Private Military Contractors Belie The Official Boston Marathon Story

Update:  The US government must be shooting for an Oscar nomination with this stunt.  For those of you who are not interested in reading this entire article, here’s a little re-cap of the things we know so far:

– Craft International (private military contractor) was at the bombing site before the bombs blew up.

– Craft founder Chris Kyle was killed just a few months ago by a deranged gunman.

– A bomb drill occurred just prior to the bombs going off.

– Police scanners said a third bomb was found and diffused a mile from the bomb site within an hour of the original blasts.

– A third explosion occurred at the Library, which police claim was from an unrelated fire that just happened to occur at the same time.

– Runners say they were warned a day ahead of time by a random woman on the streets.

– Family and friends are adamant that the brothers were framed for the attacks.

– Dzhokhar will not be allowed to see a lawyer until two days after he recovers (if he recovers at all).  Hospital staff has been forbidden from providing the press updates about his condition.

– No images of the SUV have been released.  No images of the weapons used have been released.  No footage from police dash-cams has been released.  The SUV owner has not been publicly interviewed on TV.  The SUV owner seems to have disappeared down a black hole.

– Images of Dzhokhar climbing into the boat appear to be fake.  The boat story is loaded with inconsistencies about the physical state of Dzhokhar before, during and after the attacks.

– DEBKAfiles claims brothers were double agents working for the Feds.

– Al-Harbi was arrested and deported after creating a diplomatic crisis important enough to involve the heads of the Saudi and US states.

Read the full article below for the details.  The article starts out with me believing the bombings were real, then progresses in time as I begin to uncover the fraud for what it is.


The official story we are being told about the attacks is that the government had no foreknowledge that an attack was about to take place. However, a mountain of evidence has been unearthed that contradicts this official story.

Images of the scene prior to the bombs going off show a team of individuals that are dressed in a uniform typical of Craft International employees.  Craft International is a private military contractor, similar to Blackwater.  Craft specializes in sniper, protection detail, covert ops and close-quarter-combat training.  They are a training organization, not a security organization.  That means they were not at this event  providing security. They must have been there conducting some kind of a drill or training exercise.  Craft does not offer security guard services.  Even if they did, they are way too elite for general security at a marathon.

The men depicted below are all wearing black jackets, khaki pants, khaki shoes, and carrying black backpacks. The Craft International logo is clearly visible on one of the hats a team member was wearing.  The entire uniform that the team is wearing can be purchased on Craft’s website.








(In the above image, note the red lettering in the middle of the skull, which matches Craft’s logo.  Also take note of the reversed flag on the side of the hat, which make it a 100% match with the Craft logo hat.  Further, the Craft hat has “Violence Solves Problems” embroidered on the back, the lettering of which is visible, although not legible, in the image.)




I have a hard time believing that a private commando team would just randomly happen to be at the site of a terrorist bombing, in their uniforms no less. Further, one of the team members can be seen using an electronic device that appears to be a radiation detector.  I suppose he just randomly happened to have one of those on him as well. They also appear to have ear piece communication devices on them.

In addition to a team of private commandos running around with black backpacks, we also have confirmed eye witness testimony that officials were conducting a bomb drill prior to the bombs going off.  Bomb sniffing dogs were already on the scene before the explosions.

University of Mobile Cross Country Coach Ali Stevenson, stated in an interview with, “At the start at the event, at the Athlete’s Village, there were people on the roof looking down onto the Village at the start. There were dogs with their handlers going around sniffing for explosives, and we were told on a loud announcement that we shouldn’t be concerned and that it was just a drill. And maybe it was just a drill, but I’ve never seen anything like that — not at any marathon that I’ve ever been to. You know, that just concerned me that that’s the only race that I’ve seen in my life where they had dogs sniffing for explosions, and that’s the only place where there had been explosions.”  This drill has finally been confirmed by the Boston Globe after numerous lies about it.

In addition to the bomb squad already being on scene, private commandos on the scene, and a bomb drill being run, we also have witness testimony being reported that runners were warned about an attack by an anonymous woman several days prior. reports, “Mike Heiliger, 59, said a woman holding several bags was telling runners who were picking up their pre-race packages in downtown Boston on Saturday (April 13) that they were going to die if they participated in the event.

‘I was downtown on Saturday and you know, you see these people on the street and think it’s just some nutbar,’ he told The Chief from his Boston hotel on Monday. ‘It was a little creepy because you can identify who the runners are and I heard her say to this runner two feet away from me that, ‘If you run tomorrow you’re going to die.'”

But wait, there is more!

The Boston EMS decided to debut a new mass casualty monitoring system the day of the attack. “Mass casualty” was how the system was originally described in the linked article.  The editors at Firehouse changed the description after they realized half the planet was linking to this web page and asking questions about it. Despite what says, the SafetyPAD is indeed designed to deal with mass casualties, as the last article on SafteyPADs own site boasts.  That’s quite the coincidence, no?

Further, it is unlikely for a bomb squad to have located, analyzed, rigged and detonated the third bomb in under an hour, especially when it was located one mile away, at the Kennedy Presidential Library.  No matter what the media may tell us about this third bomb now, we have the police broadcasting over their own radio network that they were going to rig a third controlled explosion on the 600 block of Boylston Street.

From my perspective, it is clear that some people in the government knew this attack was going to take place. That leaves only two possible scenarios here.  Either the government knew the attacks were going to take place, yet failed to warn the public about the potential danger, or elements of the government actively participated in the attack itself.

I don’t want people to misconstrue my article as blaming Craft for this attack.  I think they had nothing to do with it.  Only an idiot would display his brand logo and walk around in uniform while committing an act of terrorism.  Further, it would be pointless for that guy to have a radiation monitor out if he already knew the bomb did not contain radioactive material.

However, SOMEONE paid to have Craft at the scene.  SOMEONE ordered the bomb squad to be there ahead of time.  I want to know who that someone was, and where the original orders came from. I want to know why the government is openly lying about a bomb drill taking place.  I want to know what Craft was doing there.  I want to know what really went on with that third bomb, not the fake story we are now being told about a fire causing an explosion (LOL – people actually believe that load of bull?  Odds of that happening during a terrorist attack are about as high as me winning the lottery.)

Word on the street is that this attack will be blamed on black powder used for reloading ammunition, in a bid to ban ammunition reloading.  Quite convenient for this to take place during a huge push for gun control.

Fox 19 anchor Ben Swann reaches the same conclusions in this short video report:


Interesting side note:

Craft International was founded by the famous SEAL Chris Kyle, who was killed in a very strange attack at a gun range, by a lone deranged gunman, a few months ago.  Kyle’s killer, Eddie Ray Routh, reportedly said, “He sold his soul for a new truck,” as the reason he gave for killing Kyle.


To add some more fuel to the fire, Dzhokhar’s friends say, “Anyone who believes this BULLLSHITT about Jahar is Fuckinnnnn cooked. He’s the last dude to be harming anyone or anything.”


Dzhokar’s father says his sons were framed for the attacks.


I’d like to point out that the two kids supposedly got into a shootout with dozens of police.  One of the kids managed to fight his way out of the situation and then escape.  Were these kids highly trained military commandos or something?  The fact that one of them escaped just boggles my mind.

There’s just something not right about this story.  We are being told that a 19 year old pot smoking hippie magically transformed himself into Jason Borne out the clear blue.  I imagine that every cop in the state responded to that shootout, yet the kid still managed to escape?  How?  The story simply ends with the kid driving his SUV through a line of police cruisers.  Are we to believe that the police simply sat back and watched him drive off into the sunset?

Supposedly they hijacked an SUV and told the diver that they were the Boston bombers – which I find to be laughably ridiculous.  If you were them, would you announce yourself as the Boston bombers while hijacking a car and then let the victim go on his merry way?  Why would you even announce your crimes at all?  If they were really bloodthirsty killers, why not just kill the SUV driver so there wouldn’t be any witnesses?  Obviously they intended to kill dozens of innocent people with bombs, so what’s one more victim?  Especially one more victim that could finger your location and put the police on your trail!

The whole story just stinks, and it keeps getting stinkier.


Dzhokhar Tsarnaev was apparently caught hiding in a boat parked in a suburban driveway. It will be very interesting to hear his side of the story.  The fact that he is still alive is a miracle.


The man whose brief life on the lam paralyzed Boston clung to life today as investigators waited for a chance to ask him why he and his brother attacked the Boston Marathon.

Dzhokhar Tsarnaev, 19, was in Beth Israel Deaconess Medical Center today. It is the same hospital where Tsarnaev’s older brother Tamerlan, 26, was brought early Friday after a shootout with police. Tamerlan died of his wounds.

A hospital spokesperson said early this morning that Dzhokhar Tsarnaev was still alive, however the FBI asked they give no updates on his condition. [why?]

When he was taken into custody from the bottom of a boat in the backyard of a Watertown home Friday night, the suspect was bleeding badly and too weak to resist any longer, officials said.

Sounds like his wounds are very serious.

In the video report that accompanies the article, the reporter states she spoke with the family multiple times the other day, each time they insisted that the boys were being setup.  Dzhokhar’s high school teacher also said that Dzhokhar was “180 degrees the opposite” of what was being reported about him.


Tsarnaev will be questioned by a federal team called the High Value Detainee Interrogation Group, which includes officials of the FBI, CIA, and Defense Department, an Obama administration official said. Under a special legal exception designed to protect public safety, he will not get a Miranda warning or be offered a lawyer for up to 48 hours.

Gotta love our fake justice system.  Obviously this implies no one has spoken to Dzhokhar since his capture besides the feds and the hospital staff.  If this kid ends up dying from his wounds before he gets to tell a lawyer his side of the story, the level of stink will have reached all time epic proportions.  I hope the kid lives for the sake of my own sanity.


Supposed images of Dzhokhar climbing into the boat have surfaced.  I want to point out some odd things about these photos.  Supposedly the boat image was taken by a surveillance camera installed on the homeowner’s property.  How many homeowners have external surveillance cameras installed?  Pretty low odds on that one.  Further, the image is taken from the perspective of ground level.  Typically such cameras are installed well above ground level for a better coverage, and because it makes them more difficult to tamper with.

The image shows no visible blood on the clothing of Dzhokhar, and you conveniently can’t see his face. Look at the face of Dzhokhar in the ambulance, it is completely covered in blood.  At the very least his hands should be covered in blood.  We can clearly see his hands are not bloody as he climbs into the boat.

Take a look at where the boat is parked, then look at the camera perspective for the Dzhokhar shot.  Where was that camera installed?






This doesn’t prove anything, but it certainly adds to the stink.

The more I read about the boat story, the more odious the whole thing becomes.  We are told that the boat owner, Dave Henneberry, climbed up a ladder to his boat and saw Dzhokhar laying inside of it in a pool of his own blood.  Henneberry states Dzhokhar looked like a dead body.  Yet when the police arrived, they say Dzhokhar engaged them in a prolonged firefight that resulted in the boat being totally destroyed.

How did this kid go from being  nearly dead on the floor of a boat to engaging the police in a prolonged firefight?  Why didn’t he attack Henneberry?  If Dzhokhar was severely wounded before climbing into the boat, why doesn’t the image show him being covered in his own blood?  Later reports say the boat looked like swiss cheese from the resulting firefight.

Also, I don’t see Dzhokhar with any guns as he is climbing into that boat, although I suppose he could have thrown them inside the boat before climbing in.  You’d think Henneberry would mention seeing an arsenal laying next to the corpse he saw.  Anyone familiar with guns knows that in order to engage in a sustained firefight, you need a truckload of ammo.  You can empty a thirty round clip in a matter of seconds.  Given the amount of shooting this kid supposedly did, he must have had a monumental amount of magazines on him.

Speaking of pictures, has anyone seen any photos of this supposedly bullet riddled SUV that the kids stole?  I want to know what that SUV looks like after taking hundreds of rounds from the police.  Were the tires shot out? If they were, how did he drive away in it?  If they weren’t, why not?  Were the police just absolutely terrible shots?

Also, I haven’t seen any TV interviews of the SUV owner.  I figured the press would be all over this guy.  Could you imagine being held up by two crazed bombers for your car, and then robbed of your ATM money?  Why isn’t this guy all over the news?

Another thing that strikes me as odd about this news coverage is that I haven’t heard any reports about the types of weapons the kids used, other than pipe bombs and pressure cooker bombs.  Consider that during the Sandy Hook attacks, the press reported the exact make and model of all the weapons used the same day the attacks occurred.


Israeli news publication DEBKAfile says Boston’s Tsarnaev was on Saudi & CIA Payroll, ended up becoming double agents for Muslim extremists.

DEBKAfile is a mainstream intelligence news source.  DEBKAfile was profiled by the New York Observer for its excellent intelligence reporting.  The BBC has placed DEBKAfile on its list of monitored sites. Bloomberg recommends DEBKAfile to its subscribers. This information is not coming from some random web blog.

All of the odd reporting and inconsistencies coming out of the MSM about this story make sense now. The oddities arise from the CIA controlling the flow of information being put out by the media.  The media report what “official sources” tell them to report.  And right now, official sources are feeding them a load of horse shit. Unfortunately, as DEBKAfiles points out, the odds of us finding out the truth about what happened are virtually zero.


These are the police who happened to be interviewed by the media for the Sandy Hook incident.


Just another odd coincidence?

If that photo has piqued your interest, check out this video.


Little has been said about Abdul Rahman Ali Al-Harbi, the Saudi national who was arrested and deported within hours of the bombing attacks.  It turns out this guy was important enough to cause Obama to drop his schedule and meet with a Saudi diplomat to discuss the situation.  The press told us that this guy had been cleared of any wrong doing, which begs the question of why was he deported based on national security concerns?

Confirmation that Abdul Rahman Ali Al-Harbi, the Saudi national and initial “person of interest,” is indeed being deported this week now is spreading across the Internet. More details are emerging this weekend as Arabic sources and Saudi papers themselves are confirming “rumors” swirling in the US.


An eye witness to the SUV shootout says she saw the police run over someone with a police SUV, then shoot him multiple times point blank. Putting the pieces together, I can envision this scenario:

Tamerlan engages the police with a gun and bombs.  The police regroup to figure out how to take him down.  While Tamerlan is engaging the police, he tells his younger brother to make a break for it on foot. Dzhokhar manages to escape the dragnet for a while, eventually finding his way into Henneberry’s boat to hold up for the night. Henneberry finds Dzhokhar in his boat, and the police descend on it like a pack of wild dogs.  Dzhokhar is then shot to pieces, unarmed, while laying in the boat. The story about Dzhokhar running his brother over is a lie, told to cover up the police misconduct.


Press For Truth says the naked man in this video is Tamerlan Tsarnaev.  I guess that pretty much wrecks my previous theory.  The man certainly looks like him.  His aunt is absolutely adamant that the naked man is Tamerlan.  The police say the man is not Tamerlan; however, police have not said who the naked man is. Obviously if we knew his identity, the press could confirm that he was not Tamerlan.  I doubt we will ever find out who the naked man was from the police, because it’s apparent that the naked man is obviously Tamerlan.

A Google search turns up only ONE news publication asking the question, “Just who was the naked man?”  And that news publication is based in Australia! You’d think the press would be dying to know this guy’s identity.  If I was innocent of a crime, and the police stripped me naked and paraded me down the street, I’d be RUNNING to the press.  I’d be busy filing lawsuits, filing complaints, telling everyone I met what happened to me.  So far, no one has come forward.

Now who got hit by the police SUV and murdered by the police?


CNN has been caught interviewing the same woman as an eyewitness at the bombing event and at the SUV event.  Now that is irrefutable proof of a crisis actor.  Voice sounds the same, and I even think the glasses are the same, she’s just wearing transitions lenses.  I think the temples look slightly different because of the lighting.


Pretty typical behavior for CNN.  They’ve been caught red handed before.


I’m deleting the comments I made about the blasts not being real.  After conferencing with a trauma surgeon, I’m satisfied that the observed bomb tissue damage is legitimate.


Who is Misha?

There have been a number of news accounts of Tamerlan’s “mentor,” a major influence on his path to jihad: the Uncle, Ruslan, has said his name is “Misha,” and that he is an Armenian convert to Islam living in the Boston area, balding, with reddish hair, middle-aged looking. So far, he hasn’t been turned up. But that may be coming to an end….

Why do I smell the reek of a Fed here?


The Russian news agency Izvestia is reporting that Tamerlan attended a CIA workshop.  This would fit with DEBKAs claims of Tamerlan being on the CIA payroll.


Police have recovered the body of missing Brown University student Sunil Tripathi from the Providence River. He made headlines last week when Reddit users misidentified him as one of the Boston Marathon bombing suspects, before the true suspects were named.


Interesting development.  The Daily Mail is saying the US government was warned by the Saudi’s ahead of time, but the Saudi’s are now denying that.  Why do I think the Saudii embassy is lying?

The Saudi embassy in Washington, D.C. today denied its government warned the U.S. about accused Boston bomber Tamerlan Tsarnaev.

According to a highly placed source who spoke to MailOnline, the Saudis sent a written warning about Tsarnaev to the U.S. Department of Homeland Security in 2012. That was long before pressure-cooker blasts killed three and injured hundreds.

The official told MailOnline about a written warning from the Saudi government to the Department of Homeland Security, and said he had direct knowledge of that document.

But the Middle Eastern nation’s embassy in Washington died that account on Wednesday.


The Russians are now saying they had Tamerlan under surveillance.

MAKHACHKALA, Russia (AP) – Russian agents placed the elder Boston bombing suspect under surveillance during a six-month visit to southern Russia last year, then scrambled to find him when he suddenly disappeared after police killed a Canadian jihadist, a security official told The Associated Press.


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  • Seriously guys

    Did it ever occur to you that maybe they were there because they were hired to do security for the marathon?

    • Craft doesn’t do security details. They are a training organization centered around sniping, cover ops and counter-insurgency.

      • elbuggo

        Media is an extremely important part of this operation. It is the people who control the media who is running it. They have their agents in the Government. I guess DHS is in someway running a “drill” here. Those agents have maybe signed some Notional Security gag order. Severe punishment if they talk. Media is protected by the First Amendment since all the victims are fake and no one really was hurt. It is a Hollywood movie on all national news channels. Like a bad soap opera. We have seen it before – many times. Same pattern every time.

  • Wake Up

    LOL, Yea black ops for security at a marathon, seriously guys this is why they’re able to get away with this because of the lack of thinking for yourself – did that ever occur to anyone?

    • NYC

      Most likely the Feds were tipped off but failed to warn people because they thought they had it covered.

  • GoldenTicket

    Dome of the Rock?

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  • Krystle

    They caught him but he is in critical condition. How convienet!

  • M

    I’m not a conspiracy nut, but I have pretty much same questions. Btw photo where he sits on the boat supposedly was taken when he gave himself up. I don’t see blood, but it’s shitty over exposed photo. 1000% odd is engadgement with ingured teenager, who lost shitload of blood (he must be weak, dizzy, disorientated) – and yes, where are his guns??? I can understand how he got away from cops – adrenaline, his friends told on Twitter that he is good driver – it’s possible regardless of state of SUV. But there are lots of questions. Boat photo with at least 20 bullet holes??? Guys in Craft gear very strange.

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  • tal

    Debka is Mossad.

    • Yeah, I figured it out in the end. Clearly they are putting out bullshit.

      • KB

        You could edit your story to reflect that.

  • connie daniels

    that picture of him supposedly entering the boat is impossible. the cover is completely intact in the other photos yet in the one of him entering the boat it is torn to shreds, no doubt when they had to go in to get him out of the boat. The whole thing is a scam as always, the question is by whom.I think there is in fighting going on within our government to be honest, they have chosen sides.

  • pokethetruth

    Michael, I don’t mean to sound dense but are you saying there was no one injured from the explosions?

    • Yes, that is exactly what I am suggesting.

      The reported injuries and deaths are completely staged.

      • pokethetruth

        Okay, given the fact the government lies to the American people just about every day, I’ll give some credibility to what you have written.

        However I would like to mention some facts I’ve read about one of the deceased victims, 8 year old Martin Richard. Here is a family photograph (see: I do not know the age of the photograph.

        Martin’s parents are Bill and Denise. Martin has two siblings: Jane and an older brother, Henry. According to an article in the Lowell Sun, Martin and Jane were both students at the
        Neighborhood House Charter School in Dorchester, Massachusetts (see: ). Denise works as a librarian there.

        The blast caused Jane to lose one of her legs, Denise has serious brain injuries and Bill has wounds to his legs caused by flying shrapnel.

        Michael, if your theory holds true, Jane will not return to her school wearing a juvenile prosthesis or perhaps the family will move to another location, somewhere out of state.

        But if Jane is found to be wearing an artificial leg, then it proves that someone was severely injured and there probably were other real victims as well. We will have to wait and see.

        • Here’s a hypothetical.

          One of the bombs was real, and the images we see here from this particular blast are fake.

          It’s possible that the other bomb did real damage, while this bomb was a stunt.

          All I know is that the people portrayed in the selected images are actors.

      • Marshall

        You give the government entirely too much credit. If government were capable of staging vast hoaxes involving hundreds of people, it would also be capable of doing other things too.

        However, as a libertarian, I can assure you government is not capable of doing anything successfully, at all. Government is a joke, a masterwork of inefficacy.

        Government is a headless blunder operating under the illusion of a master plan. You can take that to the bank and cash it.

  • Kara

    How can you say the victims are crisis actors??? Are you out of your mind??!! The guy in the wheelchair is 27 year old Jeff Bauman Jr. of Chelmsford, MA. He worked at Cosco behind the deli counter to pay off student loans and go back to school. He was waiting for his girlfriend to cross the finish line! I am SICKENED by this claim. Say this was an inside job all you want but DO NOT show this survivor disrespect!!

    • It’s a lie.

      His whole life story is a fiction. What the media is telling you about him is a lie.

      • Kara

        Are you on another planet??? Is there something seriously wrong with you that will not let your brain comprehend that atrocities like this happen? Inside job or not, this guy got his legs blown off!

        • No, he did not.

          If he did, there would be at least a FEW drops of blood trailing behind him.

          If the state can stage something like 9/11, I think it’s safe to say they can create a fake facebook profile and make it look legitimate.

          • Kara

            Because you have seen people’s legs blown off and know how much blood there should be… My bad! Or better yet, you have a medical degree and can determine this. Michael, your arguments are weak. You are never going to convince me buddy. Did you see all the blood lost initially? Of wait, that was red paint that Obama himself poured from the rooftops! You are a genius Michael.

          • My arguments are weak?

            I think I’ve shown a mountain of evidence to support my claims.

            I look forward to seeing some evidence that a double traumatic amputee can be wheeled down the street without spilling a drop of blood behind him.

            Meanwhile, a woman with no apparent injuries was taken from the scene on a stretcher BEFORE the amputee. Now why would EMS do that?

            I won’t hold my breath waiting for your proof.

          • Marshall

            Believe it or not, it’s fairly common for limbs blown off to not bleed profusely. Seen it on film – motion and still – dozens of times. You’d have a lot more credibility if you didn’t jump to incorrect conclusions deriving from ignorance, and then portray them as matters of fact and common sense. Anybody who isn’t ignorant of the subject sees you as grasping for straws.

            I’m sure you’ll discount this post as you did Kara’s, but then I’m discounting your theory as unsubstantiated, for the reason I just explained. If you’re really serious about making your case, do a better job. For your case’s sake.

          • Marshall

            Random anecdote, so I’m not guilty of the same “common sense deduction = fact” logic as Michael.


            Notice: “I was barely bleeding from them.” Explosion victim. QED.

          • He also said, ‘I wasn’t expected to live,’ Marrocco recalled. ‘I died three times and came back.’ No pulse. ‘Flat-out dead.’

            So yeah, you can live from it, but the odds of survival are virtually zero. I don’t have a problem with him living; however, it is very suspicious to not see any arterial spurting and for him to be hauled off fully conscious, and not ghost white from shock.

            Jeff’s skin is not obviously burned, which means it is doubtful that his wounds were somehow cauterized by the blast.

      • Kara

        I suppose the little boy is fake too?? Computer generated perhaps?? Hell, the whole crowd was fake! In fact, that wasn’t even Boston! It was a set in Hollywood! This is how batshit crazy you sound dude!

        • Yep, its all a hollywood production.

          Go watch Saving Private Ryan.

          • Kara

            Michael, have you ever seen Girl Interrupted? You belong on that set! Cheers!

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  • Woody

    Look at you tube and see Ted Pike’s “The Other Israel”. If there is a conspiracy this will show centuries of patterns of societal domination.

  • Have you seen this video?

    • Now that is some damning evidence.

      • Indeed it is. Thanks for sticking your neck out there and actually doing some real journalism. You know, by actually asking some really good questions and pointing out inconsistencies.

  • elbuggo

    Same woman, CNNs latest: Different nose tips and nostrils. I don’t buy it. This is high risk research. If people accept this kind of evidence, I can probably prove that Elvis is still alive.

    I suggest this developing thread for news and new ideas on this media operation where no was killed (as usual):

  • elbuggo

    Excellent video here (hurry up before it is deleted):

    It is about the wheelchair actor and fake blood, etc. New video, but not new material.

  • KB

    You ask a lot of good questions, but in my own investigation I found that on the Craft website, under “Information” is a link to “Government contracting”, with this, “Craft International is a Tactical Training Provider, which offers a wide
    range of services, and training to its Federal Customers.” It appears as though they offer training to civilians, and “services” exclusively to government agencies through their contract, “GSA contract GS-07F-0425Y SIN 256-42”. So, this turns the question back to, what “services” were they offering?

    I think this photo very clearly shows them to be the most authoritative at the scene afterward:

    So, now it appears obvious they were, in fact, working security for the event. Now, were they there for a “training exercise”, as Alastair Stevenson claims (what are the odds?), were they just doing security all day, OR was there foreknowledge of the bombing?

    At this point, it is important to note that Alastair Stevenson is THE ONLY witness to claim this, despite however many people were there. (Unless you can find one. I can’t) While he seems credible on the surface for being a coach and runner, let us not forget Penn State.

    Regardless, there are MANY unanswered questions surrounding this event, which I still believe was either used as an opportunity for, or was allowed to happen, in order to do a martial law test run on Boston. Everything else was just more of the same. That 9000 man operation was executed near flawlessly and had to have taken much prior planning. It is also important to note, that then-suspect #2 wasn’t even found until AFTER the lockdown was lifted and the search finished, and by a private citizen, at that. Which makes me wonder, how they can “finish” a search without turning up a suspect? Wouldn’t the search be ongoing?

    Finally, back to the bombing, this brings us to the question, did they allow this to happen, or
    are they just completely incompetent? If the latter, then maybe we
    should be considering other options for our security in this country,
    instead of using 9000 incompetents to lock down an entire city to look for one 19 yo supposedly injured kid. With a gov’t this incompetent, do we really need more of them?

  • Devil’s advocate

    Why would they attend in uniform displaying their logo if they wanted to go unnoticed?