Kajieme Powell Shooting (Cell Phone Camera)

What a troubling and misunderstood video.

Newsweek reports:

On Tuesday, two officers from the St. Louis Metropolitan Police shot and killed 25-year-old Kajieme Powell, less than four miles from where police shot and killed 18-year-old Michael Brown not quite two weeks ago. Powell was suspected of shoplifting. On Wednesday, the St. Louis Metropolitan Police Department released video—cell phone footage recorded by an eyewitness—of the fatal encounter. Be warned, the footage is graphic.

Watch the video and pay attention to all the details every other news agency ignores.

This kid stole two sodas, walked outside the door of the store and set them on the curb.  Then he simply waited for the cops to show up.

Once the cops show up, he brandishes a knife and yells for the cops to shoot him.  Then he advances on the cops until he gets what he wants.

This was pure suicide by cop.

Suicide always springs from hopelessness.  People only kill themselves when they see no hope, nothing positive, no future possibilities that make the effort of continuing to live a worthwhile endeavor.

Kajieme Powell couldn’t take another day in the global insane asylum we call Earth.

As of this writing, this is the top comment on YouTube under the video:

MrBigbubba3I think a stun gun might have been in order since there were two police officers. One with a handgun (lethal force) drawn, and the other with a less than lethal option like a taser.

Either way as usual Negros don’t follow lawful orders from police officers and fail to understand that when knives, or any weapon for that matter are involved police will respond with lethal force.

For reference a man with a knife can cover  30ft and kill before most officers can draw and disable the attacker. This is why these police officers respond with this sort of force.

Perhaps the reason Powell decided to kill himself is buried in the underlying tone of that comment.

  • info_bomber

    When people have nothing to lose, they lose it, this goes doubly for public officials.