If God Exists, Why Do Bad Things Happen To Good People?

  • Christian

    Bad things happened to people in the
    bible and God existed then. (First tip that is isn’t going to be

    If God exists that would mean Satin
    also exists.

    Your sins can also separate you from

    For by grace are ye saved through
    faith; and that not of yourselves: it is the gift of God:

  • @ Christian: there’s a serious logical flaw in the statement “If God exists that would mean Satin also exists.”

    Satin is a tangible thing that we know exists. We have proof that the Chinese discovered how to make it thousands of years ago. This is regardless of one’s belief in a higher creator. Knowledge of the existence of satin requires nothing more than proof; just as belief in God – in the absence of proof – requires nothing more than faith. Still, the one is not a consequence of the other.

    • Christian

      Some people only believe there is a god and that the fallen angel doesn’t exist. That way they can make statements like if “God exists then why do bad things happen to good people.” Remember I am trying to answer the question not make statements.
      I never claimed to be a dictionary, however many people on the internet expect everyone to spell without error even though public schools do exist. At least I am trying right?

      • Okay, okay. I was jesting, but at the same time making a valid point, which was probably too subtle. Look, no offence intended, and I know this is going to sound rude (sorry) but your answer to the original question is as inadequate as it is unoriginal and void of logic. You admit you’re no dictionary. Do you understand the concept of logic? An example of an illogical statement would be: “Apples are green, therefore so is chromium oxide.” Another example of an illogical statement is: “If God exists that would mean Satan also exists.”

        By the way: I don’t claim to have an answer, other than to say: BIG “if”!

        • Christian

          If you want proof that God exists I would suggest you read the bible. People expect Christians to prove that God exists while God wants people to choose him through faith. The two don’t work together.

          • Jesus, man. What have I been saying? I don’t expect you to prove anything (because it’s impossible). Of course it’s faith. I said that in my first comment, and it took you until now to simply repeat it back to me. If you had simply said at the beginning that you believe in God and Satan because the Bible tells you they exist and you have faith in the teachings of the Bible, instead of trying to use anti-logical statements, I would have had more respect.

            By the way, I’m not trying to pick on Christians. If it gives you comfort then that’s great.

          • Christian

            Sorry if I offended you with my slow witted remarks.

  • Sea Jay

    If you want proof God exists and The BIble is not good enough for you , to youtube and watch , The Theory of Everything , it will show you using science and math why and how God is REAL , those of the Darwin ” Faith” ( yes its a faith not a law) sorry , it gets absolutely and resoundingly destroyed by math , science and logic…….go check it out! God Bless you all!!

    • @Christian: Why should I be offended?

      @ SeaJay: None of that is proof that (your Christian) God exists. Any more than it is proof that a multi-dimensional factory run by cosmic elves and headed by the Great King Blurgo created Everything. You cannot prove it (as Christian very slowly realised). That is precisely why faith is required.

      And I agree: Darwinism is not proven either, and the attacks on those that question it just makes the Darwinists look like religiously zealous nutters. In fact, looking at Everything (with a capital E) I’m more swayed towards creationism than Darwinism. And even if evolution exists in some form, that doesn’t negate creationism, as evolution (if it exists) is merely a mode of creation, a means to a creative end. But again, none of this proves the existence of Allah, does it.

      • Christian

        Most people don’t become rude unless they are offended.
        Anyway the point I was trying to make was from the original question. It asked “If god exists why do bad things happen to good people?” My answer “Satan also exists” was OK because obviously God does exist under that question. Regardless if you believe in God or not.

        • Brilliant, Christian, just brilliant!

          • Dave Cochrane is a Douche

            Dave, you are a douche.

          • Dave Cochrane

            Haha! He creates a whole new account just to post a mindless comment, and thinks *I’m* the douche! That’s perfect comedy, thanks for making my day!

  • glts

    God is a noninterventionist.