Anti-Fascist Agitprop

Articles attacking the current US dominant philosophy of fascism.

Ron Paul: State of the Republic Address

Ron Paul updates us on politics and the economy in the new year.  Dr. Paul explains why a dollar crisis is imminent and what we need to do in order to stop it. The outrageous actions of our fascist government will lead to total economic implosion if we don’t change course immediately.

Ron Paul: We Need To Take Out The CIA

OK. Now I know without a doubt that Ron Paul has been reading my blog. Mao be praised. The Director of the CIA, Leon Panetta, has released this statement in response to congressman Paul’s speech: I know I have no real intelligence experience, and I’m currently a sitting board member of the New York Stock…

Competing Currencies

How competing currencies can get us out of the financial mess and put an end to the criminal practices of the private federal reserve bank: Ron Paul, as usual, knocks it out of the park. Economic freedom is the answer to our problems, not more big government regulations. Dr. Paul comments further on competing currencies here.

Keynesian Economics Doesn’t Work

The Center for Freedom and Prosperity fills us in:   Keynes spent his days masturbating over how to expand the power of the political and banking establishment. Unsurprisingly, his theory of economics is what all politicians, federal reserve bankers, and federally funded economists go by when deciding economic policy. It hasn’t worked, its never worked,…

Government Is Too Big to Succeed

Ron Paul explains why this is the case: It is big government that gives out tax breaks to engineer behavior, often creating large pockets of malinvestments. It is government that created the FDIC and the Fed as lender of last resort which all encourages moral hazard. It is big government that gives bureaucrats the ability…

A Lesson In Moral Hazard – Blaming Capitalism Is Wrong

Why blaming capitalism for the problems of fascist government policy is wrong: It doesn’t take a rocket scientist to figure out that when you back junk sub-prime loan packages with tax payer dollars, lenders have a massive incentive to make outrageous loan deals. The “fraud” is the moral hazard our government created when it backed…