Michael Suede

Bunch of Cavemen Playing God

I was flipping through YouTube and came upon this video of Chuck Yeager flying in an F-15.This was published in March of this year.  It reminded me of something.  It reminded me that the very first human in the entire history of the human race to go faster than the speed of sound is still alive.…

The Electric Comet: The Latest Evidence

The Thunderbolts project just released the latest installment in their series of plasma cosmology videos.  While this video stands on its own, the first part of the Electric Comet series is 1.5 hours of jam packed science that covers the evidence for electric comets in much greater detail.

Dr. Franklin Anariba, a specialist in electrochemistry, discusses the electrically driven chemistry of comets in this five part series: part 1, part 2, the remaining parts have not been released yet.

Billions in Change Official Film

Unlimited fresh water, unlimited clean energy from Earth’s core heat, portable ultra cheap 1000w human powered generators and novel medical devices.  These are just a few of the things 5 Hour Energy Drink owner Manoj Bhargava  is bringing to market within the next few years.  This guy is amazing.  I’m glad I took the time to check out the video.

Processed Meat Causes Cancer says WHO (World Health Organization)

So the WHO came out today saying that processed meat causes cancer.  The major media outlets have been acting as if this is some kind of shocking revelation.  They also said red meat “probably” causes cancer.  Really?  “Probably?” Cooked meat contains carcinogenic heterocyclic amines. Grilled meat contains carcinogenic polycyclic aromatic hydrocarbons. All meat contains carcinogenic bacterial endotoxins…

Dr Joel Kahn – Interventional Cardiologist

Dr. Kahn discusses the miraculous results he gets using nutrition as medicine, as well as the fact the larger medical community has yet to understand the powerful results that are possible using lifestyle modification.  Click here for a full lecture by Dr. Kahn at the 2014 Seed conference.