Jail Guards Turn Women’s Prison Into Their Personal Sex Dungeon

[Update:  I’ve seen numerous people claiming that the story must be fake because it is so brutal and insane, so here’s a few more sources for you.  Huffington Post, RT.  The story is legit, and the Courthouse News Service is also legit.  Courthouse News is where the media gets a lot of its case information from.]

This story will probably make you sick to your stomach.  A complaint for civil damages was recently filed against the Live Oak County jail system in Texas, naming the county and three guards as having turned the jail into their own personal sexual torture dungeon.  The complaint alleges that three guards at the county jail ran a “rape camp” where they “repeatedly raped and humiliated female inmates,” and forced them to masturbate and sodomize male guards, and one another. The three guards named in the report are Vincent Aguilar, Israel Charles Jr. and Jaime E. Smith.

The complaint states, “Beginning sometime in 2007 to at least August of 2010 the Live Oak County Sheriff’s office ran a ‘rape camp’ known as the Live Oak County Jail,” the complaint states. “In this facility, numerous jailers, all employed by the Live Oak County Sheriff’s Office, repeatedly raped and humiliated female inmates over an extended period of time. These forced acts of lasciviousness included, but are not limited to, forcing female inmates to repeatedly perform oral sex on male guards, forcing female inmates to repeatedly masturbate the male guards, the male guards masturbating in view of the female inmates, male guards forcing digital penetrative sex acts in the female inmates’, forcing female inmates to engage in sexual sex acts with other female inmates, including but not limited to forcing female inmates to have oral sex with each other, among other things.”

“In addition to the repeated sexual assaults, numerous female inmates were sexually harassed. Certain male guards would strip the female inmates of their clothing and provide only shaving cream to conceal their genitalia. Certain male guards would sometimes force the female inmates to shower in front of them while instructing them to shave their vaginas. In other instances, while detailing their degenerate sexual fantasies, the jailers would pin the girls against a wall, grope their persons, verbally berate them, digitally rape their vagina and/or anus, then force them to perform oral sex.”

“In order to facilitate their carnal impulses, these guards would withhold food and water, engage in physical abuse, restrict privileges and verbally and emotionally abuse the women – even threaten to kill them in order to compel their compliance.”

You need a strong stomach to read the full complaint.

One of the three guards named was sentenced to prison for a year, the other two got 18 months.  Pretty good deal for turning a jail into your own sexual torture dungeon.  Imagine if you grabbed a woman off the street and held her as a sex slave  in your basement.  You’d never see the light of day again.

This comes on the heels of a prisoner abuse report filed against the Ontario prison system, which lead to 31 guards getting fired and another 108 staff being disciplined.  The report stemmed from a team of investigators reviewing about 2,800 cases of use of force reported over an 18-month period in 2010 and 2011.  As far as I’m aware, no guards were criminally prosecuted for the acts of torture uncovered by the investigation.

In a separate incident, two guards had charges filed against them for acts of torture committed in a Toronto jail.  One officer testifying in that case against her fellow officers said, “I’ve been shunned, people won’t talk to me. When I go to enter a room, they’re all quiet and stop talking.” She also said that a colleague asked her to change her report to justify the use of force.

While this behavior may come as a shock to people who still believe in the necessity and virtue of a state run prison system, it doesn’t come as a surprise to anyone familiar with basic psychology.  Stanford University ran a psychological experiment that mimicked the modern prison system back in 1971.  They had to halt the experiment just six days in because the abuse of students had gone completely out of control.

You can watch a documentary on this experiment here:

I have to believe there are better ways of dealing with criminals besides locking them in cages and torturing them.  However, suggesting any alternatives to incarceration causes a great weeping and gnashing of teeth among most of western society.  Our society has such a deeply ingrained need for vengeance and retribution that the thought of anything less than a cage just doesn’t cut it.

In the end, this blind need for vengeance will cost society dearly.  Presently, America has more prisoners than any other country in the world, by both per-capita and total population.  No one does prison better than the land of the free, where 86% of the federal prison population is there for victimless crimes.  The costs associated with this vast level of incarceration are staggering, and they are only going to get worse as the number of prisoners over the age of 65 is rising at 94 times the rate of the general prison population.

To me, I view our present prison system as a form of double victimization.  When criminals are incarcerated, their victims are forced to pay for the associated incarceration costs through the tax system, so in essence, the system victimizes the victim twice.  Further, in the vast majority of cases, at some point in the future, that prisoner is going to be released from prison.  So society has a choice to make.  They can either stick with the current system of vengeance based double victimization, which leads to high rates of recidivism and churns out exceptionally violent and sociopathic criminals, or society can look for more humane and cost efficient alternatives.

I believe the goal of a penal system should be reform, not vengeance.  Every criminal that is put behind bars becomes a black hole of resource destruction.  They produce nothing, yet consume everything.  Putting prisoners in a structured environment where they can be productive and learn to value their life, as well as the lives of others, leads to a more productive society.  Our present system of punishment accomplishes the exact opposite.


    All the guards that did this should be put in a prison with the biggest, blackest rapists we can find in the prison system.

    • invtemp

      Cedric, your comment is abhorrent.

      Men using force and dominance to get their way with prisoner women is not exactly the height of kindness. But, these women (I’m sure they were chaste virgins when they showed up in prison), were used in their natural fashion. No harm done, basically.

      What you’re suggesting is that we incarcerate these men, and subject them to sodomy that is against their natural use. Sodomy is a capital crime, forcible or otherwise. On the other hand, sex with a woman is completely natural and alright.

      You seem to be upset that these men used their influence and power to move things in their favor, to get what they wanted from those prisoner women.

      However, I imagine your outrage is absent whenever you see women (who are not in prison) using their power and influence to get what they want from men. Women use threats (even unspoken) of calls to the police for false domestic violence claims, false rape claims, and threats of divorce, taking the children away, false claims of child abuse and child sexual abuse; false claims of workplace sexual harrasment…. the list goes on, and for each of those threats, the result is violence against the man unless he gives her whatever she wants.

      What these prison guards may have done, does not even constitute a spit in the ocean, toward balancing out these crimes against men throughout this society. Your solution to have them sodomized, an abomination, does not make the situation better, but escalates the degradation of our society.



        Look up the word ‘misogynist.’

        That’s what you are.

        Feel free to suck a bag of dicks.

        • invtemp

          Look up the word “misandrist”.

          • Silvercrimson

            FUCK YOU.

      • Birken

        Wow, I agree with CEDRICWARD. I can only imagine you have been burned, you place women on such a low level that all seem like filth to you. I would not be surprised if you were tying women up in your basement and torturing them for fun. Yikes.

        • invtemp

          Yes, because anyone who doesn’t agree with sodomizing men as a punishment for their behaviour, must be tying people up in their basements and torturing them.

          And, of course, it’s alright to place men on such a low level that they all seem like so much filth… but to fail to elevate women to godess-hood means you’ve been “burned”, and can’t look at the issues straight.

          Well said, Birken.

          • Alison Jonny McLaurine

            Reread what you typed. Anybody that rapes is a fuxking piece of shit. Male or female. I mean what the hell you even talking about. He is talking about guards raping a woman in jail.
            You try to make a huge point with your big words and grammar that sounds like women in jail deserve rspe

      • joeybegood

        You’re a psychopathic asshole.

      • Alison Jonny McLaurine

        Jesus you actually said the guards raping these women was in the woman’s natural state? Jesus maybe you need sodomized since its in your natural state. Wtf? You serious need help and I hope you don’t have children. You would tell your daughter not to get mad about rape. You deserved it kid. You are an asshole.

        • invtemp

          Wow… you’ll lie no matter what it takes.

          No, being sodomized is not a man’s natural state. But hetero-sex is absolutely the purpose of women’s vaginas. It’s their natural use… no argument about it. It’s why they’re built that way.

          And, yes… I would tell me daughter not to get mad about “rape”, if you meant the BS they call “rape” these days. Such as… she got herself drunk at a frat party, went up to a young man’s bedroom, took off her shirt, had sex, and then regretted it the next day. “Rape”!!! Help me, I’ve been raped!

          Yes, I would tell her the truth… it’s her fault. Nothing unusual happened… no crime was committed.

          Or another great one… the video of her sexual escapades comes out on Facebook. Rape!!! No Daddy, that’s not me being a harlot… it was rape! Can’t you tell that I was stoned! Therefore it’s not my responsibility!

      • Silvercrimson

        Are you fucking insane? YOU deserve to be raped to death by the biggest, blackest man.

        I hope you and your offspring die a painful death. You sick psychopath.

    • My only question about this comment is why does the rapist have to be the “blackest”? I’m sure putting them I. With the biggest, most brutal rapist regardless of color would suffice.

    • Joey Perkins

      why do they half to black

  • whitey ford

    Don’t be raciest about it, white guys like to rape prison guards too…

    • Tom

      I’m white and I have yet to see a detention guard who I would want to have sex with.

    • meh

      Not really

  • Tom

    There’s a very fine line of distinction between criminal and law enforcer. Usually, the only difference is who’s wearing a badge and has the keys.

  • Xe


  • goyanim network

    “Every criminal that is put behind bars becomes a black hole of resource destruction. They produce nothing, yet consume everything.” – not exactly true, at least not for the private prisons. Inmates in private facilities produce all kinds of things and do it for sub-sweatshop wages. AND the guards get to have their fun with them. Sorry Libertarians, capitalism isn’t the root solution to every problem. Not when those who run the banking system are a bunch of psychopathic criminals.

    • “Private” prisons aren’t any more “private” than Blackwater is a “private” paramilitary organization.

      They are funded by the state, regulated by the state, and exist solely for the purposes of incarcerating state prisoners.

      Such a system is called fascism, not capitalism. In a real private market, prisons would be funded through insurance, and those insurance agencies would have a strong motivation to reduce recidivism because it impacts their bottom line.

      Insurance companies involved in prison management would make sure that prison programs would be designed to reduce or eliminate recidivism, which would obviously entail a complete overhaul of how prisons function.

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  • Earl Turner

    Why are you deleting a honest and non-vulgar post???This is absolutely repulsive,but no one cares because most good patriotic,god fearing amerikans think these girls deserve it,F-em right?They must have done something wrong,they’re in jail and the police and judges are beyond reproach. Nevermind that they’re in a county jail which means they haven’t been to trial yet or they’re serving out a petty misdemeanor,maybe an unpaid traffic ticket or a marijuana possession charge,but his is what happens in a sick and dying multicultural society.Different races live by different moral codes.The vile scumbags who did this may have been White,but this whole countries morality has been destroyed by third world immigration living under a jewish dictatorship and most Whites today are just as bad as the non-Whites making up this diverse paradise.This crap rarely happened before the complete jewish takeover and thorough destruction of amerika,but if it did,you could rest assured they would have been swiftly Leo Frank-ed.Welcome to the wonderful world of communist jewish tolerance.If you really want to know the truth about whats going on and what’s in store for us read JB Campbell.

    • Because I’m not particularly fond of racist antisemitism.

      You do realize that Murray Rothbard, Walter Block, Ludwig von Mises, and Karl Popper are all Jewish, right?

      Have you read any of their work?

      Jewish people don’t deserve to be slandered because of a few bad apples in the banking industry.

      • Earl Turner

        A few bad apples? Are you delusional?

        • There are roughly 14 million Jews in the world. How many of them run commercial banks? Less than a hundred? If that? Race doesn’t determine a person’s values any more than the color of their eyes or the length of their hair does.

          • Dave Cochrane

            Well said, Michael. Not to mention the number of “bad apples” out there who are NOT Jewish that Earl conveniently ignores.

          • Earl Turner

            They have corrupted every institution,the media,politics, academia,medicine,legal system,etc.not just usury.What does this article have to do with banking? Why don’t you let your readers decide if its racists.I attacked almost every race.Your only concern is with the “jew”.

          • All right Earl, you and your pal Bostonblah can take a hike. I’m sure Stormfront will welcome your input.

      • bostonblah

        fuck the jews they are parasites, and they are responsible for all the problem , they should be exterminated

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  • elizabeth31

    Not to mention with all those people in prison for so long for “victimless crimes” (such as marijuana, as one of those raped girls was), it ALSO tears up the family unit America pretends to care for so much. The problems in most African American communities can be directly traced back to the Fathers of the community being incarcerated (for a crime that was most likely victimless) and therefore not at home to raise and better what’s left there to struggle by itself.

  • whatareyounew

    No shit this happened. All cops are scum. Not because they are cops, because they are humans. There isn’t a single human that should be able to have complete control over another human. Fucking rules.