Power Tripping Psychopath Scares Shit Out Of Kids

Imagine this psycho rolling up on your kids.  Because someday, it’s going to happen.  Someday, your kids are going to be sitting around in car hanging out minding their own business and some insane psychopath like this is going to spot them. Don’t think it will never happen to your kids.

The sociopath in the video below threatens to “pump a bullet” into one of the kids, then asks if they’ve ever been tased before. Then threatens them with felonies.  Then conducts an illegal search.  Then threatens the teenage girl with physical abuse.

After all that, the violent psychopath whines that the little girl “hurt his hands” with the cuffs he put on her after she moved suddenly.  In response to this horrible act of violence against him, he arrests her on a felony count of “resisting arrest,” an absurdity in its own right.

What makes the story even more unbelievable is that he did all this fully aware that he had a body camera on recording everything.   He didn’t even care.

Of course, the officer was not punished in any way.  Instead, he retired early and sucked down millions in pension benefits at tax payer expense after the department was threatened with a federal lawsuit over his actions.

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