Anti-Fascist Agitprop

Articles attacking the current US dominant philosophy of fascism.

Bill to Nullify Federal Gun Control Signed into Law in Alaska

The Tenth Amendment Center reports: JUNEAU, Ala  – Today, Alaska Governor Sean Parnell signed HB69, the 2nd Amendment Preservation Act, into law. The bill nullifies a large swath of unconstitutional federal power over the right to keep and bear arms. It begins with the premise that violations of the 2nd Amendment are not law at all.…

Charlie Chaplin Takes A Beating From A Kid In 1956

In the clip, Chaplin plays the part of King Shahdov, a recently-deposed European monarch.  The King visits a school, where a schoolboy gives him an anarchist verbal beat-down. From “A King in New York” (1957) “As for politics, I’m an anarchist. I hate governments and rules and fetters. Can’t stand caged animals. People must be free. ”…

Conrad the Constitution

While I normally don’t promote constitutional stuff on here since coming to embrace the non-aggression principle, I have to make an exception for this video. Conrad the Constitution goes to Washington and gets raped.  And by raped, I mean raped. Praise Mao!

The Funding of Public Works In A Free Society

This idea just struck me.  It’s so obvious that it probably flies right over most people’s heads. Lotteries. Lotteries in a free society would not be run by a state monopoly.  Anyone could start up a lottery.  Right now, the state takes a massive chunk of lottery proceeds for itself.  That money could be going…