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Second Strategy to Cooking Broccoli

A re-post from  Dr. Greger explains how to obtain maximum cancer destroying power from your broccoli. Doctor’s Note: Is that cool or what?! I love kitchen chemistry. Totally revolutionized my daily greens prep. For those new to the whole enzyme concept I’m sure this is a bit confusing. Make sure to watch the original…

How Low Carb Diet Doctors Pull The Wool Over Your Eyes

It all starts with the absurd diet recommendations put out by people like the CDC or the USDA and HHS.  These diet recommendations tell people to consume up to 35% of their diet from fat and up to 35% of their diet from protein.  Given that these recommended levels are what Americans have been consuming for decades,…

Doctors Who Fill Your Head With Lies And Deception

Dr. Mark Hyman has this to say about low fat diets, “In a study published in the Journal of the American Medical Association (i) Dr. Ludwig correctly points out that careful review of all the studies on dietary fat and body fat — such as those done by Dr. Walter Willett of the Harvard School of…

Brenda Davis, RD – Plant-Based Diets, a Scientific Review

Brenda Davis gives a great review of recent scientific literature on the effects of dietary choices.  – News flash – soy consumption does not effect cancer risk, and may even be protective for both men when it comes to prostate cancer and women when it comes to breast cancer.

Dean Ornish, M.D., Discusses Reversing Chronic Disease At TED

Dean Ornish, M.D., discusses reversing heart disease, prostate cancer and depression by making changes in diet and lifestyle.  Virtually all patients that followed the low fat vegan program promoted by Ornish cured or halted progression of their disease.  Further, there was a 50% improvement in mental health scores, comparable or better to what can be achieved using prescription antidepressants.

Who Has Higher Testosterone – Vegan Men or Meat Eating Men?

It should come as no surprise that vegan men have significantly higher levels of testosterone than meat eaters.  Not only do vegan men have higher levels of testosterone, but their “equipment” works better.  Men on a vegan diet have significantly lower levels of the hormone IGF1, which is a key factor in tumor growth, and…