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Eat As Much As You Want And Still Lose Weight!

Animals in the wild, eating their natural diet, don’t get fat. Only humans and our pets seem to have this problem of obesity. If you eat a proper human diet, you will not get fat and you will not go hungry. Humans evolved eating a diet of starchy root vegetables. If you eat a diet…

Vegan Gladiators – The Barley Men of Rome

Roman gladiators, also known as hordearii, (which translates directly as “The Barley Men”) owed their peak physical condition to a predominately vegan diet of beans and barley.  Their low fat high carb diet provided them improved blood flow and cardiovascular health, while also providing more than enough protein to build enormously powerful physiques. While some moronic archaeologists assume the gladiators must…

The Impossible Burger Goes To Market

I’ve been waiting to hear from these guys for a while now.  They figured out a way to make blood from plants in order to produce a bloody juicy monster burger made entirely from plant based sources.  They just announced the burger will go on sale at Momofuku’s in New York tomorrow, with a release in…

SuperMeat – Yeah, It’s A Worthy Title

Now you can eat real animal flesh and muscle tissue without having to kill an animal.

What will science think of next?

FYI, while I fully support this ethically created meat, I still wouldn’t recommend eating this stuff on a regular basis because it’s still going to kill you deader than a hammer.  It’s no different than eating saturated fat laden non-dairy ice cream or pouring a gallon of olive oil over your salad.  Fat and cholesterol will shorten your lifespan, there’s just no way around that.  At least not until they can re-engineer human physiology.


Brilliant Light Power Demonstration, June 28th 2016

Randal Mills and his crew are finishing a closed system prototype of their new power source.  They are four months away from fabrication of the photovoltaic cell dome.  It’s been a decade in the making, and they are finally nearing the finish line.  The end result will be world where power is virtually free, with no…