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Dr. Mary Neal Discusses Her Near Death Experience

Dr. Mary Neal, an orthopedic spine surgeon, discusses her near death experience that occurred during a kayaking trip in 1999 when her kayak got stuck, submerged under a waterfall, for nearly 30 minutes.  Neal was drowned, and had to be revived by CPR after being miraculously dislodged and flushed down river.

The Thunderbolts Project Patreon Campaign Starts Today!

The Thunderbolts Patreon Page Today, we ask for your support to continue and to expand our outreach through our highly successful YouTube Channel and other tools in development through a newly established Patreon campaign. This could mean the addition of special podcasts and video presentations featuring a wider range of EU-related topics. Contributors who subscribe to…

Mr. Universes Going Vegan

The current reigning Mr. Universe, Barny Du Plessis, and the former 1977 winner, Jim Morris, have both made the transition to an entirely plant based diet, and their commentary on the results they’ve achieved after transitioning are nearly identical. Du Plessis says, “I’m getting leaner and bigger (as a vegan). I’m a 107 kilos now, leaner…

Stop Screwing With Your Bacteria, You’ll Regret It

Research continues to emerge showing the vital role gut bacteria play in keeping us healthy.  Most people blindly assume that the food they consume is simply sucked through their intestinal walls after its been dissolved by bile and stomach acids.  However, this is only one small part of the story.  Right now, you have nearly 4…

What Causes Diabetes?

Dr. Michael Greger explains why the consumption of saturated fats from animal products destroys insulin producing pancreatic cells and leads to lipotoxicity (toxic fat) build up.  In controlled experiments, it has been shown that within hours of eating saturated animal fat, beta cell function, which is responsible for insulin control, is impaired.

Cop Blows 17 Year Old Unarmed Kid Away For Flashing High Beams

This is pretty much how things go with all aspects of government.  The most mundane and trivial of infractions can always result in a dead human being because ultimately all laws are enforced at the point of a gun.  Any failure to comply with a state functionary ALWAYS results in the escalation of violence until compliance or death results.  Now a kid is dead over some total bullshit, and the cop keeps his job so he has the opportunity to kill more unarmed kids in the future.

Scientists Think Diabetes, Eye Disease, Depression, Alzheimers and Heart Disease May All Be Related

A Daily Mail article recently proclaimed that scientists think diabetes, eye disease, depression, Alzheimers, atherosclerosis, and other related metabolic diseases all share a common link.  Guess what that link might be? Inflammation. This begs the question of what may be causing chronic low-grade inflammation in people who consume a Western diet.  The article doesn’t mention…

Solving a Colon Cancer Mystery

Colon cancer is the second leading cause of cancer death in the United States behind lung cancer.  Find out why this major killer of Americans is virtually non-existent in Africa (hint: it’s not the fiber!)