The Terror of Immigration

I’m quite dismayed to see so many so-called libertarians up in arms about the recent flood of immigrants coming to the US.  Lest you forget, the entire nation was built on the backs of immigrants, starting from the colonial area, right on through the industrial revolution.

Let’s say there is a way to build the perfect border fence.  Let’s pretend that the US border is completely secure.  Now let’s say we have a total economic meltdown, while Mexico and Candada are experiencing economic growth.  On the US side of the fence, people are unemployed, homeless and beginning to starve.  Wild gangs roam the streets looting and shooting anyone who opposes them.  The police forces have crumbled because the dollar has imploded, leaving no means for the government to pay them.  The police who remain basically make their living by doing the gangs’ and cartels’ dirty work for them.

Would you want to leave?  In the situation I just described, there’s no way to get out.  Fences keep people in, just as much as they keep people out.  Calling for more border security to keep immigrants out is EXACTLY THE SAME as calling for more border security to keep people from leaving… and believe me, the time is soon coming when you will find yourself wanting to leave.

Watch this short speech by a boy railing against the notion of passports in Chaplin’s A King In New York.  These points were made by Chaplin back in 1957.

The boy exclaims, “They have every man in a straight-jacket, and without a passport, he can’t move a toe.  In a free world they violate the rights of every natural citizen.  They have become the weapons of political despots.  And if you don’t think as they think, you’re deprived of your passport.  To leave a country is like breaking out of jail.  And to enter a country is like going through the eye of a needle.  Am I free to travel?”

No my son, you are not; and neither is anyone else.

The notion that immigrants are here to “steal our jobs” is absurd.  In a free market, jobs are created by people, not taken by people.  To blame immigrants for “taking jobs” is like arguing that the supply of jobs is finite.  In a free market, the supply of jobs is infinite.  There are an infinite number of useful tasks to be done that others are willing to trade resources for.

Of course, we don’t live in a free market, which is why so many people have been duped into blaming immigration for our problems.  This blame is grossly misplaced.  The blame for our current economic situation should be laid squarely at the feet of those who control our monetary and regulatory systems.

During the brief periods of freedom where America experienced rapid economic expansion, there were so many jobs to be done that we couldn’t get enough immigrants to fill all the positions.  We’ve had such periods in our past, so it’s obviously possible for us to experience them again.  However, blaming immigrants for our problems isn’t going to bring about an economic boom, and will encourage the government to take actions that prevent US citizens being able to escape should things become unhinged.

Fences do not equate to freedom.


  • Tom

    As a libertarian, I agree that every person should be free to travel – including crossing borders. But as an experienced American traveler, I can say that other nations need to lighten up on their border restrictions and customs hassles. The way I see it, whenever I want to go to Mexico, I have to buy Mexican auto insurance before I even cross the border with my car. I have to have a passport. I can’t stay too long or I’m breaking their laws. If I want to become a resident, I have to submit the proper paperwork, prepared by local attorneys. And you can forget about me getting free tuition or medical care there.

    But when their people come into the USA, they get away with no insurance, no passports, no means of support – in fact, they have their hands out for all the taxpayer paid ‘freebies’ they can get. I don’t think that’s fair, do you?

  • Mike

    I love to hear of folks coming to America. But, I do have a problem
    with them breaking the law right out of the gate to do so.

    If someone were to just build a camp right in my yard, right
    next to the “Keep out- Private Property” sign then call the cops on me because
    I have a problem with them illegally trespassing then what about MY rights as
    an existing citizen? According to this new mentality the lawless illegal aliens
    have more rights than the lawful American citizens.

    This whole immigration issue is nothing but a political
    football, voters is all the federal folks want, more welfare voters. If they
    were so caring and so concerned about people our own federal government might
    want to take care of its own before law breaking immigrants.

  • Robert Harris

    Texas Libertarians are not upset about immigration, its the entitlements we are calling for a moratorium on. I have talked to many illegals here, and here is what they say themselves.
    1. They will not apply for citizenship because they are already tax free, and if they get caught they only get a free ride to the border, while as a American citizen they will be put into prison for the same action. Don’t think Illegals are dumb because they aren’t!
    2. They receive free benefits now and don’t have to pay for them, so they claim what would it benifit them to become citizens?
    3. They make good money here then take that money back to Mexico where the cost of living is greatly reduced and they receive a higher standard of living. That’s pretty smart if you ask me.
    4. As an Illegal they do not have to worry about fines or penalties doing business here and definitely no jail time for violations of regulations or codes. They are treated better under our judicial system and laws than American citizens are. Again people underestimate their intelligence.
    * Note: apparently none of you have been to the border! You can walk over!
    The border is not our problem! Entitlements are the Problem not just with immigration but also with the American people.
    Of course the Libertarian platform covers this doesn’t it, bring no harm to another individual, don’t damage their property, and don’t steal from them.
    If government followed the Libertarian platform their wouldn’t be a border problem!

  • Mac Trench

    Only Tea Party Republicans want closed borders true Libertarians want freedom to travel. People come here because most people want the American Dream, to start a business. Give them all visas and make them accountable for the expenses. Free markets and trade would give us all great wealth for those willing to work . Republicans and Democrats only represent big money interests Vote Libertarian for Liberty and Justice.