Fox News Creates Fabricated Test To Demonize Cannabis Use And Driving

Fox News Denver recently did a story on the effects of driving high on cannabis.  In the process of doing the story, they had people drive a video game simulator to test the effects of impairment.  However, Fox rigged the driving simulator to force crashes so they could bias the story against cannabis users.

One of the test participants brought along his own camera to record the test process.  The footage he took was quite revealing.  The simulator, according to the test participants and a Fox News camera man, was set up to handle like a large truck.  To quote the camera man, “They made me do that driving test too, and honestly it was ridiculous.  I don’t know how that’s an accurate simulator at all.”   One of the participants said the test was setup for a commercial drivers license (large semis).

The simulator operators created situations where the participants were basically forced to crash, such as having computer controlled vehicles pop out of nowhere and ignore right of way road signs.  Fox concluded its report by saying, “none of our drivers aced our simulator.”

To see the real effects of marijuana on driving, watch this:

I’ve seen other videos where they take drivers who are sober, drunk and high and compare them all.  From all the evidence I’ve seen, cannabis use actually makes for a safer driver because the drivers realize they are impaired and take extra precautions to ensure they stay safe.  This is the opposite effect alcohol has, since alcohol impairment targets a person’s judgement and inhibitions, causing them to take more risks rather than more precautions.



  • Enlightened Carrot

    Fox news publishing bullshit, are you surprised?

    • ANY MSM news publishing bullshit: are you surprised?

  • Someone Else

    It doesn’t matter. For every one who sees this article, thousands saw the Fox version.

  • It does matter. For everyone who believes that report, there’s at least two (albeit unstated) skeptics. The built-in bullshit detectors don’t work all the time in all people, but I sincerely believe that the common man is capable of grasping that this is a farce… and they are most likely laughing their asses off.

  • Christian

    Anyone responsible would not take anything that impairs reaction time and drive regardless of what it is. There is a proper time for and place for things in moderation.