UK Police Arrest People For Taking A Picture With A Knife

If you take a picture of yourself in a public place holding a knife, and then post it to Facebook, the UK police will arrest you.    I’m not shitting you.  They have an entire police taskforce dedicated to tracking people on Facebook and arresting them for posing with a knife.


It’s so absurd I can’t even wrap my head around it.  It’s like layers of absurdity building up to an orgasmic explosion of total insanity.  It’s absurd to pose for a picture with a knife.  It’s absurd to post that picture of yourself brandishing a knife to your Facebook account.  And its beyond absurd for the police to scour Facebook posts looking for people posing with a knife, and then arrest them for it.

There is no hope left for humanity.  None.

  • Do the chefs on the television cooking shows use ingredients that come already sliced, diced, chopped and peeled?

    Insane people running the insane asylum in an insane country. It must be contagious…