Anti-Fascist Agitprop

Articles attacking the current US dominant philosophy of fascism.

Godfrey Bloom – Pay Up Or Burn In Hell!

“May I suggest if you really want tax harmonization that the commission and the bureaucracy pay the same taxes as the electorate.  They bear the same burden as tax as the rest of us before the electorate storm this building and hang us from the rafters as they have every right to do.”

Mises Institute On iTunes University

The Mises Institute has recently opened an iTunes University store! They have the entire set of Human Action by Mises on audio book for free. All their stuff is free. Its a virtual cornucopia of economic goodness. You need iTunes installed for these links to work. Mises iTunes Storefront Thomas Woods, Robert Murphy, and Jeffery Tucker…

The Green Police – Super Bowl Audi Ad

Now, because I have more than two brain cells, served my country, got an education, and actually give a flying crap about the state of our nation, I consider it a better use of my time to study the vast injustices and crimes our government is committing against us on a daily basis than to…

Ron Paul On The Tea Party Movement

Ron Paul discusses the Tea Party movement NJ: What stirred the activists’ fervor now? Paul: I think it’s the failure of government. People are recognizing that government…. made promises, and yet now people are recognizing that they can’t fulfill their promises. They know about the debt, they know about the entitlements that can’t be paid.…

Medina Destroys Perry And Hutchison With Automatic Gun Fire

News sources all over Texas are reporting pro-liberty candidate Debra Medina pulled out a verbal assault rifle and mowed down fascist incumbent Rick Perry along with his fascist side-kick Kay Bailey Hutchison during the last major televised debate. “Blood was everywhere.  Cleaning crews took two days to clean up Perry’s genitalia from the ceiling tiles.” …

Milton Friedman on Libertarianism!

Nobel Prize Winning Economist Milton Friedman explains why free markets and free people are the best way to run a society. Friedman advocated a few things I personally disagree with, but over all, he held true to the ideals of freedom and liberty given to us by the natural world we live in.