Deep Thoughts, By Michael Suede

What is the stuff that the smallest bit of matter is made out of?  This question is impossible for science to answer because it is impossible to put into words.

We are allowed to remember what the universe allows us to remember.  If that is not true, then how do you make your memory work?  You mean you can’t explain how, even though it is something you do every minute of every day?  Are you doing it or is the universe doing it?  Clearly you are made out of the universe, so the only possible answer is that you, the universe, did it.  The minute you understand how you make your memory work is the minute you understand how you light the sun.

There can be no such thing as knowing without not knowing.  There can be no thing without there also being nothing.  There can not be an emotion without there also being an opposite emotion.  A polarity of things and not-things is required for existence.

Now, let us dance: