Michael Suede

1 in 7 New Yorkers Have An Open Warrant For Their Arrest

Those numbers come from this recent CBS article: NEW YORK (CBSNewYork) — Police Commissioner Bill Bratton is behind a controversial proposal to grant amnesty to more than 1 million people with open warrants for low-level offenses. But some experts worry it could cause crime to skyrocket. First he called for reduced penalties for smoking marijuana. Now,…

Second Strategy to Cooking Broccoli

A re-post from NutritionFacts.org.  Dr. Greger explains how to obtain maximum cancer destroying power from your broccoli. Doctor’s Note: Is that cool or what?! I love kitchen chemistry. Totally revolutionized my daily greens prep. For those new to the whole enzyme concept I’m sure this is a bit confusing. Make sure to watch the original…

How Low Carb Diet Doctors Pull The Wool Over Your Eyes

It all starts with the absurd diet recommendations put out by people like the CDC or the USDA and HHS.  These diet recommendations tell people to consume up to 35% of their diet from fat and up to 35% of their diet from protein.  Given that these recommended levels are what Americans have been consuming for decades,…

Atkins Diet And Erectile Dysfunction: Trouble Keeping It Up?

A 51 year old man started the Atkins diet as a healthy person.  He had low cholesterol, no arterial blockage, no chest pain and no erectile dysfunction.  29 months after starting the Atkins diet, he ended up requiring a stent in his heart and Viagra.  After his stent surgery, he changed his diet to a low fat vegan diet and reversed his heart disease and his erectile dysfunction, meaning he no longer required Viagra to get an erection.  Case study can be found here.

Brenda Davis, RD – Plant-Based Diets, a Scientific Review

Brenda Davis gives a great review of recent scientific literature on the effects of dietary choices.  – News flash – soy consumption does not effect cancer risk, and may even be protective for both men when it comes to prostate cancer and women when it comes to breast cancer.