1 In 8 New York City Residents Should Be Behind Bars

A NY Daily News article from February notes that one in eight city residents has an outstanding arrest warrant issued against them.

There are now more than 1 million open bench warrants against loiterers, boozers and other petty scofflaws in New York, court records show. And while it’s unclear how many offenders are deceased or carry multiple offenses, the number of outlaws here nearly matches the population of Dallas.

Imagine what NYC would look like if the NYPD had unlimited resources to pursue all of those warrants and put all of those people behind bars.

To those people who still deny that we live in a police state, I give up.

  • N.B. New York City, as opposed to ‘UpState’. I am often ‘taken-aback’ by just how unmasked and honest upstaters are. Really two different planets.

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