Dr Walter Palmer’s Life Destroyed By Social Media

Dr Walter Palmer, a dentist from Minneapolis, is the clown who shot the now famous lion named Cecil during a botched hunting expedition.  Everyone from Jimmy Kimmel to Cara Delevinge has taken pot shots at the doctor in the media.  The doctor has basically been run out of his practice.  His business’s social media accounts have…

Mr. Universes Going Vegan

The current reigning Mr. Universe, Barny Du Plessis, and the former 1977 winner, Jim Morris, have both made the transition to an entirely plant based diet, and their commentary on the results they’ve achieved after transitioning are nearly identical. Du Plessis says, “I’m getting leaner and bigger (as a vegan). I’m a 107 kilos now, leaner…

Plasma Cosmology Predicted In A Near Death Experience?

I found this woman’s account of a near death experience to be rather interesting. We were traveling upward, I suppose.  My own vibration was changing.  There was a big change in frequency.  Like I was tuning into a different radio station on a grand scale.  I was out in the Universe, and I was being given…

The Strangest Secret

Another video that could change your life, or not.

Earl Nightingale (March 12, 1921 — March 28, 1989) was an American motivational speaker and author, known as the “Dean of Personal Development.”