Anti-Fascist Agitprop

Articles attacking the current US dominant philosophy of fascism.

Glenn Beck – We Should REALLY Cut Spending

I’ve written about Mr. Beck’s flip-flopping neocon stance in the past; however, I feel obligated to praise when I see good. Last night I turn on Fox News and nearly fell out of my chair… Here’s Glenn Beck standing in front of his customary blackboard rallying AGAINST expanded wars. Seriously, I almost had a heart…

MSM SLRC Straw Poll Vote Buying Nonsense

The MSM is out demonizing the Ron Paul campaign for “buying” votes at the SLRC.  Paul’s supporting sites sold discounted tickets to supporters saving them somewhere around a 100.00 a pop in ticket costs. Of course, there was no mandate that the people buying the tickets from Paul’s site actually be Ron Paul supporters or…

Einstein Was Wrong

To begin with, allow me to present a few documentaries made by other scientists that question the standard model of physics.  Hopefully you’ll find these videos to be entertaining and enlightening.  Most of them are understandable to the lay person. Thunderbolts of the Gods Plasma Physics’ Answers to the New Cosmological Questions by Dr. Donald…

Dylan Ratigan Details The Banking Fraud

Amazingly enough, MSNBC’s communist Dylan Ratigan tells the truth about the banking fraud. Visit for breaking news, world news, and news about the economy followed by Chinese students laughing at the criminal Geithner as he talks about the dollar.