Articles involving crony-capitalism and tyrannical government.

Touring Rome In My Underwear

Ahhh, the glories of the internets.   Through the power of technology, I was able to take a tour of Rome just now using Google Maps with Street View, while sitting in front of my computer half naked. What a shit hole. Seriously, the tour made me want to kill myself. By American standards, these…

High Court Okays Double Jeopardy

I suspect we will see a lot more judges “forgetting” to note that a jury acquitted a defendant of a crime. Now the state will be able to try someone over and over again if the judge doesn’t like the outcome of a case.

Rand Paul Endorses Mitt Romney?

“precisely the person I would want to turn around a failing business like our government.” I’m not sure what is going on here, but that wasn’t the brightest thing for him to say. Does he honestly believe a socialist like Romney is the best person to turn around our government? Is he shooting for a…

The Story of The Mafia and The Businessman

There once was a grizzled old man named Irwin who owned an insurance brokerage business.  Irwin was a good businessman that people trusted to insure their possessions.  Because Irwin was so good at serving his customers, he ended up making a lot of money. As Irwin set about growing his business and reinvesting his profits, the…