9/11 Firefighters Reveal Bombs Destroyed WTC lobby


R1: What happened?

FM1: There was an explosion.  We was in the lobby, and then *scrunch*, the whole lobby collapsed in on us.

R2: What was it like?

FM1: Horrible. It was horrible.

FM2: Like hell.

FM1: The whole building just collapsed on us… Inside the lobby.

R1: Was that a secondary explosion?

FM1: Yes it was.  Definitely a secondary explosion.  We was inside waiting to go upstairs, and on our way upstairs, the whole fucking thing blew.  It just collapsed on everybody inside the lobby.

R1: Someone took the first tower coming down, secondary explosion?

FM1: I don’t know about the first one, but the second one, it was terrible.  There was a third one too after that one.

R2: There was an explosion after that?

FM1: That’s right.  Everybody was inside the building, waiting to go upstairs.  And it just let loose, everything just let loose inside the building.

R1: So what you’re telling me is that there was a plane, or whatever,  hit the building, and then a secondary explosion.

FM1: It was like THREE explosions after that.  We came in there after the fire.  We came in there when the fire was going on already.  We was in the staging area inside the building.  Waiting to go upstairs.  Then there was a second explosion, and the whole lobby collapsed on the lobby inside.

R1: Just mayhem after that?

FM1: Just mayhem.  Everybody tried to work their way out.  A lot of people was trapped inside.

FM3: *unintelligible* I was near Brooklyn, we watched the first explosion.  As we were watching the buildings, I saw a black, very large airplane, fly right into the second building.  It came out of the south.  Right in front of our eyes.  It was so surreal, just like a movie set.

R1: Second and third explosions also right?

FM3: We were in the building for the third one, the collapse.  I was on this drive here for the other one.

FM2: People don’t understand, there may be more.  Any one of these fucking buildings could blow up.  This ain’t done yet.

R2: As far as disasters go, how does this?

FM1:  This is one of the top disasters, it could be no worse than this.  There could be nothing no more worse than this.  We in the building trying to help people and there was an explosion inside the buildings.  I don’t think it can get any worse than this.


Want to hear a few more firefighters?

How about a few more?

In fact, FDNY firefighters have actually released a new 2015 documentary on this subject from their perspective.  Here’s the trailer for it:

Here’s a FDNY Firefighter talking about what he saw that day:

Now watch this:

Hey, but why stop there?

Of course, the state would have you believe all of these people are fucking crazy.  Every last one of them.

If you want to learn why over 2,600 certified architects and engineers believe the towers were blown up in a controlled demolition, watch this documentary:

Support these brave engineers for speaking out and buy the DVD here.  After you get done watching that, take some time to watch this presentation on the 9/11 money trail.

  • David

    First way I would refute this is that there were explosions, but they were not bombs. How many other possible sources can be ruled out?

    • FM2: “People don’t understand, there may be more. Any one of these fucking buildings could blow up. This ain’t done yet.”

      It sounds like they were concerned about bombs to me.

      I can’t think of anything that could cause three separate explosions and destroy the entire lobby of the building.

      The Barry Jennings story is even more compelling. That’s the video with the black guy standing outside with the grey sky backdrop. Jennings was inside WTC 7 just before it imploded at free fall speed into its own footprint.

    • spooner

      So why were there explosions in the LOBBY? – hundreds of feet from any plane? And why were these obvious explosions completely ignored by the 911 commission?

      • David

        First, I dont’ know. However, the sound of an explosion could have come from electrical problems, structural issues, a falling elevator, falling debris. Maybe when the planes hit there was other damage in lower parts of the building.
        Again, I am just saying that there needs to be more evidence of a bomb, not just an explosion which can be easily countered.

        • spooner

          Sorry, but low underground rumbles cannot be explained by any of the lunatic explanations you offer. Stick with unicorn spotting. You might also want to actually WATCH the videos presented here, showing EYE WITNESS testimony- which you are NOT.

          • He can’t watch the videos. His entire world would shatter into pieces, leaving him a sobbing mess, huddled in the corner of a dark room clutching his blanket.

    • FalconMoose

      Not many. Clearly a false flag.

  • spooner

    I can recall about 10 years ago watching video that was shot across the river in NJ. Just before the first tower collapsed, you can easily hear several, large, ground level explosions go off. These explosions were confirmed by seismograph readings.

  • matt dickinson

    So they put bombs in the building as well, just as there was a bombing in 1993. Why assume it was someone other than terrorists that put bombs in the buildings?


    • AQ had 15 hijackers spare to plant bombs as the others learned to fly.
      They usually plant bombs.

  • freethemarkets

    God it’s so depressing when libertarians become so rabidly anti-state that they decide that the state must be responsible for anything bad that happens. This selection of videos is only evidence of one thing: that eyewitnesses interviewed during, or in the immediate aftermath, of a major event often don’t have a clue what’s happening. If you haven’t lived through a building collapse before, the word ‘explosion’ is a pretty good approximation for what you’ve just experienced, whether or not there were any explosives involved: there are sudden loud noises, clouds of dust/smoke/steam, and catastrophic structural collapses. That sure as hell looks like an explosion, and sounds like one, but it isn’t actually an explosion: it’s a building collapsing. The firemen talking about the building’s windows blowing out storey by storey: yes, it looks like a building does in a planned demolition. That’s the only thing they had to compare it to, as none of them had ever seen a building collapse spontaneously before. It doesn’t mean it was actually demolished. Until libertarianism (and I count myself a libertarian) shakes off this completely laughable paranoia and mania for conspiracy theory it’s always going to be mocked rather than being the credible alternative voice it should be.

    • Yes, they are all making it up. It’s all confusion. Never mind that they are all saying the same thing. It’s just coincidence. Never mind that 2000 architects and engineers think the official story is a joke. Just ignore all of that and believe what the state tells us.

    • chris

      You’re telling me that TRAINED personnel don’t know the difference between a building collapse and an explosion?

      • jon

        Windows were blown out story by story from intense increase of air pressure as the building above them came down. Same way windows blow out from air pressure differences during a tornado. As for the buildings coming down, jet fuel fires burned long enough for steel I-beams to be weakened. Same way a black smith heats metal and can then bend it however he wants. Once there was one floor that collapsed there was no stopping all the weight above it when it slammed down on top. Not even the strongest material could support that impact. This was cowardly terrorists committing a cowardly act. I agree that sometimes our government is sometimes ridiculous , but theyre not trying to kill us. As for these videos, these people are absolutely NOT crazy. They are just very emotional during a tragic time that none of them were prepared for. The explosions could easily be attributable to falling elevators. Each building had numerous elevators. Any unignited jet fuel in the shaft would explode if the elevator fell. Could have also been electrical explosions. There are many possibilities. But when an enormous airplane with thousands of gallons of jet fuel crashes, theres always explosions and secondary explosions.

      • Jacob Finland

        Oh so all firemen have degrees in structural engineering? Explosives too. They are absolute experts. Oh that is new to me as it is many i’m sure. I didn’t realize that it was a qualification needed. I hate when you idiots use that line. You think that just because fire fighters respomd to those kinds of things that they are experts on the subjects. Here is a reality check juat because they have responded to bomb explosions to save lives does not mean that they are explosives experts. Just because they respond to normal fires doea not make the structural engineers. Yes some have maybe a little understanding of said subjects but they are hardly qualified as experts. It isn’t exactly in the job description. Considering the size of the WTC and the damage done “explosions” could mean or be from anything. No necessarily bombs. This further proves only that CT will use anything and label it as evidence. Doesn’t matter how credible. If it supports your conclusion go ahead and use it. For the record I am not on either side of this thing. Just making a point that you do not jump to conclusions or make assumptions without having irrefutable evidence. Also to stop calling everything under the sun “evidence.” That is the problem even if you are right you are wrong on so much other shit that your credibility is completely shot. That ia why you have to be careful when discussing CT

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  • Dean D.

    A picture is worth a thousand words. And we needed a PICTURE to explain the THREE sections. The offset elevators.You can CLEARLY see with your own lying eyes that these divides would NEVER allow fuel past the first or second sections, and it would cause the fuel to pool and flash SOONER. As the evidence shows. I do believe I found the needle that may crack the first ballon. See for yourself. WTC Sunset: http://youtu.be/cVeP5jgw3WE

  • best349

    bombs don’t explode downwards they explode outwards funny how the damage around the twin towers was very limited if they were bombs the damage around would have had windows out for miles which didn’t happen

    • I looked over your profile. You are a professional troll.

    • Garry Perkins

      Bombs can explode in any kind of way depending on how a person wants them to explode bombs can be made in any size so saying windows would have been broken for miles isn’t true and if a building does collapse you will see concrete/cement not no dust and plenty of people reported seeing bright flashes going off throughout the towers on different floor way below and above of where the planes went into and if you watch the videos from that day you will see it for yourself