Public School: If You Don’t Stand For The State, You Will Be Punished

If there was any doubt left in your mind about whether or not public schools are nothing more than state run reeducation camps, check out this story.

15 year old Mason Michalec has a problem with the government, both figuratively and literally.  Michalec is, “really tired of our government taking advantage of us.”  Michalec says, “I don’t agree with the NSA spying on us. And I don’t agree with any of those Internet laws.”

Because Michalec has lost respect for the state, he decided to protest by refusing to stand and recite the Pledge of Allegiance with the rest of his class.  Michalec states, “I’ve basically said it from the time I was in kindergarten to earlier this year and that’s when I decided I was done saying it.”  Of course, school officials feel this is a heinous thought crime that must be addressed immediately.

Michalec is demonstrating a vast array of unacceptable behavior by his actions.  By refusing to stand when ordered, he is directly disobeying those in authority over him.  He is showing disrespect for people who make their living at the point of a gun.  His actions are also an insult to the mafia that rules him.

His heinous crimes have resulted in him being placed in solitary confinement (in-school suspension) for two days during his reeducation training.

And make no mistake, public schools are nothing more than juvenile detention facilities.  The kids are not allowed to leave, even if they are of age.  They are subject to search at any moment.  Their personal property, such as cell phones or notebooks, may be confiscated if those in authority chose to do so.  They may be scanned with metal detectors.  There is almost always fencing surrounding the facility, and armed guards typically patrol the halls.  Canine searches are common.  It’s a prison, not a playground for learning.

  • Charlie Primero

    I hope this kid wins a million dollar lawsuit.

    The sooner we bankrupt the government, the sooner this nonsense ends.