Do As I Say, Not As I Do: The Rules Don’t Apply To The State

One of the fascinating things about the state is its ability to get away with crimes that normal citizens would be imprisoned or executed for. In a world awash in rules and regulations, I find it fascinating that virtually none of the rules apply to the people who are doing the ruling.

I’ve created a short list of clear crimes against humanity that we all accept as a rather normal, in fact necessary, part of our day-to-day existence. Hopefully putting these crimes into context will jog your senses and cause you to question the very foundations of our society. I would argue that it is impossible to have a moral and peaceful society when the governing body of that society acts as the antithesis of peace and morality.

Mass theft = taxation or inflation.

Theft = eminent domain.

Mass murder = war.

Murder = kill lists designated by executive fiat, collateral damage or executions.

Measures taken to prevent fraud and theft = money laundering.

Slavery = draft, conscription or simply a tax paying citizen. It’s also worth noting that Civil War era slavery required “laws” and state funded security to impose. There is no such thing as organized private slavery in the classic sense of the word.

Financial statement fraud = governmental accounting rules. The accounting rules for government are so fraudulent that accountants literally have to specialize in private or public sector accounting. The two are in no way mutually compatible. If a private organization attempted to use government accounting rules, they would be prosecuted for fraud.

Counterfeiting = quantitative easing, currency debasement, preventing the redeemability of bank notes for money (gold) or credit expansion in a fractional reserve system.

Ponzi scheme = fractional reserve banking or the social security trust.

Bribery = political contributions, welfare or subsidies.

Asset misappropriation = bailouts.

Monopoly = The US Post Office, patent and copyright regulations granting monopoly privilege, central banking and the dollar or heavily regulated sectors such as the insurance industry or taxi medallions that artificially restrict competition.

Blackmail / Extortion= imposed security schemes, such as state organized police and courts. The word blackmail originally denoted a payment made by English people residing along the border of Scotland to influential Scottish chieftains in exchange for protection from thieves and marauders. Public sector unions also fall under this definition, where the withholding of services can occur until demands are met.

False imprisonment = being arrested for crimes which claim “the state” as the sole victim. There is no such ‘thing’ as a state. This also includes things like DUI checkpoints where people are detained against their will without having been observed or suspected of committing a crime.

Torture = enhanced interrogation or solitary confinement.

Conflict of interest = police “internal investigations”, prosecutors and judges working for the same employer or any other state run system of “justice,” such as military tribunals.

Voyeurism = TSA naked body scanners, financial reporting regulations, NSA wiretapping or similar intrusions of financial and personal privacy by the state of people who are not suspected of committing any crime.

Kidnapping = the taking away or transportation of a person against that person’s will, to include forced evacuations, conscription, forced resettlement, and the imprisonment for crimes against a fictional entity called the state.

Larceny / Robbery = asset forfeiture.

Piracy = tickets or other fines imposed at gunpoint by roving bands of costumed brigands for the violation of so-called “laws” that have no specific victim.

Smuggling = Iran-ContraATF gunwalking scandalAir America, the Afghan opium trade, etc.. etc.. etc..

Mob rule = democracy.

Mafia Don = a person who assumes rule over a population of subjects with less than 100% of their voluntary agreement and then goes on to commit any of the organized crimes listed above through his leadership of a syndicate that imposes itself through the use of threats or force.

Humanity has tried using coercion to organize society for millennia. Perhaps it is time to give peace and freedom a chance.  For those of you who are interested in learning more about what a peacefully organized society might look like, check out this video by economist David Friedman.