:

It seems that nearly everyone in the EU community is aware of Dr. Rupert Sheldrake’s work and its profound implications for our understanding of the physical world and our connections to each other and to all of life. Few scientists today can match Rupert’s far-reaching explorations, redefining the nature of consciousness and the rules that govern nature itself.

We are pleased to announce that Rupert will be a featured speaker at our upcoming conference, January 3-6 in Albuquerque. New Mexico.  Considering the significance of this development for the Electric Universe community as a whole, we urge all who receive this message to join us in spreading the word.