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Articles attacking the current US dominant philosophy of fascism.

Bilderberg 2014: Interview With Diederik Samson

The Dollar Vigilante has an article on Bilderberg that’s worth checking out.  It includes a street interview with Diederik Samson, a leader of Netherlands’ Parliament. It just blows my mind every year that the mainstream media remains totally silent on this confab.  Why are we left getting interviews like this strictly from Paul Joseph Watson and Julia Tourianski?  It’s…

It’s Beautiful Watching The World Go Dark


Darkcoin has raced ahead of other alternative currencies to rapidly become the world’s third largest cryptocurrency.  Darkcoin operates exactly like Bitcoin, but it offers much stronger anonymity protection.  Darkcoin essentially takes the features of the Dark Wallet Bitcoin wallet and integrates them directly into the currency itself, making it extremely anonymous and very simple to use.…

Pat The Disappearing Helicopter


A while back I saw a video entitled September Clues that covered a ton of unusual video and audio anomalies with virtually all of the 9/11 footage that was released to the public. The author of that video has released an addendum video that covers dozens more anomalies.  The ultimate conclusion being that virtually every single piece…

Marijuana, Economists and Crumbling Cartels – Oh My

It looks like Keynesian economists finally got something right!  Well… sort of anyways. The London School of Economics has put out an 82 page report condemning the war on drugs.  The report basically summarizes everything we already know to be true about the war on drugs, so there isn’t much point in going over the details.  What…

My Son Has Cancer


  From the Daily Paul: My 5 year old son was recently diagnosed with fibro sarcoma. After much unnecessary delay he has finally been admitted to a good hospital, but its also 30 miles from where we live, and traveling back and forth has taken its toll on the little savings we had left. On…

Psychiatry – A Documentary On Pseudoscience

Another interesting documentary.  This one deals with the history of psychiatry.  It makes quite a few interesting points, notably that there exists no biological test for any mental illness, no mental illnesses have ever been cured by psychiatric treatment, and that metal illnesses themselves are simply declarations made by the psychiatric community of behaviors they deem to be abnormal.