VA Forcing Vets To Undergo Psych Eval At Gun Point – Unbelievable Story

A 50 year old Navy veteran with a service related back injury attempted to setup an appointment with the VA to see a back specialist.  The VA ended up telling him that in order to see the specialist, he had to submit to a psychological screening.  The veteran refused to see the psychologists that were being forced upon him and told the hospital he would call them back later.

The veteran then left his home to take care of some things and changed his answering machine message because he was expecting that his friend might call while he was away.  The message was apparently odd, as one would expect since it was intended for a specific person.  During this time, one of the VA psychologists called his home and got the message he had intended for his friend.

The psychologist then ordered the local police to conduct a “wellness check.”  The police raided his home looking for contraband and took all of his weapons.  Then they dragged him off for a three day ordeal, being forcibly confined to a psychiatric ward.  Of course, the police had no warrant for the raid or confinement.

The veteran had no previous criminal record, had a permit for his weapons, and he had no previous mental health medical history.  He had lived peacefully in his home for the past 13 years without incident.

Word of advice:  When you live in a police state, don’t leave funny messages on your answering machine.


  • It has already begun.

  • Cranapple

    It would be helpful to know what the message was. Still, no excuse for a fascist/communist abuse of power by the VA and police.

  • kirk

    we live in a total throw away society wherein people and things, when their use no longer exists, are thrown away in one form, or another.

    as the empire we do not have continues the death it is not undergoing, things will get exponentially worse. this is history. since human nature has not changed, history will not change, either.

  • Looks like they are trying to provoke a confrontation.