The Electric Comet – A Complete Documentary

Get ready to be blown away again.  For those of you who are not familiar with plasma cosmology, I recommend watching Thunderbolts of the Gods first, then watch the video below.

I guarantee these movies will turn your view of the universe on its head.

If those two movies leave you wanting more, check out:

Universe The Cosmology Quest Part 1

Universe The Cosmology Quest Part 2

David Talbott: Seeking the Third Story

NASA Goddard presentation by Dr. Donald E. Scott on plasma cosmology (electric cosmology)

And a huge selection of related science videos can be found at the Thunderbolts YouTube channel.  Be sure to check out Gerald Pollack’s lectures on the electrical nature of water, they will blow you away.  For even more information, be sure the visit the Thunderbolts Project website.

There has been some criticism from standard model physicists in regards to electric solar models not meeting with observation.  Robert Johnson responds to those critics by proposing an alternate solar model here.