Michael Suede

Want Proof That Cancer Is The Result Of Microbes?

How do I know cancer is caused by microbes and fungus?  Well, let’s go over some astounding coincidences for starters. Olive oil (oleocanthal): kills microbes, kills cancer Coniferous oil: kills microbes, kills cancer Vitamin C: kills microbes, kills cancer Mushroom extracts: kills microbes, kills cancer Cannabis: kills microbes, kills cancer Vitamin D: kills microbes, kills…

Is Fructose Really The Problem?

I’ve been spending a lot of time researching diseases and nutrition after watching Doug Kaufmann’s presentation on cancer and the linkage between fungus/bacteria/viruses.  I’m really shocked by what I keep uncovering.  At this point, I really believe that virtually all metabolic diseases (cancer, diabetes, heart disease, etc..) are the result of poor diet and lack…

Cancer: A Yeast Fungus Gone Out of Control?


Updated Article: Want Proof That Cancer Is The Result Of Microbes?   I recently looked at some interesting information provided by a documentary called Cancer, the Forbidden Cures.  The documentary covers a broad range of doctors who claimed to have found treatments that worked well for treating cancer.  The final doctor they present makes the most…

Sugar: The Bitter Truth


Robert H. Lustig, MD, UCSF Professor of Pediatrics, presents a seminar on the impact of fructose and ethanol on the body.  This seminar has around 5 million views and counting.  If you’ve never seen it before, I highly recommend taking the time to watch it.  The information being presented here priceless. The Bitter Truth video was shot…

Sous Vide Water Bath Cooking


So I’ve been watching this YouTube channel called ChefSteps for a while because I liked the modernist cuisine they were preparing, and I noticed that they cooked practically everything in a sous vide water bath.  I actually found this to be rather annoying.  I couldn’t understand why they felt the need to cook everything sous…

Fastest Growing Stock Market In The World?


The headline from today’s Drudge Report: And now for a little blast from the past to drive the insanity home: APRIL 10, 2007 John Paul Koning, Mises Institute CNBC and other stock market tabloids are notorious for making simplistic linkages between the stock market and gross domestic product (GDP). They tell us that any event that stimulates…

Predicable Plummeting Oil Prices

Oil prices will continue to decline.

The vast decline in oil prices is due to insiders getting out of oil before free energy hits the mainstream.

Blacklight Power is months, or perhaps just weeks, away from announcing a megawatt capable generator that runs on nothing but water.

Keep watching the oil prices drop like a stone.

I predicted this, just like I predicted bitcoin would go to the moon when it was still in the single digits.