Brazilian Firm Goes To Market With Free Energy Generator Capable of Powering Two Average Size Houses

I haven’t heard anything about the Brazilian guys in years, so I assume it’s a scam.  I’ve removed the article and replaced it with an overview of a much more legitimate company that’s set to change the world.  For those who would like to link to this article, please do so from here.

Being alive at the end of the twentieth century here on planet Insanity has afforded us a few special privileges in the observance of human history.  We’ve seen the birth of the microprocessor, the creation of the internet, and other technological marvels that have vastly improved the quality of the human condition for billions of people.

Unfortunately, even with all of our modern technological advancements, there’s still a huge number of people living in extreme poverty.  Most of the poverty can be directly linked to a lack of cheap and abundant energy.  According to the IEA, “Modern energy services are crucial to human well-being and to a country’s economic development; and yet globally 1.2 billion people are without access to electricity and more than 2.7 billion people are without clean cooking facilities. More than 95% of these people are either in sub-Saharan African or developing Asia, and around 80% are in rural areas.”

Even in many places with access to power, it’s not cheap enough or abundant enough to lift the population above the poverty line.  Access to energy is the defining limit on the ability of any given population to pull itself out of poverty by increasing its productive capacity.

All real wealth comes from the ground.  Wealth starts as raw materials that are transformed by human intervention into usable goods that improve the quality of the human condition.  Extracting and transforming resources from the planet takes a tremendous amount of energy.  The cheaper and more abundant the energy resources at our disposal, the cheaper and easier it is to extract and transform resources; which ultimately means cheaper and more abundant goods and services for all of humanity.

For most of human history, the energy to transform resources has come from our own manual labor, the leverage of simple manual tools, and of course – fire.  Even today, we live in what could still broadly be categorized as the combustion age.  We use combustion to produce the vast majority of energy on the planet, and it’s still by far the cheapest means of producing energy yet available to man.  We burn coal and oil to power our homes and factories, we burn gasoline to power our cars and planes, we burn crude oil to power our tankers and shipping; it’s all a big bloody burning mess.

Numerous wars and insurrections have been fought over the control of energy resources, and all the while, the power grid acts as a control grid that forces massive swaths of people to herd together into compact concrete jungles.  The human condition on planet Insanity is so intimately linked with the production of power that we use the same word to describe everything from politics to finance to the performance of an engine – Power.

Imagine what the planet would look like if every person had access to a compact generator that was capable of providing enough energy to power a small factory, while requiring no fuel, producing no pollution, requiring virtually no maintenance for decades, and being portable enough to fit in a small vehicle.  It’s hard to fathom because the potential for invention and mobility becomes nearly limitless.  People could live comfortably in the middle of the ocean or in the middle of the Alaskan wilderness, it wouldn’t make a bit of difference.  Homes could be flying recreational vehicles that never have to land.  Cars could be airplanes and airplanes could be transformed into space vehicles.  With such an invention, we could even colonize the inner planets of the solar system.

With such an invention, the power grid becomes obsolete.  Humans become untethered to the entire utility grid, water and sewage included.  Water could be pulled from the air or desalinated from the oceans.  Trash and sewage could be incinerated on demand.  Unlimited personal power brings with it virtually limitless potential.  Unlimited personal power brings with it virtually limitless freedom.

I’m telling you now that such an invention exists, and in the next year or so, it’s going to change the face of humanity forever.

millsDr. Randell L. Mills, a Harvard trained medical doctor, who developed this generator and the physical theory behind it, will be remembered throughout the remainder of human history as the single greatest being to ever have lived.  A billion trillion years from now, people will still be discussing his theories and his invention.  Mills invention is no less transformative than the discovery of fire.  It’s a far greater achievement than the combustion engine or the telephone.

In one fell swoop, Mills will have overturned the standing theories of physics, dismantled the power grid, put an end to virtually all air pollution, put an end to poverty, put an end to wars over energy resources, opened up the entire planet to human habitation, put a serious dent in the ability of politics to control people, and saved limitless lives in the future due to a lack of power.

To be alive at the same time as Mills is a cosmic treat. The man is a living legend that has yet to be recognized. Like all great transformative scientists before him, academia has viciously attacked him, his theories and his company, on both a personal and professional level. Mills is truly the modern day Galileo.  Like Mills, Galileo was viciously attacked by academia for his ideas, even though they are basis for all modern science today, to the point where he spent the last days of his life under house arrest for scientific heresy.

Here’s what mainstream science has had to say about Mills and his work.  I feel compelled to copy and paste this here for posterity, because once Mills’ generator hits the market, these comments are sure to be flushed down the memory hole.  Brilliant Light Power (formerly Black Light Power) is the name of Mills’ company that’s producing the generator and doing the research.  The following is taken from Brilliant Light Power’s wiki page, which Brilliant Light obviously has no control over (think about that for a minute, a company that’s prohibited from editing it’s own wiki page highlights just how terrified academics are of Mills and his theories):

Robert L. Park

Since 1999 Robert L. Park, emeritus professor of physics at the University of Maryland and a notable skeptic, has been particularly critical of BLP. In 2008 Park wrote:

“BlackLight Power (BLP), founded 17 years ago as HydroCatalysis, announced last week that the company had successfully tested a prototype power system that would generate 50 KW of thermal power. BLP anticipates delivery of the new power system in 12 to 18 months. The BLP process,[35]discovered by Randy Mills, is said to coax hydrogen atoms into a “state below the ground state”, called the “hydrino.” There is no independent scientific confirmation of the hydrino, and BLP has a patent problem. So they have nothing to sell but bull shit. The company is therefore dependent on investors with deep pockets and shallow brains.” – Park[36]

Steven Chu

In 1999, Steven Chu, Nobel Laureate in Physics in 1997, said “it’s extremely unlikely that this is real, and I feel sorry for the funders, the people who are backing this”.[7]

Phillip Anderson

In 1999, Princeton University’s physics Nobel laureate Phillip Anderson said of it, “If you could fuck around with the hydrogen atom, you could fuck around with the energy process in the sun. You could fuck around with life itself.” “Everything we know about everything would be a bunch of nonsense. That’s why I’m so sure that it’s a fraud.”[6]

Wolfgang Ketterle

Wolfgang Ketterle, a professor of physics at MIT, said BLP’s claims are “nonsense” and that “there is no state of hydrogen lower than the ground state”.[8]

Michio Kaku

Michio Kaku, a theoretical physicist based at City University of New York, adds that “the only law that this business with Mills is proving is that a fool and his money are easily parted.”[6] and that “There’s a sucker born every minute.”[7]

Peter Zimmerman

While Peter Zimmerman was chief arms-control scientist at the State Department, he stated that his department and the Patent Office “have fought back with success” against “pseudoscientists” and he railed against, among other things, the inventors of “hydrinos.”[37]

Forbes attacked him, saying, “This case has many things in common with other failed new energy technologies, including a charismatic leader who generates lots of press, claims of academic validation and criticism of expert skepticism, ample fundraising, and frequent reports of interest from potential buyers. What you don’t find are actual ongoing operation of a power plant outside of demonstration models controlled by the promoter.”

The IEEE attacked him, calling him a loser.  And of course, countless internet trolls have attacked him and his company over all the scientific forums scattered across the internet.  People have been banned simply for posting about Mills and his theories on sites like and the Reddit science boards.  You can’t even discuss his theories on the major science forums without risking an immediate ban.

Academics typically don’t even bother commenting on theories that have no scientific merit, so when you see this level of vitriol over Mills’ theories, it stands to reason it’s being driven by fear, not by a genuine motivation to seek the truth.

I’ve stated numerous times on this site over the past decade that modern physics is fundamentally flawed.  It is not tied to reality.  Mills theory takes physics back to its roots.  It does away with all the imaginary particles and nonsense that make up the basis of quantum mechanics.  Mills theory is based on closed form classical physics, which treats the electron as singular entity that can be modeled and calculated in precise detail.  Mills theory allows for the precise calculation of molecular shapes and bond strengths, and will transform the way material sciences are conducted in the future.

Taking away all the imaginary particles and physics demystifies quantum mechanics.  With Mills’ theory, theoretical physicists are no longer needed, and their positions as the high priests of science are directly threatened.  It’s little wonder they hate Mills so much.  Eventually the theoretical people will be shunted to the side like most religions have been today. Make no mistake, theoretical physics is a religion, not a science. It’s incredibly hard to change people’s’ religious view points since they aren’t based on evidence or logical reasoning.

To put Mills work in perspective, the Tokamak ITER fusion reactor has had 14 billion dollars of public funding thrown at it with no results to show for it. Further, to quote wiki, “the ITER is not designed to produce electricity, but made as a proof of concept reactor for the later DEMO project.” So 14 billion just to build a proof-of-concept.

Mills has taken less than 100 million of private investment capital over less time than the ITER to go from theory, to concept, to design, and now on to actual power production, with less than a tenth of the resources.  Further, the ITER will obviously be abandoned after Mills generator goes into production, resulting in 14 billion dollars of public money being flushed down the toilet to feed the pocket books of academics and state contractors.  The academics and contractors are the real scam artists in this melodrama.  Perhaps that’s another reason they attack Mills with such ferocity, they are having a bit of Freudian projection going on within themselves.

So let’s talk a little bit about the generator itself. In simple terms, it works by reacting a very tiny amount of hydrogen with a silver catalyst and then exposing that reaction to an electrical discharge. When the hydrogen, silver and electrical discharge combine, the hydrogen atoms shrink, releasing a tremendous amount of energy in the process. Using Mills process, a gallon of water has the same energy potential of around 2000 gallons of gasoline. The amount of hydrogen needed is so small that the generator can pull the hydrogen it needs from water in the surrounding air. This enormous release of energy is then used to basically form the filament of a metal light bulb.

The metal light bulb glows so brightly that it reaches the equivalent brightness of over 2000 suns, with the potential to go even higher in the future.  The light bulb is surrounded by an array of special solar cells called concentrator solar cells that are able to harness the energy from this enormously bright light source.  These special solar cells already exist and are in use in solar farms around the world today.

Mills is projecting his initial generators to produce around 150 kw of power, with the potential for much higher amounts in the future, and the ability to chain multiple units together to provide huge amounts of power.  He projects around 600 or so dollars per unit in materials costs to produce the unit, with the unit weighing far less than a conventional gasoline engine at around the same size.  He also says production of the units can be scaled up to near infinite capacity, allowing a tremendous number of these units to be produced for next to nothing, using the same format as current LED production uses today.

Mills already has the “light bulb” portion of this generator fully prototyped and working.  Obviously that’s the hard part since the rest of the parts for the generator already exist from off-the-shelf suppliers.  Mills is projecting production units to be ready for delivery by the second half of 2017, with a fully prototyped working generator ready for field testing by the first half of 2017.  Once Mills rolls out that first generator, be prepared for a monumental media shit storm to hit the public.

You can read the latest press release from Brilliant Light Power here, and watch the “light bulb” in action below.

I’ve been following BLP closely for nearly a decade now.  I’m convinced Mills is the real deal.  Contrary to what Forbes claims, numerous independent labs have verified his claims.  He’s obtained funding from some of the wealthiest people on the planet, and he’s got a highly skilled team of engineers backing him.  He doesn’t need any more investment capital so he’s got no reason to lie.  Several university labs and independent investigators have replicated and validated Mills work:

At this point, it doesn’t matter what anyone may say about him.  He’s going to market, and he’s going to change the world.

If you’d like to learn more about the backstory to Mills incredible scientific achievement, a book on the subject was recently released by one of his former employees.

Update 10/28/16:

Pretty crazy update from BLP today.

They refactored the Sun Cell to use dual liquid silver metal injectors for the electrodes, which solved the problem of the reaction being so strong that it was blowing holes through solid tungsten electrodes in just a few seconds.

What’s pretty crazy is they are reporting that they can actually shut the power off to the electrodes and the EM pump; yet the reaction will continue in a self-sustaining manner. You can actually see this take place in the video.

BLP states, “It is predicted that with sufficient silver vapor pressure, the power will persist by a self-sustaining hydrino reaction. Moreover, as designed, when the cell is operated as a silver boiler, the EM pump power may be terminated as well such that the parasitic load is zero except for the power consumed in electrolysis of water to provide the hydrogen fuel. In fact, the power did persist at the same level for long duration after the ignition power was terminated (See sections of the run indicated by the ignition-off video captions).”

Here’s a look at the reactor:

capture picture1

Update 11/2/2016

I just read through the latest BrLP presentation event notes and found their current planned development and production timeline. They are projecting the commercial units to produce 100 kW of power.

BrLP has contracted with Columbia Tech to have them do the prototype and manufacturing workups. CT’s Chief Technology Officer is projecting initial field testing of prototype units to take place in 6 months, with pilot commercial units available 6 months after initial field testing completes. Phase 1A design began on November 1st.

Masimo Semiconductor is responsible for creating the commercial photovoltaic converter comprising a denser receiver array of concentrator multijunction photovoltaic cells that will wrap around the black-body light source. Masimo’s Head of Business Development is projecting the photovoltaic array to be ready for the prototype field tests on time.

Looking at the slide notes from Masimo, they are projecting 15.5kW output for the first prototype, and 28.5kW for the second prototype.

Here’s Masimo’s published timeline:

-Week 1: July 27, 2016…. Masimo Semi currently under TPV Cell contract and drawings
-Week 10: Oct 19, 2016…..Masimo Semi currently under gDRA prototype development contract
-Week 14: Nov 4, 2016…..1-Junction Cells on GaAs & InP complete
-Week 16: Nov 18, 2016….gDRA Prototype 3-D model complete
-Week 24: Jan 13, 2017….gDRA Prototype (1-J) Single TRU complete
-Week 28: Feb 17, 2017…. 2-Junction Cells on GaAs or InP complete (requires contract)
-Week 40: May 7, 2017….gDRA Prototype (2-Junction Cells) complete (requires contract)

So looking at the notes, Jan 13, 2017 is a big day because that’s the day the first geodesic Dense Receiver Array will be completed (gDRA). The gDRA is the photovoltaic dome that wraps around the black body light source. Once that’s done, we could see a self-sustaining prototype generator produce power for the first time not too long after that. So perhaps a fully working prototype will be wheeled out for a public demo sometime near the end of January or in February.

Update 11/4/2016

Brilliant Light Power (BrLP) released video of their October 26th Industry Day, which I just discussed above.

Video 1: Colin Bannon, Chief Technology Officer for British Telecommunications, discusses BT’s energy usage and their desire for a clean source of power. [BT is an absolutely massive telecom corporation, with a market cap of around 36 billion.  They are about half the size of Time Warner to put them in perspective.]

Video 2: Kert Davies, Executive Director of, discusses energy production and global warming (feel free to skip this one.)

Video 3: Dr. Randell Mills gives a complete overview of how the SunCell works and the latest test data.

Video 4: Dr. Peter Jansson of Bucknell University speaks on the independent validation of the SunCell system.

Video 5: John DeCarlo of Columbia Tech discusses how their applied engineering team is working with BrLP on the prototype of the reactor assembly, as well as helping plan for mass production.

Video 6: Brad Siskavich of Masimo Semiconductor discusses their work on the photovoltaic cells that will produce power from the SunCell reactor.  This is a pretty interesting lecture that’s worth watching.  He’s projecting they shouldn’t have too much trouble obtaining a 100 kWs from the SunCell in the future, while their initial prototypes will produce around 10 to 30 kWs.

Video 7: BrLP’s Dominic Jones discusses their long term market strategy.

I’ve also closed the comments in this post.  Please comment in this post here.

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    Why you can’t comment on video? Probably some expert could debunk that scam.

    • Since they are selling the unit, expert opinion doesn’t matter. We will find out if it is a scam or not the minute someone buys a system and installs it.

      They aren’t looking for investors, they are looking for customers. Apparently the Brazilian government is satisfied with their claims. They granted the patent and the inventors said the government has been helpful bringing the invention to market.

      • David Rice

        “Since they are selling the unit…”

        No, they are not. The criminals are trying to see what they call “dealerships:” victims will pay for the honor of believing they will some day sell these devices. It’s the old Dennis Lee scam. The devices cannot exist, cannot be built, and thus cannot be sold.

      • India Crep

        That’s not the way these frauds work, dipshit. These crooks sell their frauds to dimwitted rubes and then disappear. The “Brazilian government” is not “satisfied” with the fraud, they just signed off on the fraudulent claims just like every other overworked governmental charter everywhere else in the third world country.

        Only the dumbest shitting Republican cunt falls for these frauds.

      • Joe Viocoe

        No, if it is a scam..

        you will NOT HEAR ANYTHING.

        Scams like these are a dime a dozen… and they only fade into silence.

        These guys may not be publicly searching for investors… but that is because that is part of the scam.

        To act humble, rational, and patient, they try to gain credibility saying, “they aren’t asking for money”.

        But in reality.. .it is part of the con game.
        They refuse the little fish, gaining credibility while they stall… and eventually a big fish with a heavy wallet and lite on the brains offers them enough to make the whole scam worth it. Then they make some excuse and disappear.

        2 years later… silence.

        • DannyDan

          I share your thoughts. The investors feel shamed that they got scammed and don’t want to admit their ignorance. The scammers disappear so they don’t get sued. Conspiracy theorists then blame the disappearance on energy companies killing the inventors of the con. If any of these so called inventors have been killed, it has been by a hitman hired by an investor that lost their ass, not an energy company.

    • expert? don’t need no stinkin expert.
      the description says over-unity. That’s a Portuguese term for bullshit scam. Oh wait, it also means that in English.

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        It’s always you smart people that lead others toward the light… maybe you should try leaving your cave instead? Then you won’t have to be looking for the light in the first place.

        • actually I want to sell you an over unity box. It ships from mexico and it has blinking lights on it. You said I’m smart, so you know it works. Tesla autographs each one also.

          • Jeff Smithson

            Why do people who have never remotely had anything to do with the unit whatsoever suddenly become such experts that they can call it a scam.
            I think its about time that charges were laid against such people unless they can supply proof of their claims that this is a scam, as this is just a false representation.

          • Luke Prior

            “People who say it cannot be done should not interrupt those who are doing it.” – George Bernard Shaw

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            People who say it can not be done understand simple physics, ya fucking Republican idiot.

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            It’s a fraud, ya fucking moron, because physics debunked this fraud literally centuries ago. Dipshit.

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            Because of the laws of thermodynamics.

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            The Second Law of thermodynamics is in error.

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            Oh it is is it! You’ll need more than that. Last time I looked it still applied. You talk nonsense.

          • MaximRice

            To begin — start with the 90 minute refutation of the Second Law of Thermodynamics by Dr. Daniel Sheehan (DVD “Part 8, Energy from the Vacuum science series, Challenging the 2nd Law of thermodynamics.”, Energetic Productions LLC). More if you are still interested. Thanks. –M

          • Tom Ritchford

            You might want to learn what the Second Law of Thermodynamics actually is – because this device is an over-unity machine, which means it would break the *First* Law of Thermodynamics.

          • MaximRice

            So Tom — What do you think of Dr. Sheehan’s extensive arguments? Do you see the relationship between the First and Second Law?

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            I see your another wanker who views science the same way some stupid priest views his religion. Sorry mate.. time to let go of your comfort blanket.

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            As always, some amateur thinks he knows better after working in his back shed for a few hours!! Think before you utter shite.

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            It’s up to the people claiming to produce miracles to prove that hundreds of years and hundreds of thousands of scientists are wrong, and they are right.

          • MaximRice

            And Tom — Yes, but if you are unwilling to look at the evidence, then we can have no discussion. And we’re stuck with the old view of things (which frankly I think is where most Libertarians are at, IMHO).

          • MaximRice
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            For many years the ‘scientific consensus’ was that the Earth was flat! For many more years the ‘scientific consensus’ was that the Sun revolved around the Earth! People who were brave enough to challenge the ‘scientific consensus’ were ridiculed and persecuted! Open your mind to the facts that ‘scientists’ are not always right and we as a species don’t know everything. Discoveries are being made all the time, some of these will challenge our current understanding of the universe. Don’t go full retard and dismiss/mock/ridicule what you don’t currently understand.

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            It was never scientific consensus that the earth was flat. By the time what we call science actually existed, it had been known for over a thousand years that the earth was not flat.

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            If you have an open mind and truly want to know the truth then you will watch this video completely–We often believe what is considered as “science” because we were taught to believe it, question what you haven’t seen real proof of the truth is right in front of you—miles squared times 8 inches is the curve of the Earth. Or is it?

          • smarterthanyou.

            Mate your a wanker. Proof is in the pudding not the recipe and it really is as simple as that. If it works then more questions are raised.. and simply repeating answers or ‘laws’ that dont appear to apply proves nothing other than further investigation is needed. If I were out to scam people I dont think I would claim something so fundamentally against mainstream thinking..Note the word ‘appear’ There will be a logical if currently unknown reason why this works.

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            Um… you are asking for proof from the people who are asking for proof?

            You are falling for the classic blunder. Demanding that someone “prove a negative”.

            You don’t have to be an “expert” to know this is a scam… just be smarter than the gullible folks who say, “prove this is a scam”, instead of asking the scammers to prove the device works.

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        You are of course correct. It’s an “investment” scam. Victims buy “dealerships” which they believe will give them exclusive rights to sell the imaginary devices.

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        sorry, i work in that field and there are untold numbers of people who have produced overunity for a lot of years. videos, photos, tesla himself, there is too mujch to ignore. doesnt matter in the least your opinion, because the rest of us will be doing just this IF left alive.

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        Actually Tesla wasn’t free energy… free transmitted energy… he wished to be able to transmit energy without copper cables. You had to put in energy at point A to get Energy at Point B… Edison however had a lot of copper wire making friends who would have been out of buisness if Tesla could just transmit electricity wirelessly…

        Also there are a few theories that atmospheric and more importantly near atmospheric (Edge of space) nuclear testing destroyed/displaced several magnetic fields that were reliant on Teslas method of energy transfer. You’d set up a resonance between two magnetic fields at a certain altitude and be able to ‘absorb’ this resonance at a different point.

        • -Matthew ☺ Carr-

          I’m talking about transmission over HUGE distances like over sea, It is possible to do this a a local scale presently as shown with phone charger cases using induction and some farms using the method as well for remote irrigation. (Very wasteful though)

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            ELF and VELF frequencies will cover long distances. The Ionosphere is also a great tool for transmitting.

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          The guy that actually paid/invested in nikola tesla, found out what he was doing and stopped him, because he made most of his money from guess what?, thats right Copper wire….It’s all about the money.

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            That would be J Pierrepoint Morgan, the richest man in America? Yes, he had invested in copper production, but he owned shares in pretty much everything. The fact that he withdrew his funding might have had slightly more to do with the fact that Tesla had spent hundreds of thousands of investment dollars without anything to show for it.

        • TheLight

          Tesla did succeed in harnessing free energy. In one experiment, where he accidentally knocked the local electric grid offline, he was bouncing an electric charge through the center of the earth and back to his laboratory. Each time when the charge returned it was stronger than when it left, which shouldn’t have been possible owing to resistance. The charge got stronger and stronger until it could no longer be contained and leaked out into the power grid taking it down, much to the consternation of the local power company and the police. Where did all the additional electricity come from unless he was unknowingly tapping into electricity generated by the Earth itself? If the Earth itself is generating electricity, (and we know that it is because it has a magnetic field and magnetism and electricity are closely related) then isn’t that free energy?

          • -Matthew ☺ Carr-

            I thought that was more of a transformer effect, stepping up the power.

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          • free energy is great. a scam using the name of free energy is still a scam. you wishing it weren’t a scam doesn’t change what it is.

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            but i hear you and yes – 100%.

          • Steve

            i agree with you and yes there are many OU devices. AND the time is near for the process to begin. HOWEVER and I am just thinking from a 60 yr old point of view. It is my opinion that if a FE device were to be available to everyone it would throw a wrench into the economy of many nations – yes the Bankers would suffer and they have trillions now so they won’t go hungry, but its the workers and the stores (and workers there) that they support by spending their dollars will be affected. Probably in the neighborhood of 30 million people after all is said and done. Some will be bothered more than others. SO what do you do about the millions you put out of work overnight? Retrain them in a month? This HAS to be done – but it has to be brought in slowly over a specific period like 10 yrs or 15. AND it is. In Japan they have Hydrogen generators for the house. 30% savings. (which is dictated by the Bankers) perhaps in 3 yrs time it will be 50%. 10 yrs 75% and in 15 yrs 100%.

            YOu are aware H on demand is a reality. It doesn’t need to be stored in tanks….that’s a joke. A feeble attempt of the oil companies to lure the public into a H gas station and “fill er up” – hahahahhaha better to turn the key and you produce H – turn off the key and it stops. We can do that now.
            Anyway the point is you cant turn over the tables in 1 month. You need to do it 1 table at a time allowing for a reshuffle of the workers. We can wait 10 more years and give more money to the banks….for the sake of the affected people. Just my opinion and I could be wrong….but I am not.

          • Michael

            Steve its called evolution. We take people barely surviving on their paychecks and put them to work building these new devices. At the same time they aren’t paying for to power their homes or car saving them big time. Yes we take control back and level the playing field and billions of people have access to energy, spend more time with their families and have more time to think and plan for their future…a win win for the masses.

          • mick wright

            no that would make it scat not scam

          • Tom Ritchford

            There’s an adult refutation for you!

      • Tom Ritchford

        I have one word for you: “Sucker”!

        I have another one too – “ignorant” – Tesla never claimed generate free power.

    • David Rice

      The scan has already been debunked, and literally centuries ago.

    • India Crep

      Anybody with a background in simple physics can debunk this fraud. It’s being sold by Republicans to dipshit dimwitted Republicans.

      • Luke Prior

        stop trying to scare people with your Crass language and a poor excuse for political debate, there is more than enough energy in this world for everyone, this argument goes beyond the greed of your masters…

  • Pingback: Brazilian Firm Goes To Market With Free Energy Generator Capable of Powering Two Average Size Houses | Lightsigns()

  • moto perpetuo

    These devices are two a penny on the internet, they never work and they usually display a variety of common features, most of which are present in this case.

    There’s the meaningless pseudoscience waffle in the explanation of how the device works. In this case they claim a phenomenon entirely unknown to science (‘free space electrons’ or ‘free earth electrons’). This appears to be a garbled version of the Casimir effect, but written by somebody who doesn’t understand what it is or how it works. The idea of ‘free’ electrons in space is not ludicrous (they’re beta particles, after all) but you’re never going to extract more than picowatts from that source.

    The award of a patent is literally meaningless – it’s a protection of intellectual property, nothing more, and it’s not even necessary to prove a device works in order to obtain one. There are hundreds of US patents relating to the Casimir effect or methods of obtaining energy from quantum effects. Number of viable devices produced using these patented technologies? Zero.

    The fact that the generator needs an external power source should set up a big red flag in your mind. Think this through for a minute. It it’s producing more power than is input, why not use a small proportion of the output to power the input? This is the big problem for ‘perpetual motion’ devices of this kind: if it’s not self-sustaining, something’s wrong. Inventors commonly claim that the device produces a sort of electricity that isn’t suitable (for instance, ‘pulsed’ DC) for running it, but this is ridiculous: either it’s producing electrical power or it isn’t.

    The effects shown in the video are easy to reproduce by any electrical engineer with a bit of knowledge – there are various tricks you can use to produce the appearance of an increase in output power, such as playing around with power factors.

    I’ve seen a dozen devices like this ‘announced’ online. They’re usually hoaxes or scams. The fact that they are limiting sales to such a small geographical area is dubious. Would you be doing that if you had invented a wonderful new technology? If this device a) works; b) goes on general sale, I will buy a hat and eat it, and post the evidence on Youtube.

    • Nice pessimism.

      • moto perpetuo

        No, realism. The history of this subject is littered with companies that took orders (and money) and didn’t deliver the goods, companies that took investor cash and folded, and companies that performed highly stage managed public ‘demonstrations’ but refused to submit their devices to independent scrutiny. I know a bit about the science, and the sort of claims being made for this device, both in terms of its performance and mechanism of operation, are not even slightly credible.

        • I guess we will find out. I’m looking forward to you eating a hat on YouTube.

          • moto perpetuo

            *googles chocolate-flavored hats*

          • I found a third party video of the device being used by an industrial facility. Obviously it’s not concrete proof, but if this is a hoax, it’s a pretty damn elaborate one.

          • moto perpetuo

            It’s a video of a metal box in a factory. It adds nothing. Again, there are plenty of other examples on youtube of videos purporting to show free energy devices at work in an industrial setting. None of them has any evidential value.

          • Yeah, I knew you would say that, but in fact it does add something.

            First, we know that some guy who owns a machine shop must have allowed these guys to install the box there.

            Now, he either bought the box and likes what it does, or he’s part of their hoax. There are only two possibilities here.

            How many machine shop owners are going to willingly agree to let people conduct a hoax like this on their property, right next to their industrial equipment? Would you?

          • moto perpetuo

            You say it’s ‘obviously’ wired into the work area, but all that’s visible is a box with some winking lights.

            If we accept the hypothesis that it’s actually wired in, it is quite possible – I concede – that the owner of the facility has bought it in good faith and believes it is doing something useful. As I said in an earlier comment, I or a suitably qualified electrical engineer could also install an impressive-looking box which, by doing some clever things with power factors, would look superficially as if it were multiplying the power it consumed. The factory owner would get a nasty shock when they looked at their bill from the power company after a few months, however…

          • Hey, I agree. I’m just saying that the video has some value beyond nothing. It’s not proof by any stretch of the imagination, but it does lend some credibility.

            Time will tell. I believe our present physical theories are inherently flawed because they are not unified at the macro and micro levels. And they are not able to account for known processes such as LENR, which NASA has now recognized as being a real phenomena.

            So clearly they are, at best, incomplete. There’s more going on here than meets the eye. It seems ridiculous to me that there is not some way of harnessing the electrical energy that pervades our atmosphere. Lightning comes from somewhere.

          • JHJ

            moto, you are trolling hard and yet reasonably. I am looking forward to getting on the net with a receipt for $5500 USD of wasted dollars and some pretty lights on metal boxes, or video of you eating a hat next to my pretty metal box.
            While certainly there are million devices, oils and tarot decks available, maybe they figured it out and it will work. or… If it is real these guys will turn up dead in a month.

          • All of that can be true, but doesn’t change this hoax into not one.

          • Carlo Baker

            I’ll rent you my machine shop for whatever purpose you have in mind for the cost of 100 bucks an hour.

          • Paul Sanders

            ummm, what kind of equipment would one have access to for $100.00 an hour?

          • Right, adding a box to a building suddenly makes scientific laws invalid. I do see your point sir.

          • Jack Mehoff

            There is one video on youtube where a guy actually does create overunity just using a flywheel he spins with a high flow water pump to generate enough power to run a light and the pump which pushes the flywheel connected to the generator. Once it starts, it powers itself. He does start it by plugging it in and then unplugs it. That one is how I’ve always thought it could be done but never bothered trying to set one up myself. But go check it out on youtube,

          • Brandon Kolybaba

            Kinda odd that that incandescent bulb didn’t get dim and just shut off like someone flipped a switch…

            Sadly I don’t think this is likely to be a contender to breaking the laws of conservation of energy anytime soon:

          • Lance Frizzell

            the humble fridge magnet breaks these laws every day….

          • Brandon Kolybaba

            No it actually doesn’t but without a base level of physics knowledge I can understand how difficult this could be to comprehend. In the same way a flashlight may seem like magic to children of Amazonian tribes people.

          • Lance Frizzell

            your wrong…it does. and I understand basic physics very well. If you put 3 or 4 bills under your fridge magnet and set it on your fridge it is performing work. It has no power source and does not move down provided you balance the amount of weight to energy output of the magnet. Your analogy of the flashlight is no comparison here. Most people have a fear of any discussion involving magnets as there are too many anomalies that contradict basic laws (theories) of physics.

          • Mike

            “work” involves applying a force over a distance, motion is required for work, the magnet is in fact, not expending any energy.

            In regard to the water pump setup, this isn’t creating any additional energy, it’s simply converting electrical energy from the house into mechanical energy (moving the water), which is then turned back in to electrical energy by the waterwheel/flywheel generator and used to power the lightbulb.

            If you set this up yourself and measured the amount of electricity you consumed, it would be more than the amount of electricity it would take to power just the bulb for the amount of time that it was powered by the water pump arrangement.

            Near the end of the video you can even see the device clearly slowing down, as it loses energy emitted by the bulb and that energy which is lost to dissipative forces like electrical resistance and friction.

          • Dave Cochrane

            Man, you’re not even capable of cracking the difference between “your” and “you’re” so don’t kid yourself that you can understand physics. It’s out of your league.

          • Lance Frizzell

            after many years on the net in forums and social media, one thing I have noticed very clearly is the fact that people who have no substance to their stance always resort to personal attack or pick out bad grammar and spelling…..good to see my bait still catches the fish…..

          • yes, because we’re claiming to break every law of energy conservation. yeah.

          • Stefan

            Ah, an insult to every dyslexic alive. Nice. Maybe you should take your foot off the elitist pedal?

          • Dave Cochrane

            Oh man, you’re too funny! Dyslexic! Elitist! Ironically, with your comment YOU insult dyslexics. I can tell Lance is not dyslexic: dyslexics are generally of at least normal intelligence, or higher. He is a moron. And please read what he wrote before you argue that point. Or maybe you too believe this idiocy:

            “Most people have a fear of any discussion involving magnets.”

            Only a simpleton would speak such nonsense and expect others to take them seriously. I mean, where do we start? Kindergarten, maybe?

            Oh, and the inability to learn the difference between “you’re” and “your” has nothing to do with dyslexia. Learn about the condition before spouting mock offence and over-simplifying a complex condition.

          • India Crep

            ROFL. No, ya fucking inbred Republican idiot, you have it all wrong. Moron. The magnetic field is losing strength, fucking idiot.

          • Lance Frizzell

            forget your meds today dude..and WTF has the magnetic field got to do with a magnet…????

          • BAhaha. troll.

          • Dave Cochrane

            NOTHING can break the laws of physics. That is what defines them as laws. If you believe a physical law has been broken, you haven’t understood the law.

          • yeah, seems entirely plausible. or something. because free energy.

          • Wang King

            Don’t be fooled, this is a fraud.

          • it’s an attention-whoring hoax. Just like the ten thousand ones that preceded it. It’s not even a new spin.

          • India Crep

            It’s obviously a hoax, ya frothing idiot.

          • what will you eat when shown a scam?
            but don’t worry about it, these scams are never proven to be such. You still have people claiming hydrogen powers their car these days. Idiots.

          • Andrzej

            I”m powering my car with HHO with any problems…. You idiot. Cheers from Poland, country which invented optic cables, blu-ray and now producing 1x1cm graphene for 30$.

          • India Crep

            Funny. Science has already “found out,” ya fucking idiot. These frauds don’t work because they can’t work. Idiot.

          • these guys will probably welcome you. probably.

        • abab

          good thing then that you “realisitc” cunts never did anything useful anyway. The only thing you know about the science is what someone else told you or what you have read, stupid twat.

        • reverb256

          The history of science is one of brilliant Humans discovering fundamental flaws in the way that reality is understood.

      • Tomcat

        I bet half the people that read this site believe the moon landing was a hoax, and yet would be so easy to accept this claim as fact.

      • right, we all need more faith to make scams work! don’t stop belieeeeeeeevin

      • David Rice

        Stating facts, supported by the laws of physics, is “pessimism?” LOL!

    • Jon Freeland Clayton
      • No, there is not.

        • Paul Sanders

          yes there is.

          • can’t cover what doesn’t exist.

          • Paul Sanders

            numerous United States Patents would disagree with you. So would Tesla and the Ancient Egyptians.

          • Thou dare invoke the name of Tesla. Begone thou blasphemer.

          • obibecker

            which ancient Egyptians had WHICH devices that produced electrical power? I call b.s. on that one. just using the words “ancient Egyptians” does not constitute”proof”.

          • Dave Cochrane

            Patent, schmatent. A patent doesn’t prove that a thing does what it claims, and it doesn’t pretend to. I could patent a design for a machine that converts shit into chocolate if I wanted to. By your logic you’d eat the product.
            In fact I’m going to market my latest variety now. Extra sweetcorn.

      • India Crep

        LOL. And a dozen dipshit stupid Republican morons fall for it every time.

    • Carlo Baker

      They aren’t “usually hoaxes or scams” they are ALWAYS scams. If this device were real they would have companies throwing billions at them over night. They would not be worried about selling in a local market.

      • Nate Atwell

        Incorrect, sir. As a member of the energy industry. Why would A company like Duke ever want to gewt their hands on a sustainable source of energy that doesn’t rely on their business model of manufactured scarcity? They don’t want sustainability, they want necessity. Although, I COULD see someone buying this just to lock it in a room. lol!

        • did you flash your energy industry membership badge?

          • daznez

            i’m just shooting in the dark here, but is it possible you think governments and big business are generally benign, if greedy and incompetent, entities?

        • Vbrad511

          You are correct. Many years ago I read a couple articles about a man who built an electric car engine that generated more juice than it used. It was called the “Jameson Energizer”, named after the guy who built it. He installed one in his shop truck and used it for deliveries, successfully, for months. Big oil swooped in, bought the patents from him, and the whole concept disappeared. This was back int the early 80’s.

          • dang you convinced me, take my money!

          • Dude 1000

            Watch more then 100 Hours of free energy supression documentars in Youtube, specially the 20 hours free energy supression from Panacea with more then 1.000 documented supressed patents for anything better than oil.

          • No.

          • patents by definition are published to give notice to the public that the claims are being made. Thus, these patents would be easy to obtain. so, patent numbers please.

          • moto perpetuo

            His name was Jamison, and his patent is easy to find on the internet. He made extravagant claims about how far he could drive without fuel (tens of thousands of miles) and also for the performance of the engine (more powerful than a Cadillac, apparently). Mysteriously, when he was interviewed by a journalist he was unable to show them the car running because he was experiencing ‘a few bugs’.

            There was never an independent test of his device, and even though schematics and descriptions of it (plus the original patent) are online, nobody has ever succeeded in building a copy. Strange, isn’t it?

            So, in summary: we have an inventor who claims a radical, world-changing innovation but never demonstrates it in public (although happy to talk to journalists), and an invention which nobody has ever managed to copy, despite the fact that the schematics are in the public realm. Not a very convincing case, all told.l

            By the way, can you substantiate your claim that ‘Big Oil’ bought the patents from him? Ten dollars says you can’t.

          • obibecker

            a couple of corrections: So, in summary: we have an inventor who claims a radical, world-changing innovation but never demonstrates it SUCCESSFULLY in public (although happy to talk to journalists), and an invention which nobody has ever managed to REPRODUCE, despite the fact that the schematics are in the public realm.

          • obibecker

            the concept could not have “disappeared” if there were patents. Go ahead, produce the engineering drawings.

          • List patent numbers here.

          • Dave Cochrane

            @Vbrad511 One word about this car that “generated more juice than it used”: BULLSHIT. Jesus, how gullible some people are, it’s scary.

          • Demongo

            Yeah that didn’t happen.

        • CoachMcGuirk

          Your Disqus profile links to your Facebook, and your Facebook says you do tattoos. Is being a “member of the energy industry” your second job?

        • Dave Cochrane

          Sorry Nate, bullshit. The energy industry would be DESPERATE for any invention that could give them free energy to sell to the rest of us. At the very least, they would buy the patent to ensure no one else can get their hands on it. Oh, but you admitted that in your last sentence. LOL my ass.

        • withcaution

          Ironic you calling Duke Energy the scammer and these crooks “the good guys”. God forbid I ever have a jury of “my peers”.

    • Lennon Kennedy Jr.

      Science is constantly reinventing itself. Old paradigms become obsolete all the time. Besides, the scientific community is well aware of “space electrons” aka. vacuum energy. Take quantum physics, in the early days “infinite energy” was regarded as a “problem”, so they got rid of it via a process known as renormalization. Of course you can’t trust wikepedia, but even it talks about it: You are either a “downer”, “pessimist”, or “know-it-all”.

      • Right, because some dude in brazil with a blinking light box must be legit. I mean, it can’t be any other way.

        • the golden child

          paintball barrel put a cork in it, me the casual browser of this thread is getting more than a little incensed at your flagrant cynicism and militant skepticism, what have you got to lose if it happens to be legitimate, like really, your inconsequential ego can quite simply be skutled as it presently serves no constructive purpose. good day sir.

          • Demongo

            I think Mr Barrel may be doing his utmost because he realizes that the world isn’t helped when so many people put their brains into neutral the second a new shiny is put in front of them.

            I’m sure you, golden child, are a true expert on one or more things and that if some people in a far-away land announced that EVERYTHING you knew was completely, laughably wrong to the very core and in every way. And you know they were full of it and probably on the make, you may have something to say on the matter.

    • Trutherator

      “The fact that the generator needs an external power source should set up
      a big red flag in your mind. Think this through for a minute. It it’s
      producing more power than is input, why not use a small proportion of
      the output to power the input?” <== You're talking about the internal combustion engine, which we all know has to get a spark in order to fire up, and then you get lots of "horsepower". Should spark off a red flag reading your comment. Go find Eugene Mallove's bio.

      • moto perpetuo

        You’re so wrong it’s funny. No I’m not talking about the internal combustion engine, which requires large amounts of chemical energy (gasoline) to work. I’m talking about ANY system which claims to generate more energy than it uses. If it’s running at overunity there is no rational explanation for the fact it needs an extremal power source, except that it’s a scam. Go find a basic physics book, you might learn something.

        • Trutherator

          Of course you weren’t talking about the “internal combustion engine”, but my comment was directed at this statement, and I quote (again)==> “”The fact that the generator needs an external power source should set up
          a big red flag in your mind. Think this through for a minute. It it’s producing more power than is input, why not use a small proportion of the output to power the input?” <== THAT should set off a "red flag" for the reader. The internal combustion engine requires an external power source to provide the energy to initiate the process. There were no claims in the article that this device violates E=mc2. Provide the quote if there was.

          • moto perpetuo

            You’re not getting any less wrong.

            The internal combustion engine only requires an external power source in the sense that a can of kerosene requires an external power source (a match) in order to ignite. Before the invention of the starter motor, all an automobile needed to start was some guy turning a crank for a few revs in order to get the motor turning over.

            It is important that that initial source of energy lasted only a few seconds – the car could then run for as long as there was gas in the tank. In other words, the ‘external power source’ consisted of a few joules for a few seconds at the start of the engine running. This device, on the other hand requires CONTINUOUS external power.

            That’s not where you end being wrong. The modern internal combustion engine has a battery, sure, but the energy in that battery comes from… the engine! It’s not even an ‘external’ power source: it’s continuously being charged while the motor is running. And all that energy comes from a tank of petrochemicals.

            What the article claims, which is obvious nonsense, is that while producing more electrical power than it receives, their supposedly ‘overunity’ device REQUIRES continuous input power in order to run. How does that work? It’s producing electricity, supposedly in large amounts. What is so special about this output electricity that it won’t run the device as an input? It’s laughable.

          • Trutherator

            Mutuo, I asked you for a quote that shows the device violates E=mc2 and
            instead you just repeated yourself more expansively and didactically.
            Whence the quote request.

            Here’s the relevant quote from the article (caps are mine):

            “The device requires a small amount of INITIAL input power to start some
            kind of sensor rolling, which then produces over-unity power.

            It says the external power source is needed INITIALLY to START it, and after that it produces “over-unity power”.

            The rest of that paragraph does lend itself to a bit of confusion, but
            it does not say that you have to get continual EXTERNAL power input:

            device looks small, which means it could be used for vehicular power, as
            well as residential power. They advertise it can be used in either
            roll, as well as an industrial power source. The site claims the input
            power needed to run it is around 2% of its output power.”

            That, also, can be interpreted to mean that it the 2% input needed comes
            from the output generated. The generator in an automobile powers both
            the running motor and loads to power to the batteries for the next
            initial start.

            I’m not saying the thing works, I’m not saying you’re wrong in your
            GUESS that it doesn’t work, what I am saying is that there is no premise
            and rule of logic to support a direct conclusion for the red flag,
            without knowing more about it.

            I also know that so-called “cold fusion” reactions, similar to the
            claims of Fleichmann and Pons earlier years, have been unfairly
            dismissed. Look up Eugene Mallove, who quit the MIT faculty in furious
            protest over their bald-faced lies about their own results.

          • moto perpetuo

            OK, fair enough. Two points:

            The passage you quote from the article on this website:

            “The device requires a small amount of INITIAL input power to start some
            kind of sensor rolling, which then produces over-unity power.”

            This is a misrepresentation of what the inventors actually claim: if you look at their website, the device requires CONTINUOUS power, not just for a brief initial period. They say that power from the local grid should be ample for most applications. Who’d have thought it?

            On this basis alone it is quite valid to conclude that there is something seriously wrong here. Or to put it another way: it’s a scam.

            Secondly, I never made any reference to E=mc2 (unless you can point to where I did?), so I’m not going to provide a quotation to substantiate a claim I never made.

          • Trutherator

            Okay, fair enough back at you on the quote challenge, but to reword it
            then, the intent was to evoke an actual quote from the article that
            claims what you said it claims and now repeat.

            This time you wrote, “if you look at their website, the device requires CONTINUOUS power, not
            just for a brief initial period. They say that power from the local
            grid should be ample for most applications.”

            Again, that is not a quote, this is your paraphrase. The closest thing
            to it that I can see that you might have thought implied that is, “The site claims the input power needed to run it is around 2% of its output power.” I searched the web page where the article appears for which these comments are made, and the word “continuous” only appears in the comments.

            Again, that quote that I pulled up does NOT say 2% of EXTERNAL power.
            Again, an internal combustion engines continues to require electrical
            input from the sparks but it is recharging the battery that provides

            Meantime I also went to their referenced URL “from the horses’ mouth”
            and I don’t speak Portuguese but I do speak Spanish almost like a native
            (“almost” because 20+ years in Miami has mutilated my
            south-of-the-border accent), and it is similar enough to know that the
            following quote (from there) literally means “self-feeding”, or
            self-input: “Sistema autoalimentado”.

            Which would seem to mean it gets its figurative “spark” from its own output.

            Honestly, I’m cynical about this particular device too, but also hopeful
            that some such device using the energy that Fleischmann and Pons
            discovered (according to positive results in labs all around the world)
            would yield results reliably stable and consistent enough to start
            getting its day in what’s left of a free market.

          • Demongo

            C’mon wake up this is a clear scam. Please buy our magic box, it generates all the power you need. You just need to have it permanently plugged in to your mains supply. We guarantee it will reduce your bills. Send the money here. Delivery in 6 months if the evil forces don’t stop us. Yes it’s a PO box.

          • Trutherator

            For your educational edification:

    • India Crep

      There are always dimwitted Republican idiots out there willing to buy these, always. These frauds prey upon the dumbest fucking morons out there.

    • numattix

      finally some intelligent input!

    • Ryan

      So is there a big battery in the sky that allows lighting to occur? Or is it a difference in potential and a short to ground? Electrons follow the path of least resistance. Imagine my surprise when I found out, as a young dude, that air is an insulator. There must be some high amperage to arc through that much insulation (as in lightning arcing from Earth to sky, a common occurrence on this planet).

      • moto perpetuo

        Air is an insulator, but ionized gases (commonly present in some quantity in the atmosphere) are good conductors. Thunderstorms entail massive currents (tens of thousands of amps at millions of volts), and ionized gas is always part of the conductance path through which the charge travels. But don’t get the owner of this site onto the subject of thunderbolts – he has some unusual views on the subject.

  • K

    I hope this is for real, but doesn’t it seem like they would be suppressed? The guys at the Starburst Foundation seem pretty admit that clever engineers stumble on this stuff occasionally, but are quickly crushed by the USA Gov. If you know any good ways to keep tabs on this, please let us know.

    • Well they were arrested for borrowing a couple of electrical meters that were given to them by a government employee, had their equipment taken, and were then ordered not to sell their products because they didn’t have government approval to sell them.

      So to me, that sounds like oppression. To my knowledge, they haven’t harmed anyone, yet the state is injecting itself into this situation, preventing them from doing business.

      • moto perpetuo

        Here’s where ‘free energy’ as a discipline descends from bad science to outright paranoia. Nobody seems to consider the fact that solar and wind power, not to mention half a dozen other renewables, also – if properly implemented – have the potential to topple oil from its supremacy. Now why haven’t they been ‘suppressed’?

        • Because cost per-kilowatt is higher than oil or coal, so they are not a threat to the establishment.

          The only thing the establishment fears is a source of energy that is virtually limitless with virtually zero production cost.

        • knifemare69

          Solar HAS been suppressed in Spain; the power utilities there got government SWAT teams to raid people who were selling their power back to the grid and impose a hardware tax on them. Nice try, though…

        • Eddy Rose

          What if you simply used one powerful fan to run a whole bunch of wind turbines restricted to a wind-tunnel wrapped around on itself? Would the fan be strong enough to power itself and a few dozen turbines once it got rolling?

          • No, the loss of power would be massive, not even close to 50% of the energy put in would make the round-trip. Air is inefficient and tuns power into heat and sound.

            Solar panels lose efficiency after a few years and take good location and subsidy to really be that positive. Wind farms are a joke most of the time with the service costs of the turbine & it’s bearings often outweighing the value of energy entirely!!! Water is our best bet, in terms of rivers, tides etc.

          • please tell me you’re trolling.

          • Econ 001

            Probably should use 1,000 20″ box fans with 125 linked power strips from Home Depot. Voila!

        • Daniel Vincent Kelley

          U.S. (Congress) puts tariffs on Chinese solar panels

          China tariffs could slam U.S. solar panel firms

        • Daniel Vincent Kelley

          Debunking pro-nuclear lobby’s lies about Germany’s renewable revolution

        • Daniel Vincent Kelley
        • Daniel Vincent Kelley

          You been in a coma?

      • Demongo

        To me it sounds like the classic scam excuse #7

        It does work. We can’t prove it to you right now. The Gubmint. Please give us money.

    • Informed

      it would be impossible to get any more power than you put into it, unless it has a chemical reaction or something such as so within it, in witch case it wouldnt be free enerby because it does require a certain type of fuel. but whether or not the chemicals must be replaced often would be the only problem if someone gets it to work.

  • Jon Freeland Clayton
  • Pingback: Hoax ? if it is its elaborate - you decide()

  • this story posted on a “libertarian” website, is why libertarians get a bad name.

  • J.W. Bowers Jr.

    If it’s real, it will disappear; again, if it is real, don’t be surprised if these two gentlemen wind up dying in some weird “ACCIDENT” because if it is real, it threatens the largest power SCAM on earth; fossil fuels.

  • 1SantaFean1

    My daughter will translate this for me then I will “understand”. Tesla?

  • boschki


  • Jack Mehoff

    First of all this invention will not end the petro chemical strong arm by along shot. Too many things will always need petros for many reasons. Now the electric companies, they have something to worry about.

  • LordValve

    TANSTAAFL, people. This is bogus, like all other “free” power schemes that rely on perpetual motion, i.e., less input energy than is outputted.

  • catdog8

    how will the U.S. prevent its citizens from buying this? probably make it illegal to own, smh

  • Kevin Dougherty

    Seeing is believing. As far as I know, physics doesn’t allow something to create more power than is provided.

  • Scooby Snaxx

    and at one time it was impossible to sail around the world or walk on the moon….nothing is impossible just not yet discovered.

    • moto perpetuo

      Congratulations, you’ve chosen possibly the worst and least convincing ‘overunity’ device on Youtube (and there is a truly impressive range of obvious fakes to choose from). Never mind the fact that the explanation given is childish (ooh, he linked two motors together and ONE IS RATED FOR A SLIGHTLY HIGHER VOLTAGE), the setup is completely implausible. Here are a few reasons why – and trust me, this isn’t an exhaustive list:

      Efficiency. For an electric motor of this size, less than 70% of electrical energy will be converted into kinetic energy. At least 30% (and probably more) will be lost through heat and friction. The same applies to the ‘generator’, only more so.

      Resistance. Transmission of electric power between the two devices will be considerably under 100%

      The motors. These are shaded pole induction motors. They don’t contain any permanent magnets – so, unlike other types of electric motor, they cannot be used to generate electricity.

      The whole setup is a fake – and a transparently pathetic one at that.

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  • Ken Benson

    People invent these things and think no one has done it before and that they will save the Earth and mankind. They usually end up bought off or dead. The way to build and spread these devices is under the radar until there are too many to be hidden any more.

    • Demongo


      Nobody has invented these things and none of them have ended up dead or bought off as a result of it. If somebody really, demonstrably, invented a machine that produced infinite, pollution free, instantaneous, portable power and it was proved to work it would be the biggest story in the world.

      No question.

  • rusteeven

    I have first hand knowledge that there are devices which are in fact “Over-Unity”. I have friends who are capable of building these devices for others, however the main reason they refrain from it is due to the danger it brings into their lives. How would you like to never have to buy another gallon of gas? Or never pay another electric bill? The industries this “Threatens” are vast and very financially powerful. There are numerous ways to get “Over-Unity” it’s just that these very large corporations fear losing their stronghold over the people, so they will do ANYTHING to suppress the information. I have personally watched a small circuit that performed with a small amount of voltage input and had a tremendous amount of voltage output. This is very real people. Keep an open mind, just look around the internet. Unfortunately most of the inventors are not around anymore. That should tell you something.

    • moto perpetuo

      I too have watched a small circuit which magically transformed a small voltage input into a tremendous amount of voltage output. It is called a transformer, and it can be found in practically every household in the developed world.

      Since there are so many people capable of building ‘overunity’ devices, it is striking, isn’t it, how nobody has ever written a peer-reviewed paper about one. Nor has a professional scientist ever argued to the satisfaction of the science community that they have produced such a device or explained its operation. Also, since it is so easy, strange that no-one has yet managed to make an absolute fortune manufacturing one of these and bringing it to market. Since you know more than one person with the technical expertise, there must be literally thousands able to do it – and yet not one of them has gone public. Presumably this is because they are terrified of the extensive worldwide network of Big Oil spies and assassins who are watching and waiting for an opportunity to shut down their operation before they go public.

      An alternative explanation, which has the dual merits of being simpler and wholly more plausible, is that nobody has ever invented an overunity device, because such a thing isn’t possible.

      • Kevin Schmidt

        It’s not the voltage that should be measured, it’s the amps.

        • moto perpetuo

          Not so; it’s both. A simple transformer is also capable of increasing a current (the number of amps). The point is that current and voltage are inversely proportional: if a transformer increases voltage, it reduces current and vice versa. It will obey the equation P=IV

          In fact it is possible to rig up a device which appears to increase overall power (that is, the product of current and voltage), but what you won’t have done is increased the energy of the system. Although power is not a conserved quantity, energy is, so it’s literally impossible to create an overunity system.

          Those who argue that overunity or other ‘energy from nothing’ systems are simply effects not yet understood by contemporary physics are overlooking an inconvenient fact: either electronics works, or overunity does. You can’t have both: more or less every electronic component we have today has been designed on the basis of the fundamental laws which govern their behavior. If those laws were bad, they wouldn’t work. Since overunity devices would break laws we know to be good, it’s plain that they can’t exist.

          • Demongo

            I think he was quoting Billy Crystal in “Running Scared”

  • Eric Clemmont

    Can you say JFK? he tried to buck the system and look what he got. If this is the real deal I hope they hire a security assessment team.

  • malakadiveamush


  • Facebook User

    Suddenly a 100 new Teslas appear who either try to debunk this or predict a gloomy future for the 2 guys…For heaven’s sake, can you think outside the box? How about waiting attentively to see how this unfolds? C’mon, wouldn’t you be happy if this really worked?!

    • gellero

      the laws of physics are not outside the box……

      • Demongo

        Yeah they pretty much define what a “box” is.

  • Ron Angel

    As this device purportedly only takes 21 watts of power to start
    it proving it works as stated is very simple. All that would have to be done to prove this is to get a UPS unit which will power a computer for a
    short time after power failure. The output of the UPS ( uninterruptable power
    supply ) is connected to the device to supply 21 Watts at whatever voltage it requires the same way as would be supplied by the
    mains to start the process working. Using a UPS with a capacity of at least
    200-300 watts output for say 15 minutes or even smaller would be way in
    excess of anything this device allegedly needed to start. The UPS battery would be charged from the output of the device once running as a fraction part of the KW load capacity and act as a buffer as if it was from an isolated source. This
    would allow total isolation from the mains supply, with no way of cheating or trickery if demonstrated in a field on a table with a load of far in excess of
    anything The Battery or UPS could handle running for hours on its own with
    independent observers some being electrical engineers like myself, without the
    inside of unit having to be shown, case which could even be welded shut.. There is no reason for not doing this and if refused I would consider the whole thing to be a scam or trick. So designers put up or shut up. Insist on this demonstration before putting up any money backers. Simple and fool proof. I hope it works as stated under these conditions. This demonstration would not need UL approval as self contained as a generator would be, and not connected to any public mains supply.

  • Peter Doedens

    Engines can run on water and on water allone!!

    • Kevin Schmidt

      How is that possible?

      • gellero

        in an alternate universe where the laws of physics do not apply… 😉

        • Clint Hamilton

          Lower energy electrolysis by resonance.

          • Mike

            it requires more energy to break the molecular bonds in water than you can get back through combustion.

          • Demongo

            Resonance costs energy.

      • Peter Doedens

        With very special frequencies in the electrical current that makes H2 and O2 from water, only a tiny amount of energy is needed. So an overunity system is the result, more energy out then in.
        Technical brief how to do it:

        • moto perpetuo

          ‘very special frequencies’ is the sort of phrase known to skeptics as ‘woo’. In other words, sciencey-sounding words meaning precisely nothing.

          Your comment is complete nonsense from beginning to end. Hydrogen and oxygen atoms are connected in water molecules by bonds. It is possible to measure the energy required to break these bonds (the so-called dissociation energies) very accurately. If you want to break these bonds, you supply the energy, simple as that. The process COSTS energy rather than releasing it. There aren’t any shortcuts in chemistry.

          The document you link to makes some ridiculous claims, including that a gallon of water contains as much energy as 2.5 million barrels of oil. If you can take the rest of that garbage at face value after reading that sentence, you *really* don’t know what you’re talking about.

          • Lance Frizzell

            I would assume you have some understanding of science then??? If you put a small amount of Hydrogen Peroxide on an infection,,,the result is separation of the Oxygen as free radicals…..this has required NO energy input to break this bond….if you are going to comment in a negative manner, at least have an understanding of what you are commenting on.

  • gellero

    so EXACTLY what are the “patents”…Hmmmm???

  • David Rice

    This is *HILARIOUS!* Thank you. I assume that if the victims who invested in the scam stop praying, the miracles stop working? LOL!

  • David Rice

    “The product looks legit….”

    … to uneducated ignorant morons.

  • That guy

    Why do some people on here refuse to believe something is possible and actually hope you cant have free energy? Dont be so narrow minded

    • Mike

      It’s the same as hoping there will never be poverty, war, hunger, disease, taxes, or death, it’s naive.

      • Demongo

        It’s not just naive, it’s contrary to a collective and hard won understanding of the universe that’s been worked on for hundreds and hundreds of years by millions of people.

        These scams ALWAYS have the same twists.

        You can only use it here. No independent this. Some special reason why we can’t let you have this one, etc, etc. This is a classic, textbook example of same.

        Maybe one day some guys in a shed will violate all known laws of thermodynamics and produce a zero-point or ambient energy extraction device. You’ll be able to tell because a massive bidding war will start in the street outside their business, they’ll be showered with BILLIONS, and after a couple of weeks the capital city will be renamed in their honour.

        “Our laws make it hard for a start up”…. Yeah right.

  • Mark White

    I could make that with some LEDs and steel sheets. No problem. We shall see when/if the first are installed.

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  • Phoenix Quill

    Reality, Logic, Science & Engineering are all built on the foundation of the First Law, that Energy may neither be created nor destroyed. Asking if this is a scam is like asking if the sun will rise tomorrow.

    • Clint Hamilton

      Why does every skeptic want to use that ignorant arguement?
      Over unity DOES NOT CLAIM TO CREATE ENERGY. It claims conversion from the ambient. You know, like all the cosmic, solar, and earth bound radio waves bombarding our planet constantly. The earth is a giant crystal, magnet, and capacitor. There is energy all around. It’s about conversion.

      • Phoenix Quill

        Sorry friend but the ignorance here is yours. Creating energy is PRECISELY what ‘over unity’ means. No one calls a gas motor by that term for converting chemical energy to mechanical. No one calls a solar panel ‘over unity’ for converting sunshine to electricity. Power-In/Power-Out is always less than Unity because of conversion inefficiencies. So Unity mean perfect conversion & ‘over unity’ means energy was created.

        • Clint Hamilton

          Over Unity is a semantical term then if your understanding is that. I’ve never belived it to be creating anything. I see it as a misunderstanding by naysayers to claim impossibility and/or kill the conversation and investigation.

          Over Unity can simply mean there is more energy being generated in a system than what can be “calculated” so it would seem there is more to the system than what has been assumed.

          Over Unity is an indicator that your system is not a closed one.

  • s

    The issue about commenting probably has more to do with factors Inside the Us then from Brazil.

  • sam

    I can’t believe we haven’t heard about this on GE TV — i mean NBC or Mainstream Media. Nawt.

  • Trueanglo

    I found a great free energy system, I moved to the canary islands.

  • Peter Doedens
  • No-Troll

    Fuckin’ TROLLS all over these comments!

    • Dave Cochrane

      No-Trolls’ definition of a Troll: Someone who says something he doesn’t like.

  • PB

    Intriguing that it’s Libertarian News taken in by this scam. Of course what is Libertarianism but wishful thinking? A desire for a perfect world, without messy reality intruding. Sadly, there is no such thing as a free lunch. Or free energy for that matter.

    • Dave Cochrane

      @PB: I share your scepticism and agree it is indeed intriguing that Libertarian News is taken in by this scam. After all, Libertarians are by our nature a sceptical breed. I’m guessing you would agree, or else you wouldn’t be claiming there was anything intriguing about it.

      Don’t confuse Libertarianism with Utopianism. The two are almost exact opposites. Libertarianism does not desire or expect a perfect world (there is no such thing). It desires freedom for all who respect the freedoms of others (in a nutshell). Utopianism, on the other hand, teaches that a perfect world is attainable, as long as everyone toes the party line.

  • Dave Cochrane

    If this were real the Greens would be ALL OVER this thing, as they would never miss an opportunity like this. Never. Their absence should tell you something.

  • Vinicius

    I LOVE THIS IDEA!!!! I am an English teacher in Novo Hamburgo, RS, Brazil and willing to help. Also I am a photographer & videomaker who could help spreading the word!! You can contact me thru

    • It would be nice to have English subtitles for these videos. If you give me translations, I’ll put these videos up on my own channel with the English subtitles.

  • India Crep

    Anybody who believes this bullshit is a dimwitted fucking moron. Oh. It’s a god fucking Republican web site. Of course. That explains it.

  • dave

    Youtube movies don’t mean nothing. If these guys are able to create free energy then why don’t they ever show their energy bills? That would be REAL evidence.

  • Richard Vickers

    this is probably kin to the technology ancient egypt used. they had wireless electricity back then. tesla recreated it, corporate greed buried the technology.

    • Bob Boren

      Hahahahahahahaha. Been listening to Coast to Coast lately?

  • Burn A Koran A Day

    You can’t change the laws of physics.

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  • Shannon Mahoney

    It will be interesting to see if this is real and if it works.

    • Skylar

      Spoiler alert: it’s not, and it can’t.

      • Mike TheVet

        Source to your claims, Skylar? Not saying you’re lying, but I could believe you more if you had a source.


        • Skylar

          My source is simply my personal knowledge of the laws of physics and engineering gained earning a BS in Electrical and Computer engineering. You simply can’t input an amount of energy into a system (X) and expect MORE energy out of the system (X+Y, or over unity). It violates all known laws of physics and thermodynamics.

          This would be the single greatest discovery in the history of mankind and would change the entire world, and in the 5 months since this article was released, you’ve heard exactly ZERO about this.

          It’s impossible, and if it WERE possible, we would have heard about it by now.

          • Mike TheVet

            Is it possible that Nikola Tesla already discovered over-unity devices and JP morgan shelved those inventions?

            Please understand the business side of all of this: there is no money in producing a device that gives people energy independence.

            There have been several devices that were given US Patents that have never seen the light of day.

            And last question: is it possible that our current Laws of Physics are “slightly” off? Not all out “wrong,” but just slightly “mis-calibrated”?

            Does that make sense?

          • Skylar

            Yes, it makes sense, but no, it is not possible. It’s wishful thinking. Energy simply can not be created from nothing. It can only be converted from another form. If the device claimed efficient conversion of a renewable fuel source into energy, there might be reason to hope it’s real.

            I will submit that physics as a whole is not 100% known, but practical physics as is useful to humans is VERY well known.

            It’s a mistake to assume that energy independence would not be profitable, because in addition to requiring the devices themselves to be constructed and maintained, the opportunities created by the availability of such a technology would outweigh the profit made from its suppression.

          • Mike TheVet

            I’m not talking about “getting more energy out of energy that didn’t previously exist.”

            I’m talking about tapping into energy that is already there. Like gravity.

            have you ever read a book on Zero Point Energy? Not “perpetual motion devices,” zero-point energy?

          • Skylar

            I have read some articles, but not books. I do not claim to be an expert on experimental technologies, but the hurdle is the same. You can’t get something for nothing, and you can’t create a machine that outputs more energy than is input.

            If you want to discuss machines that take a renewable or practically infinite fuel source (ocean currents, solar or cosmic radiation, etc.) and efficiently convert it to usable energy, that’s on the table.

            The most reasonable goal that I’ve heard is the idea of recreating a fusion reaction like in a star, which would create extremely cheap, but not over-unity or infinite, energy.

          • moto perpetuo

            Gravity is not energy – it is a force. It is possible to use the force of gravity to extract useful energy, for instance in hydroelectric power, but this requires the existence of an object (in this case, water) which has gravitational potential energy. That’s fine if you you already have something like water at height, which you can allow to fall closer to Earth in a controlled manner, but if you don’t the only way to create the necessary conditions is to supply the gravitational potential energy yourself (for instance, by lifting water, or another heavy object). Because of friction and other effects, you will need to supply more energy than you can extract. Result = net loss of energy. This principle has been very well understood for several hundred years.

            Zero-point energy (or, more accurately, the Casimir effect) exists, but the effect is so tiny that it’s incredibly unlikely it will ever be a practical source of power. And since it’s only observable at submicroscopic scales, it would take the facilities of an advanced physics or nanotechnology lab even to create the effect. If an amateur without access to cutting-edge facilities claims to have witnessed, let alone created, zero-point energy, it’s absolutely certain that they’re lying or deluded.

          • Lance Frizzell

            we all know what “BS” stands for….. 😉

  • Uncle Arty

    I keep hearing these claims it runs on water and I have seen experiments involving sonoluminescence but in every single one of these the amount of energy needed to start and sustain the reaction is greater than the output. Why not just go with a Pelton wheel shafted to a dc permanent magnet generator and a small pump, convert kinetic energy from the falling water into electricity, it’s really not that difficult

  • Bob Boren

    Just spent about an hour looking at this stuff. Really looks like a hoax to me. Too bad, it would be nice if it were true. Check out Black Light Power…..classic scam from the look of it.

  • Skylar

    So these guys have broken down the very laws of physics and created a perpetual motion machine that is capable of producing more energy than it consumes. I’ll believe that… never.

  • katndog

    In reading these posts I am reminded; Dis-information is still free. I don’t know if this invention is true or false, I personally lack the scientific knowledge to know and don’t care to obtain it. What I do know is that if it is true and functional it will be suppressed by lies, false science and greed. Why? Because there is BILLIONS to be lost by the oil and gas industry’s, nuclear power plants, etc. Do you believe that the investors in the above products are going to watch their fortunes go down the drain because of a couple of Mexican’s? HA!

  • Gerald E. Jones

    i would be interested in knowing more about the cost and purchase of such

  • Mosskin J. Woast

    Unfortunately for the rest of the world, Brazil’s business formation policies and tax laws make it outstandingly difficult for start-ups to succeed. If these guys don’t move production to Asia before they start moving units, we may never see a successful iteration of this product.

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  • MaximRice

    Go to and watch the free 2 hour video. Then let’s talk.

  • new kid in the block

    For few of you who are interesting there is a intersting web site called Free Energy Devices also for the rest “smart ones” find and read book “The Lost Science”| by Gerry Vassilatos, also wouldn’t hurt to check youtube for Eric Dollard videos – the only live scienc who was able to replicate Tesla’s experiments…and then do the same thing like Tesla – Try to replicate experiment and then publish your comments and results.

  • JayBird


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  • Christian Holata

    Free energy means negating causality, our perception of time, entropic decay and the laws of thermodynamics. It would render our local spacetime reality uninhabitable for human beings.

    • cocietoobchodzi

      what the fuck did i just read …

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  • OvidiuGOA

    everytime someone shows a free energy device, some raid happends or they are found to have stolen goods or some kind of bullshit made up charge that results in, guess what ? the government confiscating their devices, only for them to never be seen again. If people still belive those in power want us to have free energy then the stupidity levels in this world are amazingly high. If some research is done it will show dozens of free energy scientists that died misteriously, that have had their inventions confiscated and what not. Those in power are surpressing free energy and water cars for decades. Wake the fuck up people, nobody wants what is good for you, only to work you until you die.

  • OvidiuGOA

    These concepts have been proven in hundreds of laboratories all over the world, yet never see the light of day. If the new energy technologies were set free world wide the change would be profound. It would affect everybody, it would be applicable everywhere. These technologies are absolutely the most important thing that have happened in the history of the world. – Dr. Brian O’Leary, Former NASA Astronaut and Princeton Physics Professor.

  • Kamile Ko

    These devices vere constructed with this type of cables- kabeliai it is good, because I also use them, and from experience of mine I can say that they are very good and long lasting, moreover they help to save electricity what is the main task in these times 🙂

  • Jason Strong

    Growing up I never understood the importance of energy companies. It wasn’t until I last year that I started realized the important role that these companies play in our economy. I’m excited to learn more about this, and what I can do to help services like this out.

  • Sally Jean

    Any new news on this one?

  • mick wright

    Personally I am always a little cynical about this over unity thing, because if it were feasible to produce such a device, surely tech savvy countries like China for example, would have developed this technology in order to avoid being dependant upon expensive and dirty fossil fuels to meet the huge energy demands of their industrial base. The fact that it can only ever be replicated by a couple of guys in a shed somewhere and yet the best brains and technological capabilities of all the developing nations of the world have never quite managed it, is always a bit suspect, if you ask me…just saying…..

  • Gary

    Everyone is forgetting: Law of the Conservation of Energy: Energy cannot be created or destroyed; it can only be changed from one form to another. Which is basically the 1st law of Thermodynamics, simplified. THERE IS NO “FREE” ENERGY !!! We pay for it with other forms. It says it generates 12.1Kw from 21watts input. Where does the rest of it come from? What else does it burn/consume to get the difference?

  • Derrick Sly

    This is very interesting. They say that it captures the electrons of the earth. I imagine that could work, if only you could capture enough of them. Doing so would require a lot of energy, though. I’m intrigued to see how this machine is sustainable.

  • Comrade

    Scam, simple.

  • RJ King

    As I suspected ,no one has a free energy generator for sale.

  • Au contraire. Ils permettent de redonner aux infos leur vraie valeur d’usage.

  • David Major

    This is a scam. Nothing but a scam.