Criminal Intel Agencies

All blog entries related to the crimes and treason of the CIA, FBI, and NSA.

WTC7 Freefall by David Chandler –

Physics teacher David Chandler analizes the collapse of WTC 7 using a software package that is orders of magnitude more precise than the NIST calculations.  Mr. Chandler explains why the evidence shows WTC 7 collapsed at free fall speeds, which is impossible unless its support columns were simultaneously removed with explosives.  

Whistleblower Reveals Plan To Evacuate London During Olympics

Infowars reports: An undercover journalist going by the pseudonym ‘Lee Hazledean’ has blown the whistle on astounding revelations about how he infiltrated the G4S – the company responsible for security at the London Olympics – and discovered shocking plans for the evacuation of London, 200,000 ‘casket linings’ being on standby, along with botched security procedures…

Anarchist Group Plans ‘Low Level Warfare’ Against Olympics

The “anarchist” website 325.nostate recently issued a proclamation that declares a guerrilla war against Olympic organizers, “In the United Kingdom of clockwork control and domestication, we’re some of the ‘unpatriotic ones’ who find the 2012 Olympics, with the ensuing spectacle of wealth (when so many here struggle to feed themselves and their families), harmful developments and escalating police state,…

An Iranian Tried to Prevent 9-11

David Swanson reports: Sibel Edmonds’ new book, Classified Woman, is like an FBI file on the FBI, only without the incompetence. The experiences she recounts resemble K.’s trip to the castle, as told by Franz Kafka, only without the pleasantness and humanity. I’ve read a million reviews of nonfiction books about our government that referred to them…

You Should Donate To This Cause: A Totally Private ISP Service

This Internet provider pledges to put your privacy first. Always. Step aside, AT&T and Verizon. A new privacy-protecting Internet service and telephone provider still in the planning stages could become the ACLU’s dream and the FBI’s worst nightmare. Nicholas Merrill is planning to revolutionize online privacy with a concept as simple as it is ingenious:…

Obama’s Secret Drone War Explained by Reuters’ David Rohde

Video notes: The Obama Administration has approved five times the number of covert drone strikes that his predecessor did. Thomson Reuters Digital Editor Chrystia Freeland sits down with Reuters’ Pulitzer Prize-winning columnist David Rohde to discuss his special report detailing the quiet expansion of presidential power under Obama.