Al-Qaeda Chief Calls For Attacks On US

The Telegraph is reporting that Ayman al-Zawahiri, the leader of al-Qaeda and many of the Syrian rebel forces, has called on followers to commit attacks inside the US to “bleed America economically”, in a speech marking the anniversary of the 9/11 strikes.

The reason why this is important is because of the recent information that has come to light which shows the US state has all sorts of disaster preparedness plans that have a completion date of October 1st of this year.  This announcement by Zawahiri seems to be part of some staged event the government is planning.

Al-Zawahiri, a native Egyptian, was implicated in the plot to assassinate the Egyptian president Anwar Sadat back in 1981, and later became Osama Bin Laden’s personal surgeon. I’m convinced this guy has been a CIA stooge since the late 70s.  He was affiliated with the Egyptian Islamic Jihad back in the 80s, and eventually became the leader of the organization itself.  The organization has since merged with al-Qaeda.

The EIJ was responsible for the assassination of Sadat.  At the time of the Sadat assassination, the EIJ was lead by Abbud al-Zumar, a former Egyptian military intelligence officer. Anyone notice its always the intel guys who seem to be behind these assassinations?

Both al-Zawahiri and al-Zumar were captured and held in an Egyptian prison for the assassination, and then later released.  How often to do governments release known assassins?  That would be like the US releasing Lee Harvey Oswald.  These guys were let go because they are connected to the American intelligence community.

The EIJ went on to participate in Soviet-Afghan conflict, which means they must have had close ties to the American CIA, which funded, trained and armed the mujaheddin.  Wiki notes that the Egyptians “formed a barrier” around bin Laden and “whenever he [Essam Deraz, bin Laden’s first biographer] tried to speak confidentially to bin Laden, the Egyptians would surround the Saudi and drag him into another room.”   So bin Laden, who was the leader of the Afghan mujaheddin, had his personal security managed by these Egyptians.

Today, the CIA is openly arming al-Qaeda once again, this time to overthrow the Assad regime.  President Obama recently waived restrictions on providing arms to this terrorist group.  In fact, when you put all the pieces together, it almost looks like al-Zawahiri has been running the “terrorist” show for all the groups for the past 40 years.  Al-Zawahiri was the leader of the EIJ, and is now the leader of al-Qaeda, and given the way the Egyptians treated bin Laden, it’s likely al-Zawahiri was running al-Qaeda during the Soviet-Afghan conflict too.  It wouldn’t surprise me to learn that bin Laden was just a figurehead.  Like a movie producer is to a movie director, with bin Laden being the producer while al-Zawahiri actually ran the show.

Do you think the CIA would openly be arming al-Qaeda if the leader of al-Qaeda wasn’t on board with the CIA’s plans?  Hell no.  This guy al-Zawahiri has been an  undercover CIA plant forever, so when he comes out saying that an attack is going to take place, you can bet a false flag is just around the corner.

Without “terrorists,” there is no need for a massive intelligence organization or military.  The “terrorists” serve two functions. One is to keep the public in perpetual fear, so the NSA/CIA/FBI/DoD/Military Industrial Complex don’t lose all of their funding due to peace. And another is to overthrow regimes that pose a threat to the petrodollar.

Al-Qaeda is a creation of the CIA that was born out of the Soviet-Afghan conflict. They are a tool used by American intelligence agencies to get foreign states to do their bidding. They are also useful for blaming false-flags on. The CIA can’t go around blowing up World Trade Centers if there is no one to blame the attack on. The WTC attack was used to get us into Iraq and Afghanistan.

Similarly, you can bet a new false flag will be used to get us into Syria and Iran. Iran is the biggest threat because they are selling oil outside of the dollar system. This undermines the US ability to continue with its money printing.