Criminal Intel Agencies

All blog entries related to the crimes and treason of the CIA, FBI, and NSA.

The Truth About Seth Rich

Molyneux explains why the very existence of any Seth Rich / WikiLeaks connection exposes massive corruption in the Democratic Party.

Kimdotcom is now saying he was involved in the leaks, and has poof that Seth Rich was the leaker.

In other news, investigative journalist Mike Cernovich is saying that the information that was leaked to the WaPo went well beyond what Trump discussed, and was of such detail that had foreign intelligence been in on the conversation between the WaPo and this leaker, that they would have been able to identify the foreign intelligence asset by name.

Washington Post Says Vegan Websites Are Working For Putin

I can’t make this shit up.  The Washington Post came out with an article the other day where they referenced a list of web sites produced by an “anonymous” group of characters, claiming that the sites on the list are actually Russian operated propaganda outlets. The Intercept did a great write up on this here.…

Trump’s Appointments

So far it’s looking like a mix of good and bad.   His national security adviser, Retired Gen. Michael Flynn, isn’t too bad, but the AG (Alabama Sen. Jeff Sessions) and CIA Director (Republican congressman Mike Pompeo of Kansas) suck. I think Flynn’s wiki page has been edited to make him look as bad as…

It’s Time For The Annual 9/11 Post!

Remember these guys? R1: What happened? FM1: There was an explosion.  We was in the lobby, and then *scrunch*, the whole lobby collapsed in on us. R2: What was it like? FM1: Horrible. It was horrible. FM2: Like hell. FM1: The whole building just collapsed on us… Inside the lobby. R1: Was that a secondary…

Sirius Documentary

What are your thoughts on this? I find two things to be rather strange about the UFO evidence to-date. 1.  If a UFO wanted to make itself visible to the world, it could do so in an unmistakable way quite easily.  So why all the screwing around? 2.  If aliens had the technological know-how to…

Inventing The Future: NSA Spying and Terrifying Technology

A fantastic discussion on the surveillance state with host Robert Tercek, Bruce Schneier (Chief Security Technology Officer for BT Managed Security Solutions) and Julian Sanchez (Research Fellow at the CATO Institute).  This discussion acquired over 1.2 million views on YouTube since this March.

Free Secure Email: Meet Proton Mail

A group of CERN scientists have developed an email system that provides end-to-end encryption of emails, which prevents anyone from being able to spy on the emails being exchanged. The service plans on making revenue by charging for extra storage space, and yes, they do accept Bitcoin as a payment option.  Right now they are…