Pat The Disappearing Helicopter

A while back I saw a video entitled September Clues that covered a ton of unusual video and audio anomalies with virtually all of the 9/11 footage that was released to the public.

The author of that video has released an addendum video that covers dozens more anomalies.  The ultimate conclusion being that virtually every single piece of video and audio evidence of the 9/11 collapse events was faked in some way.

Sounds too incredible to believe, right?

Judge for yourself.

Since we know nano-thermite based explosives were used, the flashes of light and audible explosions would have to be covered up.  It appears that is what has happened.

I think we finally have an answer to the “no planes actually hit the towers” theory.  That being, there’s no way to know for sure because every single piece of footage has been doctored in some way.  Personally, I think if there were planes, they weren’t airliners.  As one reporter in the video notes, “some people thought they saw a missile!”

If you’re curious about all those families who claim to have lost loved ones on those planes, look here.  Be sure to watch the short video provided.

If you’re curious how they got the explosives into the buildings, look here.  The company that did the fireproofing upgrades has ties to the Bush family.

Independent reporter James Corbett has also done some great research trying to figure out who orchestrated this charade.

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