Articles involving crony-capitalism and tyrannical government.

Interesting Wiki Section On Chinese Foreign Reserves

From Wiki’s “Foreign Exchange Reserves of the People’s Republic of China” China has made gradual diversification and restructuring an important policy initiative by holding a larger share of currencies and asset classes other than the dollar and US government debt due to the concerns about the depreciation of the US dollar, and higher interest rates in the…

Reason Magazine: We Need To Print More Money


I always though Reason Magazine was decent enough on economic issues until I read this latest article by Steve Chapman, which attempts to make the case for more money printing by the Fed. Steve Chapman writes for Reason: By now, it should be obvious that the problem is not that the Fed has injected too much money into…

Does Socialism Breed Infertility?

Recently Dr. Ed Yardeni, President and Chief Investment Strategist of Yardeni Research, Inc., published a blog post in which he laid out the consequences of socialism on birthrates.  In the post, Dr. Yardeni notes that, “Socialism may breed infertility! In the past, people relied on their children to support them in their old age. Your children were your…

Touring Rome In My Underwear


Ahhh, the glories of the internets.   Through the power of technology, I was able to take a tour of Rome just now using Google Maps with Street View, while sitting in front of my computer half naked. What a shit hole. Seriously, the tour made me want to kill myself. By American standards, these…

High Court Okays Double Jeopardy

I suspect we will see a lot more judges “forgetting” to note that a jury acquitted a defendant of a crime. Now the state will be able to try someone over and over again if the judge doesn’t like the outcome of a case.