Obamacare’s ‘Cool Calculator’ And The ‘Wedding Tax’

Pajama’s Media discusses the tidal wave of divorces that Obamacare will unleash, along with several disincentives to work that are packed in.

…Let’s look at the situation of a 40-year-old couple with two children. The spouses’ annual earnings are $70,000 and $23,000, respectively:

The couple’s annual unsubsidized premium while married is $11,547… But if they divorce and shack up while giving custody of both children to the lower-earning spouse, their combined annual premiums, at $4,317, will be over $7,200 lower. That’s over $600 a month. As was the case in the previous example, the savings from divorce will gradually increase every year. Parents will be torn between doing what Western civilization has considered morally right for millennia and their children’s financial well-being as never before.

The article also talks about taking a $10,000 a year additional premium hit for middle-aged single people and married couples making as little as $45,960 and $62,040.  If they make one dollar more than that per year, they owe $10,000 more in premiums.

Obviously that means people would be retarded to take a promotion that was from $62,040 to <72,000 per year.  And even then, promotions typically come with more responsibility.  So why would anyone volunteer for 10 grand in extra pay and more responsibility if that 10 grand is immediately negated by higher healthcare premiums?  Obviously they wouldn’t.  It’s not worth all the extra effort for no additional take-home pay.

Totally insane.

  • Tom

    Dare I be the first to say this? Laws have become so insane that only the insane would obey the laws. People everywhere are being forced into the underground economy – cash, silver, bitcoins, whatever. People will simply strive to survive.

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  • Christian

    The people that passed this law and are arguing to fund it are EXEMPT from it.