Police State Round-up

A little police state round-up from Libertarian News.

Truck Driver Beaten By Police For Not Signing Traffic Ticket

Cop Kills Man For Not Wearing Seat Belt

CA Police Kill Unarmed Suicidal Man

Police Choke Black Teenager Over “Dehumanizing Stares”

Overweight Asthmatic Tased to Death in Home Raid

Park Ranger Arrests Man With Leg Cramps

Liberty Activist Illegally Searched and Arrested

Seven High School Students Arrested For Throwing… Water Balloons

NYPD Refuse to Stop Subway Stabbing: Special Report

Drug Dealers Admit Berkeley PD Have Asked Them To Assault Cop-watchers

Couple Arrested For Asking Directions

Adam Kokesh Arrested For Speaking In Public

Idaho Cop Kills Man Who Surrendered With Hands Above Head

Police Steal $160,000 from man during Traffic Stop

Police Chase Down Man For Filming Police Abuse, Enter His Home

2 Men Arrested For Refusing To Open Up The Door Of His Own Home

Audio Leaked from MO St. Patrol Employee Shooting of Jeffrey Weinhaus

Cop Get Splashed By Water, Punches Innocent Woman He Wrongly Thought Threw It In The Face

The police in our nation are totally out of control.  Could  you imagine if a private security agency had this kind of a track-record?