Hacked 911 Tapes: Ferguson Police Dispatch Unaware A Cop Had Murdered A Kid

Fucking incredible.

Hats off to the Anonymous hackers for this release.

The Daily Mail reports:

Anonymous has apparently released St Louis police dispatch tapes today which reveal further details surrounding the cop shooting death of unarmed black teenager Michael Brown.

The computer hackers’ collective posted two hours of the 911 calls online on Wednesday.

On the tape, time-stamped between 12.05pm-12.35pm, a person, believed to be a dispatcher can be heard referring to an incident in Ferguson, Missouri. Additional squad cars were being requested from Ferguson Police Department for crowd control.

With details unclear, the dispatcher revealed she has heard ‘on the news’ that actually it appears to be an ‘officer involved shooting’.

The dispatcher added that when she called Ferguson Police Department ‘they don’t know a thing about it’.

About ten minutes into the two-hour recording, the dispatcher allegedly said: ‘Ferguson is asking for assistance with crowd control… asking for [unclear] officer respond, can I send one?’

She then added: ‘They just told me they needed assistance on crowd control on Canfield and Coppercreek.’

Around a minute later, the St Louis dispatcher said: ‘She just said that they have a large group gathering there, she didn’t know anything further.’

Seconds later, the dispatcher said: ‘We just got another call saying there was an officer involved shooting at Canfield and Coppercreek. I don’t know who called it in but it was called into my desk.’

A dispatcher then added: ‘Be advised, this information came from the news.’

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A copy of the audio tape has been posted online.

9:35: “Ferguson is asking for assistance with crowd control . . .”

10:58: “Now they have a large group gathering there, she doesn’t know any further. . .”

11:20: “We just got another call stating it was an officer-involved shooting . . .”

11:30: “Be advised, this information came from the news . . .”

11:55: “We’re just getting information from the news and we just called Ferguson back again and they don’t know anything about it . . .”

On a related note, Ferguson police have been busy arresting and shooting reporters with rubber bullets as the reporters try to cover the police state we live under.  They even arrested a city alderman.  And when they’re not busy shooting or arresting people, they are busy firing teargas into private residences.  One reporter notes, “I witnessed three journalists get thrown to the ground by police officers and were punched, grabbed, rangled, hogtied up and carried out of there…”

The police went on to arrest several other journalists.  In this video, you can see a group of journalists being released from police custody.  The police tell them there will be no report filed of their arrest and they refuse to provide the name of the cop who arrested them in the first place.  The journalist states he was unduly assaulted during the course of his arrest.  Read the story behind this arrest at the Washington Post.

In yet another related video, Information Liberation notes that, “A news crew, clearly no threat or impediment to the cops, films from a verge in Ferguson, Missouri. A pop and a cloud of white smoke marks the arrival of a tear gas canister at their feet, and the newscrew is forced to flee. Moments later, police pull up in an armored van and hurriedly try to break down the film equipment–until they notice that another crew is still filming them from across the street.”


  • Tom

    Good. The cops are starting to treat journalists and photographers the same as they treat ordinary citizens. Now, maybe we will see some stories in the news showing the cops for what they have become: gangs and criminals with badges.

  • RFGuru

    Too bad Ferguson PD dispatches its own calls, and these “tapes” were openly available to people on the internet in the form of radio scanner archives on popular scanner feed websites… and they’re from the COUNTY police department’s feed. They are not, as you state, 911 call recordings. Likely reason: nobody was streaming the audio of Ferguson PD’s radio traffic because, prior to this incident, nothing of peculiar interest was ever happened in Ferguson.

    • Well thanks for clarifying things. Although nothing you said changes the important part of Ferguson PD dispatch not being aware of a cop shooting someone.

      • RFGuru

        No problem re: clarification. As for them being unaware, I would find it difficult to believe that they did not know – a dispatch center in a town the size of Ferguson wouldn’t have a large number of folks working there. For the moment I would view that as some sort of misunderstanding in what was initially communicated to them by phone, perhaps due to an overwhelmed dispatcher on the Ferguson end or someone who was caught off-guard by a the request, probably given quite rapidly by the Ferguson dispatcher, on the County PD end. Obviously it was clarified within a few moments. I imagine at that point someone went “… wait… WHAT?” akin to the reactions of the air traffic control staff when 9/11 calls about that unexpected situation started going out that day.

        And don’t misunderstand me to be in favor of a lot of what has gone down on the part of Ferguson PD between the incident and now… not the case at all. Clearly there are things that could have been done differently. But so far, we don’t have enough to go on that’s directly relevant to what they directly did or didn’t do in response via radio communications or information received via 911.

        In this case, Anonymous clearly put this particular information out there without thinking it through – or worse, just “wanting their name in the papers”. It’s one things to expose information, quite another to “expose” extremely misleading information that only fuels an out of control fire. (I *thought* they were aimed at problem-solving and would have been a bit more careful to that end.)