Blacklight’s 3rd Test of Free Energy Device

see description of device in post:

“A very small quantity of highly conductive H2O-based solid fuel powder was loaded in to a hopper and gravity fed into the three-times faster auger, overhead of the rollers that were electrified with about 5V, 15,000A. The high current flow ignited the gravity fed fuel to produce 0.5 ms pulses of brilliant light having power and power densities of one million watts and 100 billion watts per liter, respectively. White light shows that the plasma is the same temperature as the Sun. The optical power can be converted to electricity using commercially available solar cells.”

  • Brenden

    Amazing! I’m very optimistic for the future of this. I find it hard to believe even as an open minded person, but I also believe our current understanding of science is extremely limited. As a race, we’re only at the very beginning of real science. My question is, how easy is this H20 based fuel powder to make? Does it take alot of energy to produce? And, I really don’t fully understand the mechanism that makes this work.

    • The fuel is very cheap to produce.

      It’s a hydrated nickle powder that is recycled through the system. It is not destroyed after it is ignited. It can be reclaimed and recycled through the system. A completed generator will be able to run for very long periods of time without having to be refueled.

      The fuel feed and recycling system is the next hurdle to cross before they can get a generator built. They are working on that right now. It shouldn’t take them too long.